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Tags: Mystery, Crime

The story is about a young girl called Visha. Visha was a twenty two year old American girl. She had dark hair and blue eyes and she worked for a international detective agency in West Ewell, Surrey near the local primary school.

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The missing detective

Chapter One

Visha was a twenty two year old American girl. She had dark blonde hair and blue eyes and she worked for a international detective agency in Ewell, Surrey near the local primary school. She lived in a small cheap house which was a five minute walk from the local shops.

One cold morning in early January, Visha was sitting down at her desk one day in the office about to do some required paperwork, when the cordless phone rang. Immediately she picked it up and enquired" Hi this is Visha and who is this speaking?'' in a loud voice. The person on the other end of the phone didn't answer that question but demanded that she come over to his house straight away.

"May I have the directions then please?" Visha asked politely to the heavily breathing client who gave her the directions and she wrote them down in her notebook before she put down the phone and turned round to see her boss Mr Mason who was standing behind her. "Are you off to see a private client now?" he said. "Yes I am and I don't think it will be a quick visit either. I will keep you up to date of any developments in the case as well" she answered in a undertone.

"Well go and see what you can find out from them anyway. I am sure that it will turn out to be alright in the end Visha and yes I should be kept up to date with new developments" he said in an encouraging tone.

Feeling more happier, Visha picked up her bag and went down to the staff car park. As she entered the car park, she could see two hooded male strangers leaving the car park. Visha frowned deeply as she went across the car park to her car. Once she was in the car driving towards the house, she thought no more of it.

When she arrived at the house, Visha parked her car and walked up to the front door of the house and knocked loudly on the knocker. A butler came scurrying up to the oak door and opened it and welcomed her into the large house. Visha kindly thanked him as she stepped inside the front door with her bag.

Just then one of the female servants appeared and said" Mr Murdocks wants you upstairs in his bedroom at once" to Visha. "Very well I will go and see him at once" Visha answered as she began to walk up the grand huge winding stairs to the first floor.

Once she had reached the first floor, she looked and saw a man beckoning to her from the fourth room down the corridor. So she immediately went over to the bedroom door where he was and asked for his permission to enter the room. "Yes you may enter my lady" called back Mr Murdocks from the bed near the window so Visha entered the room at once.

"Was it you that called me at the head quarters office this morning and what was your reason for doing so?" she enquired as she sat down on the bed next to her client. Mr Murdocks nodded his dark head and then said" I called the office because I wanted you to investigate the sudden early death of my partner. She died last night in the river which lies at the bottom of the private rose garden'' in sad morbid tones.

"Do you know how she died then?'' Visha Linton enquired of her client. "Yes she was found lying in the river at the bottom of the rose garden Monday evening of the previous week. Apparently she had been brutally murdered according to the unproved rumours of some of the servants who worked for her before her death" he then added miserably.

"How did that happen then. Do you know anything about this?" Visha finally managed to gasp out in shock and horror five minutes later. "No idea and that's why you need to find out all the answers" he said whilst putting a comforting arm round her at once.

"I will do my best to solve this perplexing murder mystery but I don't know to how or where to start'' said Visha. "Well I think you should talk to the servants about what happened and get some theories from them'' he wisely suggested.

"Yes I shall do it but where can I find them?" she asked of her client. "The servants are usually to be found in the kitchen" he told her. "Ok thanks for the information" she said as she went down the stairs to the ground floor and over to the big kitchen where she began questioning two of the house servants at once while Mr Murdocks watched her from the balcony above.

Half an hour later Visha reported back to her client and said one of the maids Miss Sparks had served his wife two days before her death. "Did you learn anything else from the two servants?" he inquired but Visha shook her head and then it was time for dinner. After their dinner Visha and Mr Murdock sat on the couch in the private lounge and talked about the case. Visha said she had also spoken to Miss Anna Sparks but had failed to uncover anything that was really useful or important to her in her murder investigation.

The next morning at eight over a quick breakfast in the kitchen, Mr Murdocks asked" What are we going to do today then. Visha answered" I have decided that I need to report back to headquarters and then if I have time, I will go and see your partner's sister as well. "That would be good'' replied Mr Murdocks whilst eating his cornflakes. "Yes it would be good to get some new information" responded the young detective as she put her dirty plate in the sink.

Then she went back upstairs to her bedroom and put on her pastel pretty blue mini skirt and a Chinese red top and then she went back downstairs to find that Mr Murdocks was doing some important paperwork in his private study.

"You going anywhere today'' he asked as she entered. "Yes I want to go to head quarters and if I have time I will go and visit your partner's sister as well and see if I can learn anything from her" she replied. "I understand and what time will you be back here at" he asked of her. "Not sure yet and I will call you when I'm done'' she responded simply as she went to the front door and opened it. Mr Murdocks wished her good luck as she walked very slowly and carefully down the icy slippery footpath towards her car.

Twenty minutes later she pulled up outside headquarters and went inside where Mr Mason met her and asked" Well give me the latest case update" promptly. "Very well I have now talked to two servants and looked for clues as well" she reported back. "And what did they say then" he queried. "Well they don't know who done the murder but I told them I will find out" she remarked. "Good I will hope so too. Let me know what you learn wont you'' he said simply as well.

"Well I must go and see a suspect at their house now'' said Visha about five minutes later. "Ok good luck and I will catch up with you later'' said her boss as she went to the office door and was about to leave when he said" Visha are you available this afternoon because I'm going to the doctors at three thirty pm. That means I cant post this important business letter after all. Can you go to the post box to post it instead". Visha said. "Alright I can take it down to the post box for you''.


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