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Another child dead chapter 1.school murder

Book By: amgn971
Mystery and crime

dective parkson is going after a child rapist killer the man has killed dozens of small children in this nice small town there are only a few kids left the thing is the killer wnats to target his kids

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Great another fucking child said officer jacobson we have to catch this sick fuck he is getting into are fucking schools now how long till where not safe infront of are fucking children ohh im so pissed right now that fucker is still out there! calm down said parkson where is the body now? in the bathroom said jacobson.He opend the door his eyes waterd seeing this little girl dead she had cute blonde curly hair she was lying down on the ground her panies are missing that freak likes to keep them as trophies.I-i-i i dont even know what to say he looked at that cute little girl her eyes torn out of there socket her neck slit.I hate this guy i want him caught said parkson her dress was pulled up this this sicko just he needs to be dead if i ever find him im killing him said jacobson dective parkson noticed that the mirror was smashed with some glass missing so he must of slit her neck with glass and torn out her eyes with it.This guy is sick said parkson i want dna samples sperm samples spit hair anything dective parkson walked down to the office checking out the cameras at 10:45 the girl goes into the bathroom at 10:46 a man walks in.He probley knows that this girl has been in here and he has been stalking her he wouldint of just got in here that easily hey ms? uhmm ms.neons yes said the secertary what grade was that girl in her name was carly adams oh carly adams she was a sweet girl she was in 3rd grade.MHm and did you have any 3rd grade subs today? uhmm let me check she typed on the computer fast uhmm yes ms.combs she was out and a mr.jackson was a sub parkson looked at the cameras did u see what he was wearing today? hmmm if i am right i would say a plain white t shirt and or a white shirt YES! parkson said happily.He ran upstairs to the bathroom i think we have some info here! uhmm parkson we have a problem said jacobson what? said parkson uhmm the hair sample we found was of a wig and no pube sample either no fingerprints this guys is good.Well we might of found evidence we figured out that the killer was a teacher here! i want the police and dectives look aorund the outside permiter to find more evidence.Okay and im gonna talk to the kids dective parkson and jaocbson walked into room 27 hello children me and the dective want to talk to you how many of you did the teacher today talk to you all the kids raised there hands if he said sometihng weird to you keep them up 5 kids kept them up 3 girls 2 boys parkson talked to the 2 boys boy 1: he said something about me being cute liek really cute and he really wants to see me and play a fun game and he started rubbing my back and leg: boy 2: he was rubbing my legs and whisperd dirty stuff like im gonna touch your penis and he tried and i screamed: girl: he put his hands down my pants and licked my ear and he played with my undies and whisperd i wanna f word you: girl 2: he was rubbing my butt and made me sit on his lap an-an-and lifted up my skirt and tried to unbutton his pants: girl 3: he took me to the bathroom with carly he took us to the potty and grinned evily we finished after he forced us to go with him looking he unbutton his pants but we washed are hands he tried to keep us in there but we ran out that was probley 8:35 a few hours later carly went and she never returned neither did the teacher what happend to carly!? parkson sighed she has passed on the girl sobbed as a officer ran in dective parkson you mgiht wanna take a look at this!!!!!!


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