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Miss Razor Blade

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Country: United States
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Favorite book: The Hunger Games Series
Member Since: Dec 1, 2012

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I am 13, straight, have brown hair, brown eyes, and am a very cool and laid-back person. I am looking for someone who is very trustworthy and cool.  If you fit any of these qualifications, then give me a fan request, and in yur messeage to me, write down that you are very cool and trustworthy.  I have a very cool 17 yr old sister, who loves to hide notes all over my room saying that I'm a dork.  Well, she's a pretty big dork herself.  Then, I have a 3 yr old brother who will love me and hug me one minute, and then screech in my ear and puch me the next. Yeeeeaaaahhhh....not so fun. Well, if you're like me, you are like the average teen.  You are athletic, and very much involved. If you aren't any of these, I don't care either way. I just love to have friends!  I am very kind at heart, unless you double-cross me, and I will pretty much be anyone's friend! So, if you love poems and music, then that means that you are like me! And that means that you are very and totally cool! I also love to listen to a variety of music, and will pretty much listen to anything. I will also read anything that you want me to comment on, and I'll be as nice as possible!  so, if you're looking for someone totally amazing and cool, then I'm you're gal!


        Hello, I hope you are ready to rock out with all of my poems and stories!  Here's a little fun fact that you should know about me: When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian.  I always have ever since the very first time that I was asked what I wanted to be. Isn't that cool?!? Well, I will be posting new things every once in a while! Who says that you can have too much poetry? I sure don't! Well, if you want to know fun facts about my life, or anything else(preferrably animal facts or animal-related), then come to my page and ask! Don't be shy! I know a lot about animals, and even if I don't know the answer to you question, then I will be more than happy to go and look it up for you! How great is that? Well, I will give you an example of something that I know. For example, if you are a new cat owner, or just want to know something, I will try to get to you as best as I can, and answer your questionable question! Like, for example, if you want to know something that is poisonus to a cat, then, I will share with you, "Well, Tylenol is an example of something that is poisonus to a cat". Anything else? Become my friend, and come see my page, and maybe we will sit down and chat together.



I have a lot of favorite things to share.  First off,

-I just absolutely adore Pokemon, even though it makes me sound like a nerd.

-I love to have very cool and neat friends.

-I love my family.

-I love animals.


-I love to draw.

-I Love anime.

-I love music.

-I love to listen to music.

-I love Naruto.

-I love to write poetry.

-I love to write stories.

-I love Regular Show.

-I love Yoshi. XP

I will be posting new favorites, so if you want to get on the list, become a fan.


Here are some extra information or, "special features" for all of you fans out there, so don't be a newb, and try this on for size! I dare you!




I've found what I  want for Christmas, lol! :D




Omg, I just found my dream car, lol! =^_^=




I also found the perfect, most awesomest, shoes EVER that I really want! :D



OMG! I WANT this car, too!


Omg, I'm SO gonna do this, next Halloween! ;P

This is SO true!

Omg, I WANT this momo(motorcycle)!

This is SO cute!

Look at this cute Zororua!

I want my nails painted like this, lol!


So, for all of you fans, or soon-to-be fans, I will be updating special tabs and links for all of you to enjoy! So, have fun, do your best and try, and enjoy my special pages just for you guys!  I have also put all but one poem into my links, so if you see a title that you like, read it or check it out!!

Heres some pictures for one of my fans, Miranda Reyes:


Here is a tag for her, too:


And, she got me back:


Thanks for the new pictures, wolf girl, lol! These pictures are from Miranda Reyes, but my nickname for her is, "Wolf Girl"! :D

Here's a little something for Future Author, for winning my christmas poetry contest that I forgot about(yes, he won).:


Rated FA for Future Author - This is a link for Future Author!

 Rated D for dorks! XD - This is a poem about my personal childhood.


Rated C for the confused! - This is a poem about a girl who doesn't know if she has...

 Rated Q for questions! ;) - This is my questions page!

 Rated M for mature and madness - This is a poem about a guy who cheated on me with a...


Rated L for the loved - This poem is about a girl(me) who has fallen for a guy...


Rated CL for Christmas lovers! :D - This is a Christmas poem that I'm not submitting into...


 Rated R for Miss Revealed! ;D - This is Miss Revealed's link page! ;D


rated M for the malicious and mature - This is a link to my short story, "The Guy Who...


Rated E for Everyone - This is my fan club!


rated FF for failing fathers - This is about how much of a jerk my father is.


rated RC for Roller-Coaster - My roller-coaster life.

rated MJ for my journal - This is just a page for my virtual journal.


rated FN for future notes - Future notes to myself.

rated CM for contact me. - Send me things.

rated A for advice - Take my advice.


rated F for family - This is about my family.

rated M for myself - Myself.

rated WP for war and peace XP - This is about War and peace, and the poem itself is in...

Every month, there will be a special "word" that I will say alot, and for the first coulple of days that I'm on here, I will tell you in my news what the special word is. You just have to comment on my page that you know what the word is. I may try to trick you here and there, but if you win, and you want to become my fan, you won't have to worry about asking me to be your fan. What do you get if you guess it right? Well, you will get the best prize ever! If you win, and if I haven't already, you will get a fan request form me, and you will also have your own link for you to send poems to me, so if you want me to revise them, then you will get your poems and stories read, revised, and I will comment on it. If you have any questions, go the the questions selection, and I will have a link up for you. The best part of this is, that anybody can win, and if one person guesses it first, you can still get a prize no matter how many times that someone gets it right. Understand? Good! Well, I will also throw in something as a bonus prize.

Authors who have won:

Future Author

Here is your link:

Have fun!



I am throwng in as a bonus mystery prize a little game that you have to guess at every month. If you guess at any time what I am guessing, you will get a present from me for Christmas.!


My fan club will be updated, and if you want go to it, check out my links, or just go to http://other/article/miss_razor_blade/miss-razor-blades-fan -club/chapter/1

If you have any questions, visit this link, and comment:



Dear Bullies,

That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day; is already being abused at home. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. You think you know them? Guess what, you don't. Copy and Paste this to your profile if you are against the mean bullying. I bet 99% of you wont. IF U HAVE A HEART, YOU WILL COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR PROFILE TOO STOP BULLYING! SPREAD THE WORD! ♥♥♥




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