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The circle of socialites

Book By: Andrew Aitken
Mystery and crime

"The written document of a mysterious recording that describes a man who gets much more then he bargained for while investigating his boss.

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Now it doesn't matter who I am or where I actually work for tonight I have one job and that is to in detail type and document this recording. I have listened to it many times so I know this is going to be a long night.

"My name is Brian Miller and I'm a dead man well not really but I am in a way, there is no turning back from where I stand and even forward is the danger in which I started. Obviously I didn't want to be here nor did I plan it but they say things happen for a reason. I'm just trying to find a way to explain why I did what I did, I'm just an accountant a boring nine to five desk jockey, I sport collared shirts and a pair of Dickies and on a day other than today you would never catch me dead in this outfit, not that I look down on someone who does but I cannot believe I might die in what I'm wearing. How can I be seen with dignity in this situation, in these clothes, I know what everyone is going to think and what's going to happen to me, I see death in every outcome that I could possibly think of so I must admit that I now know the taste of defeat. If only I could just taste one more pile of spaghetti or a big hardy glass of rum n coke, even convicts on death row get a last meal. Even more I wish I could just play Scrabble with my Samantha or hear her play the violin one more time because at the moment all I can hear Is the sound of a couple men about to come in and shoot me and it will be legal too. Up until today I didn't even know there was a legal way to kill someone but apparently there is and I'm screwed so this is my way to tell my family why I am here and why I did what I did today. Siri this is the reason for me being away because I know you are confused but to understand it you will have to know why I'm standing here with no chance to fight back. I have a fake gun, a new ridiculous tattoo and I'm missing a finger, I can't even call anyone for help because my phone has no service. I wish I could make one phone call but it wouldn't be to 911 but to Rondulph, he is the only person who I think could explain how to get out of this if there even is a way. I'm in a room with one door and no windows and like I said when that door opens I'm dead, done, blasted with a barrage of bullets. I'm not Superman or Fifty Cent so I know I cannot dodge or survive the impact so before I die this is my side of the story.
Except for today I pretty much start everyday with the same routine I get up with the family and then leave for work and on my way I grab a coffee but something different happened a couple mornings ago, something strange that took me off guard, it seemed so simplistic but I couldn't wrap my mind around it. There was a man, across the street and even though it was a busy morning and there were dozens of people around, I could see he was staring directly at me. For what felt like a thirty second hour we were intertwined in a stare down before he lifted his hand towards to his temple and just tapped it, so I lifted the cup to my mouth to break his creepy stare and by the time I had taken my sip and lowered the cup, he was gone. Still I couldn't get the weird bearded dude out of my head, I don't know what it was about him but he really creeped me out just gave me bad vibes. My days are usually boring I'm a workaholic number cruncher and stay in my office most of the day so I don't see many people but the ones I did see that day seemed down, gloomy or just strange in some way everything did. My boss is a nice guy but that day he came in screaming at me about some file I had put off doing to start on what I thought was more important business. I guess he was just having a bad day and needed someone to yell at we all have those days when we just need to vent so I didn`t care, I filed the paper and got on with my day. When I got home that night I told Siri, after we tucked Samantha in for the night, about the bearded fellow and she said he was probably just staring at someone else, or into space and that I over think things too much. I brushed her off, ignoring an argument and went on telling her about my boss combusting on me over that file, she assured me that he was probably just stressed out because she checked the numbers and the company wasn't doing so good, I of all people had a hard time believing her on this, due to the fact that I handle all the paper work and would have surely noticed something like that so I just ended the conversation by saying I know honey and headed to bed. When I woke up the next day, which was yesterday, I felt rejuvenated and motivated to exceed my position and really do my part for the company. I didn't see the weird bearded dude when I got my coffee so I had no other option but to believe what Siri had told me. When I got to work I started sifting, filing and stamping right away and the numbers, oddly almost hidden in the corners of the pages were slowly declining. It didn't make any sense, because sales have been good, great in fact, so where was all the profit? I took all this into consideration and the deeper I dug the more apparent it became that the company was in financial trouble. I continued my descent into the workload, when not ten minutes later my boss came crashing through the door. I greeted him like I normally would and started to point out things I've found and ideas that I had for the decrease in numbers, I thought he would be impressed with my initiative but it was quite the opposite, In fact he seemed quite agitated at my reviewing the files in such a close order and he seemed absolutely livid when he realized they were finance papers. He was so irate that before I could get a word in edgewise he was tossing a box at my head and telling me to get my stuff and go. I asked, almost begged him to reconsider but he was sticking to his decision, I wish now I had just went home right then and seen my family and looked for a new job but at the time I thought I was fortunate for him to allow me to work the rest of the day, I don't know why but I was sure I could make him change his mind and let me keep my job. I found out I wasn`t allowed to work my normal position or even in my office for that matter, I wasn`t allowed near any of the computers or other co-workers either, I was out casted entirely from the company. I asked him why he was doing this and the only reply he had was that the numbers were down and he couldn`t afford to keep people who didn`t do their jobs. I saw instant red flags and was flooded with thoughts, some about the numbers, and some about the company but even more about my boss. He crammed me into an old dingy room in the back of the basement full of old files and told me to keep busy. When he left that's when I could finally put the friendly face away and get down to business I was going to find out why my boss fired me, I know it wasn`t just because the company wasn`t doing so good I`d have been allowed to stay at my desk doing my job. I had given him seven years of faithful service and I get a basement room no one cares about, I had to investigate. I knew if I was going to find answers it wasn`t going to be in here these files are from 1966-68 so I had to make my way back to my office. There was no one on my floor mine is the only occupied office, so it seemed evident I needed to go there and retrieve those files and bring them back here where I could have pretended to work and not be seen by anyone meddling into my bosses financial paper trails .I felt like a detective in one of those conspiracy stories, but it's harder in real life then I thought to navigate the halls quietly and unseen. I knew the elevator was an instant no-go zone so I raced up the stairs and In all my years there I had never ran or walked up the stairs so I was deeply out of breath by time I reached the eleventh floor. I tiptoed slowly through the hall, at first I thought the window in my office was left open and the curtains were tapping my filing cabinet but as I got closer I heard an Ahh! or Awe! I couldn`t decipher which but it was enough to confirm my suspicions of someone's presence and It wasn`t my boss so now it opened up a whole new world of questions. I crept slowly until I was just outside of the door, I thought this man must have been talking to himself because he was muttering a whole conversation. I could only hear every second word or little parts of sentences, I heard stuff like it's in place, and everyone is activated except that file, and tomorrow is the last day or something. It was really hard to hear him because he had some kind of heavy accent if I had to guess I`d say Ukrainian or Russian, but evidently as I leaned in further he raised his voice a little and started saying stuff about the police department but the part that surprised me the most was when I heard my bosses name and how he is fulfilling his part of the solution by setting up buddy and more muttering about how the debts shall soon be paid in full. I turned to leave and was struck something hard enough to make me almost black out, I couldn`t see right away but I was being carried towards him by someone and I could hear the Russian guy call the second man Rog or Raj some variation of that sound. I couldn't say anything not a word yet but they were asking me questions and would choke me thinking I was just being tough or something by not answering. Now I`m no doctor or anything but I`m guessing that smack to my head by whatever object that dude had is probably what made me not able to speak, they were dummies like what about the choking part how was I supposed to talk when they were cutting off the air pipes that make me speak but none the less they kept asking me if I was a spy and if I was the one that was following them. I couldn't say much but now I could begin to see, there were papers everywhere and my office was a mess it looked like a tornado ripped through it and I had only got fired about twenty minutes before. They asked me how long had I been following them or what I knew and I told them the truth which at that point was nothing I had literally never seen them before but I knew one thing they didn`t work here. They kept asking me if I was a fed and how they`ve killed nosy cops before so I'd better hope I wasn't and at this point I was scared but I think It's the Ukrainian guy I feared more than the guy holding me down. I remember the dark voiced fellow or Rog as I shall call him saying that I couldn`t be the guy who has been following them and I got the first hope I was going to leave that room unharmed. They asked me how I kept looking different and went back and forth pointing out things I could have changed in my appearance, like how I could have cut the mangy hair and dyed it, and how it's real easy to shave and wear different clothes. I remember the next words so vividly because he was pulling harder and harder on the tiny hairs on the back of my head as he pushed me towards the Ukrainian and said they'd have to kill me but before he could say anything else I kicked Rog right in the nuts and it was enough for him to drop to the ground. Without a second of delay I swung a right hook towards the Russian and hit him square in his oddly egg shaped head, I hit bone because even right now my hand still feels bruised but the pain I felt in my hand was outweighed by my urge to leave that room as quick as possible. I ran like my life depended on it and just now I see the irony there since my life actually did depend on it but I didn`t make it out of that room at least not at that moment or how I had planned because I only seen Rog and the Russian but I ran right into a third really buff but short man sitting in the corner, I didn`t even notice him until he stretched his arm out and I collided with it full force. When I awoke I realized I was no longer in the office but in some bedroom, I had been tied up and it wasn`t a normal way to be tied either, I had one arm stretched backwards at just enough pressure to cause serious discomfort and the second tied in a position where it looks like I was trying to shake someone's hand but the weirdest part at the time was the realization that they had my fingers wrapped around a gun, well at least that's what it felt like. I couldn't free myself and stopped when I heard the maniacal laughter behind me, I tried to turn my head to see but it seemed it was also tied by a rope leading up and I was advised to be careful because if my chair fell over I`d hang to death. It suddenly turned from me feeling like a detective in a conspiracy story to where I felt like I was stuck in a Saw movie. I remember the pain in my fingers was bad and I didn't think it could get any worse and my left hand was getting warm. I heard the voice of a new person who I presume was the guy who hit me, he's the one who asked me all the questions and since it was a long interrogation and I have no idea how long I have to record this I'll keep it brief. He questioned my job with the company and my connection to the boss, he asked me about my family life and since I didn`t want to die I answered everything and after some long hours he finally believed that I wasn`t following them and had no idea what they were planning or who they were for that matter, he said that was the good news the bad was the fact that I knew what they looked like and that would have consequences. I gave the kind of speech you have heard in a thousand movies, "if you let me go I won`t tell anyone and you will never hear from me again" he laughed and told me he was going to let me go right then and there and took the neck noose off, he even began to untie my arm before he let me know it was a joke. The Russian said I knew of their involvement in critical events about to unfold so the only solution to their problems was to eliminate me. I didn't like any of these guys but I really didn't like the Ukrainian so I said I'd rather talk to the third fellow who I now only know as Cheeks for they don't want me to know their names, this was a good thing because if they were just going to kill me outright they wouldn't care if I knew their names.
After some debating in the other room they came back in and Rog was the first to speak he said something along the lines of asking me how I wanted to die and this part made me cry a little because I had pushed off doing things with my family to focus on work and it seems that I might die and never see my family again or do those things I promised. My reply to that was that I can still be of use to them and that killing me wouldn't do them as much good as keeping me alive, I said if they spared my life right then I would dedicate mine to serving them, it was a lie but it's probably what you would say in the same predicament. Rog was not down for this and the Ukrainian looked like he was going to kill me right then but I heard Cheeks yell at them and look directly in my eyes and accept my offer. He didn't believe I would obey and that I would run away so I'd have to pass a test before they could trust me, I was nervous but I knew I wasn't going to die so I was down for anything, the first orders he sent was that Rog go get the knives. I gasped and squirmed until he assured me It wasn't for stabbing but he was going to cut my hair, I take pride in my hair but I was willing to sacrifice anything to see Siri and Samantha again. I've gotten a few bad haircuts in my time but this one was the worst and it hurt a hundred times more. I felt as if that was all I'd have to go through humiliation wise but I was quickly wrong for Rog came back in with some kind of weird device that had red paint or something all over it, well I definitely hoped it was paint and not blood. When he turned it on and I heard the buzzing I instantly thought it was a shocker or something bad and technically it was but it was only a tattoo gun.
I've never wanted one ever in my life they disgust me but I was in no way in any position to fight back or argue, they owned me so I had to sit there while they tattooed my neck of all places. I had no Idea what they tatted that whole day but I have seen a mirror before recording this so I know it is an orange and red fox playing with a beach ball. As soon as he was finished the Russian came back into my view and said that I was now free to make my decision and at first I was confused but Cheeks came in and made it clear he was asking whether or not I was going to join them and face a sacrifice or choose to pass but I was only left more confused. Rog was quick to point out that I couldn't see my hands and that's when I remembered about the pain and the awkwardness of how I was sitting. Rog then went on to describe in further the position in which I was in, I knew my left hand was getting warmer and kinda thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but one of them had placed a candle underneath it and my right hand was holding a gun. The gun part didn't scare me it's what they said I was supposed to do with it that did, I heard the sound of a chair being pulled up in front of me and they told me to shoot. I was about to do anything to save my life but not end someone else's so I reluctantly told them I wasn't going to shoot a stranger and the Russian said it's not a stranger its someone you know. I started struggling half out of anger towards them and half because the heat on my hand was getting really hot, either way the result was that I knocked the chair out from under me and since they took the neck rope off I didn't hang to death but I still could not move my arms. SHOOT! SHOOT! Is all I kept hearing, Shoot! to save yourself you must face the sacrifice, but all I could think was the pain in my left hand was getting so bad it actually outweighed the pain still fully alive in my right. I didn't want to pull the trigger and every muscle in my body was shaking except that finger so it took a very strong mental test of endurance not to do it sooner, I guess my love for Siri would let me suffer any pain to see her again. I was crying, almost bawling out of control and to make it worse I had Cheeks talking right into my ear about how the burn in my hand was nothing compared to what she would feel in a minute because she was now slowly burning alive too. After a few seconds of silence I heard "awe little love birds burning together here let's turn up the heat" I could now only hear the person in front of me who I now thought was my wife struggling, her chair legs sounded like they were tap dancing and now I had the Ukrainian guy screaming at me to end her suffering, if that wasn't enough then all three starting saying different things simultaneously. It was intense and the pressure was building steadily, the candle was driving a mental and very physical hole in my hand, the adrenaline and pain throughout my body finally hit a boiling point and built up to a moment where I don't know whether I did it to save me or end her suffering but I pulled the trigger. I didn't hear a bang or feel the gun shoot but the pain in my right hand was now at an all=time high but at the same time I felt the pressure lift out of my whole body and I nearly passed out right then but Rog quickly chopped a rope with the big knife and I fell to the ground like a pile of dead meat. I quickly looked up expecting to see a bullet filled body but there was some woman sitting in the chair laughing and she wasn't tied up at all. I passed out and woke up in the same room but on a bed, and for a second I believed that I had dreamt the entire thing but I wasn't at home and I heard the voice of Cheeks so I knew it was real life. He was talking on the phone with someone and discussing something about the police and a big event that might happen, but he noticed I was awake and quickly said goodbye and advised me that I'm not in any kind of danger anymore but I wasn't allowed to leave. I protested that I earned the right to some answers and he agreed so I asked him why were they in my office and what is their connection to my boss. In which he replied that my boss has some serious financial troubles and over the past couple months he has done a bad job trying to maneuver the finances to cover it, I then wanted to know why they were going through such drastic measures to help him and they all laughed and said this is bigger than him or any one person. Then told me how a few years back him and the gang had an organization going on and set up a series of business protection plans that would build up slowly but over a long period of time would pay off huge. It was the Russian who urged for growth and wanted to expand their territory and that's when they said the police got involved but not to shut them down but charge them a tax to continue. The small amount of profit they were making wasn't enough to pay the police and so they stopped paying and one by one the members in his little circle were getting arrested and the gang was disappearing fast. So the three of them started a little detective work on the police officers that were involved and after a couple weeks they realized the police weren't shutting down their organization but stopping the three of them from finding out about their scam. He told me of a group of people or circle of socialites who pretty much control the city and are draining it dry through funds no one would notice until everyone involved has long since retired, he listed off politicians, lawyers, doctors, business owners and worst of all people in the justice system. The way they were doing business was nothing compared to Cheeks, instead of a couple neighborhoods and a few shop owners the police had the same thing going on with the whole city and all its businesses so instead of thousands of dollars they were taking millions. I asked him why I should care and if they were after the police why were they in my office that day and not in the police station investigating and I asked how he got the nickname Cheeks. He didn't answer my questions because Rog called him out of the room and as the Ukrainian left he said I'd have to trust them if I was going to be their fourth man. Cheeks came back in and said he would have to leave for a bit but wanted to know if I really wanted to join them and help them bring down the group of monetary leeches. It was this I remember, this sentence that made me switch how I felt about these guys and this whole situation, thinking they weren't bad at all but trying to stop the bad guys and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I sat up and agreed to help them but was scared to ask what I'd have to do, I remembered about the tattoo on my neck and went to go touch it and that's when I first noticed my finger well lack of finger. I screamed as I seen it and asked him how it happened simultaneously as I remembered about the gun and the girl, Cheeks was quick to remind me of the situation I faced and told me I could either die or join them with some sacrifice and since I have already made the sacrifice it'd be wiser just to join them and laughed as if this was a joke. I wasn't laughing and it irritated me but I let it slide, Rog was loudest of all as he chimed in "I thought you were never going to pull the trigger I thought you would burn a hole through your hand" and that's when I remembered about the candle but my hand was wrapped up like a mummy so I couldn't see how bad it was yet. I somehow still calmly asked who the girl was and why didn't the gun go off I pulled the trigger? Or how about my lack of finger? he replied Yes you pulled the trigger but it wasn't a gun, well the handle and trigger section was but it was connected to a blade that drops and slices the finger when the trigger is pulled, Rog created it he calls it the Finguitine or something like that. I had to make sure you would join but I know why you'll decide to help us, I know what you were doing when you came into the office, trying to bring your boss down well take this as a chance to take down a bunch of your bosses and really do some good for this city. He apologized about what they have done to me and assured me it was only because they wanted to make sure I wasn't one of the bad guys but that I stood my ground not like a few of the others that got in their way and I never asked what that meant. I agreed to join, I felt I could trust these guys a little bit more because I felt like they actually needed my help and I wanted to get back at my boss who created this whole mess for me in the first place. I asked them how I was able to help and they informed me of project RRF, they had been planning it for weeks and have been collecting and planting pieces of financial information that will help bring down this scam and that's why they were in my office that day. I felt like pieces to this grand puzzle were coming together and I was excited to be a part of the group that would bring them down. I had to ask what the RRF stood for and the Ukrainian guy snapped saying its none of my business but Cheeks snapped back and made him remember I agreed to help and said it stood for retrieve the Robinson file which was the last piece to their collection of evidence and that tomorrow all four of us were going to get it. Suddenly to them I was one of the guys and not a hostage or a kidnapped victim but that didn't mean I had my freedom they made it clear I wasn't going anywhere till after the plan went off successfully, I said I needed rest because I had a big day tomorrow, so they said goodnight and left. I lied there for hours listening to every creek and sound trying to get to sleep until I thought about how this was the first night in over a decade I wasn't sleeping beside Siri then I thought about how she might be thinking the same thing so I had to see her. I waited until everyone was motionless and I knew they were sleeping and I made my way to the window, this was the first chance I had to escape so I had to try. I climbed down the side of the house barefoot and my hands were throbbing more than in the chair but I smelt freedom and felt like I was going to see my family again, It's crazy but even though I woke up this morning like every other day with them it's felt like days since I've seen my girls. I wandered aimlessly throughout the roads not knowing where I was headed just trying not to run into anyone. I saw under the lamppost light a phone booth and thought it as a sure sign of escape, I went to reach for the receiver but the phone rang instead. I jumped backwards almost right out of the phone booth, it had to be three or four in the morning in the middle of nowhere so just the fact that someone called that phone at that moment scared the crap out of me, not literally but close. I let it ring a couple times but it wouldn't stop so I decided to answer it, they didn't say anything just let me do the talking so I slammed the phone down and went to grab some change to call my wife but the phone rang again, I didn't want to pick it up but I didn't know where I was or how I was going to get out of here so I answered. The line was clear again just silence and when I went to hang up I heard a voice say it's nice to finally talk to you Mr. Miller and It wasn't any of the voices I know but someone new and he was also from some other ethnicity but definitely not Russian or Ukrainian. He said that I was in danger because I was outside and advised that I just go back in and let matters unfold, I never take advice from a stranger so I asked him why I should go back and he replied that my enemies are dangerous and would kill all of you just to cover up their tracks, do not trust them, don't trust anyone for that matter. He told me of a cell phone in a bag just outside beside the garbage can, I looked and there was a little take out bag and after I had hung up and checked there was a phone in it. He told me this would be the only form of communication I could trust, there were eyes and ears everywhere. He advised me not to call my family for my house is being closely watched and if I called or showed up it'd be just like murdering them and that my only option was to just go back to the house but I cut him off by saying I'll do. I was going back but not to sleep, I was going to kill them all so my family and I could truly be safe. I asked him to at least tell me his name and he told me I'd know soon enough and I couldn't figure out whether he was someone trying to help me or one of the bad guys trying to get me back there without having to shoot me in the street, either way I was going back to that house to finish these guys off, I didn't have any weapons but that wasn't going to stop me. It was quiet and kinda eerie, I crept through the halls making my way to Rog's room he was the biggest so obviously taking him out first was the smartest plan. I didn't get quite get to his room when I heard Cheeks behind me telling me he knew I left the house and asked where I went, I just stood there motionless, expressionless with nothing to say, thankfully he broke the silence first and said it didn't matter where I went because I came back and asked if I wanted to know more about what I had to do tomorrow and said he would answer anything I wanted. I of course wanted to hear what he had to say so I agreed and we went into the study. I asked him to first explain about the Robinson file and about how and where we were supposed to get it, he explained that the it's the last piece of information in a web of paper trails they've collected and In having it they can prove the scam exists on so many different platforms and in return save Cheeks from ending up in prison like his friends. I again tried to ask him how he got his nickname since he had no scars or physical deformities on his face, and he was going to tell me the story but the Russian guy came storming in out of breath and ranting on about something but it was either in another language or I just couldn't understand his accent. Cheeks stood up and asked where I went except this time he really was serious in hearing an answer. I said nothing just stood up and walked towards the wall behind me, Cheeks pointed his gun and asked again except he wasn't looking for a reply because he asked who I talked to on the phone right after, giving me no time to answer. I told the truth which was that I didn't know who he was but they said I was either a liar or a cop or even worse a rat. I claimed that I was none of the above and if I wanted to leave or get them busted it would have happened by now but I came back and they'd have to trust me as much as I'd have to trust them. I did the only thing I could think of I pointed to Rog who was on the other side of Cheeks and when he looked over his shoulder I grabbed the gun and they stood very still for a minute scared that I would just shoot them all. I don't know why I didn't I just threw the gun to the other side of the room, I don't know whether I said this to make them believe me or whether I really meant it but I said we were doing the heist tomorrow as planned and we will do it as a team.
I barely slept that night for fear one of them was going to kill me, I also thought about killing them off while they slept but I knew if I was going to take down my boss these guys could help, still I fantasized about blowing up the house and even torturing them in contraptions of my own and it was enough to let me drift off to sleep. My dreams that night were of four masked men who I presume were me and the three stooges and we were dressed in all white so the four of us stood out in the large black room. We were making our way towards a little green light on the other end of the room but the shadows were making it hard for us to move, I remember one grabbed me and It was hard to struggle against it. I saw who I believe was Rog due to his size turning black until he was one of them too almost everyone except me were now shadows. I ran for my life towards the green light until it was right in front of my face and I could've touched it but I didn't for some reason I just wanted to run as far away from it as possible but I couldn't move and was tackled to the ground by the last half white shadow man turning black. I think I landed right on the green light but there were shadow people all around me so I couldn't move a muscle. All I could see and feel was blackness for a moment, I felt them loosen and suddenly instead of just a green glow in black world I saw everything again. The shadow people all had little white yellowish lights or circles right above where their hearts would be, I seemed to be defeated but I had the light so I didn't care, I looked around and I could see someone who also wasn't a shadow person but he was blurry and only half visible and for some reason I could now crawl so I made myself towards the figure. I got closer and he came towards me and I recognized him as my boss, he ordered a bunch of shadow men to pick me up and bring me face to face with him, I looked him in the eyes and tried to scream but I couldn't even whisper only observe what was happening. I saw a shadow man right beside my boss and watched as the bright light on his chest blinked and fell to the ground, I couldn't take my eyes off it, he was the only one who didn't have eyes just blackness. He made a wave or swing of his arms and suddenly I dropped to the ground but so was every other shadow person in the room, I stood up as soon as I could but no one else got up, only three people were standing, me and the two people in front of me, my boss to the left and the shadow person to the right.
I stood there no one spoke a word but I could sense the whole conversation as if they were, My boss was pleading for me to give it to him because just like me he has been setup, it can help the both of us escape and I looked at the shadow person and he just held out his hand. It became very apparent they wanted something from me and I could only imagine it was that green light, I looked and Cheeks was now standing beside me except he was a shadow person too with the little lights and everything but he wasn't trying to take it just stared at the other two. My boss pleaded with me again to give it to him but I could sense his evil intentions and told him he was never going to get it and there was no way I was about to give it to a creepy shadow person. Cheeks said that giving the file to anyone else will be walking it right into the hands of the people who need it destroyed and everything that you and I sacrificed would be for nothing so I gave the green light to him. Everything changed and I couldn't move just stare at the creepy shadow person in front of me, he lifted his hand towards where the white light on his chest would've been and it turned blood red. I just couldn't stop staring like I was hypnotized or something, his finger also kept a red glow as he lifted it towards his temple and it started spreading throughout his head, he told me to think and opened his eyes and it was slowly the only thing I could see just white everything, I made the first sound of a word when I was pushed back to reality by the feeling of a vibration in my pocket. I awoke and instantly was flooded with questions about my dream and couldn't understand what it meant, was he telling me to use my brain or open my eyes and what was up with the lights on their chest? Enough about the dream because time is precious and every minute brings me closer to my demise, I would hate to die without getting to the good part of this story. I got up that morning which was today without waking anyone and left the house as quick as possible, when I was walking down the road last night I passed a little diner that was closed, I knew it'd be open this morning, I don't smoke so I needed a coffee to calm me down but that hope didn't last long when I realized that I didn't have any money, they must have took it when I was unconscious last night. I just sat down outside and all my hopes were gone before I remembered about the vibration from the cell the stranger from the phone booth gave me last night, I didn't check it, I had a new message. It read things are not as they seem and I needed to see clearly before the vision can be properly understood but it didn't say who it was from but after that dream I just decided to run, things were way to messed up for me to comprehend anything. I didn't get far before I noticed a car down the road pull a U-turn and pull over, I stopped dead because a few men in suits were getting out and walking towards me, I also pulled a U-turn and walked even faster in the opposite direction, turned the corner and started to run. They couldn't see me anymore and I really wanted to get away, I turned into an alley on the right and noticed a homeless guy ahead of me asking me if I'm the one who brings the change and I told him I had no money, he replied that he didn't want money but change and that I'm the one who will bring it. This was weird and creepy and when he started walking towards me I could see why, I could tell at once it was the weird bearded dude from the other day. I really wanted to see him least of anyone I have met recently and even wished I was back with Cheeks tied up rather than converse with this guy. I ran to about a block from the hideout when I saw a police car creeping down the road, I hid behind the bus shelter and the phone in my pocket rang again I went to see what the text message said when I realized it was a call and I had accidently answered it. I said hello but no one answered and as I was about to hang up the voice from last night spoke up, he said he had to be brief and told me that I was being followed and if anyone caught me I'd be arrested or killed and even if I called the police they would pin everything on me, I am an accountant for one of the companies involved it wouldn't be that hard. I asked if everyone is out to get me who can I trust and can I even trust him? if I cannot tell the police about this plan who can I give the file to, to thwart their plans. All he had to say to that was the answer to all my questions will be revealed in time but things have to go according to plan, he assured me that I wasn't alone in this and I had help but I'd have to trust him. I still didn't know who it was I was talking to and I was getting sick of people telling me I'd have to trust them so I said I wasn't saying one more word until I knew his name, I would just destroy the phone and walk away from this whole thing. I knew I had the upper hand now because he suddenly wanted to answer me but I said I only want one answer and that's his name, he told me the only thing I should do is go back to the house. I remember he was persistent on not saying his name and kept changing the subject but I took the phone away from my face so I couldn't hear him and when I did return it to my ear I told him next time I'd hang up. He said he understood if I didn't trust him but I must retrieve the Robinson file that's when I cut him off WHATS YOUR NAME? I should have listened and asked him more questions cause he told me that I'd be stuck in the same situation I'm in right now and that he could have told me how to get out it but I didn't let him I just asked him his name and he said this would be the last time that we could speak over the phone, but that I could call him Rondulph.
Once I hung up there wasn't anything I wanted to do more then to just get out of here as fast as I could, take my family, leave town and never think of stepping foot in this city again. The only way I see to doing that is getting the file, I stood up and surveyed the street but nothing was out of the ordinary and the police car was gone so I shuffled towards the house. I got inside and quietly shut the door but I could hear they were awake and in the kitchen so it wasn't like I was trying to sneak in, Cheeks was looking over a set of blueprints or something on large pieces of paper when I went to check I noticed the second person wasn't a guy but the woman from the chair in a sweater so I never looked at them I just wanted to find out who she was and why she was there. She said her name was Rose but I couldn't tell you if that's her real name or what she even looks like anymore she has looked different every time I've seen her. She tried telling me she felt bad about what happened and I told her that I'm over it and just wanted to know about the plan and she jumped on me and kissed me. Siri if you hear this know I didn't kiss her back or even want it to happen but the picture I had no idea Rog was taking looks very convincing and they used that pic as the last piece into me into helping them today. They informed me of my boss working on a way to frame me for the missing money and put a hit out on me, I didn't believe them until they showed me the voicemail and he was in fact going to do both so I had no choice but to expose his plot before he had a chance to blame me for it. I turned to make it appear like I was about think about the strategy but I was only still mad at one person so I turned and decked Rog in the side of his head. It definitely hurt me way more then it hurt him but It might have been what I said after or maybe Cheeks had told him not to but he didn't attempt to fight back, which is a good thing because he would have beaten me up badly both my hands are severely injured. I said that I was down to do this and that I didn't need to be tricked and I tried to act tough once I knew he wasn't fighting back. I said something like he better destroy the picture or he will lose a finger too or something stupidly moronic like that. Cheeks spent the next couple hours explaining things to me in detail and it occurred to me just how intricate and well thought out this plan was he had every detail mapped out from blueprints to work timesheets and even complete inventory lists. He had a blackboard kinda like in school and it looked like he was planning a football play, it was just positions in which we'd move in the building, it had an X where I was told was the filing cabinet containing the file and four numbers which were the three of them and me. He drew out plans and described the whole thing to me and asked if I understood what I was to do and at the time I had no idea because I thought I would be playing number four but I found out later I was number one when it was too late to turn back. We were about to leave when I realized I was supposed to wear what I thought was mechanic rags in the corner but it was part of the plan I guess so I suited up and we headed out. We got to the destination and I was to sit outside and pretend to be homeless while they went inside and got into place, wait until I seen a bald man with a turtleneck sweater enter the bank and I was to follow him in. I was waiting for longer than I had expected when I saw a man across the street, he was also sitting on the ground and I didn't have to go across to know it was the bearded guy and this made it official he was stalking me. I didn't know what to do so I stood and walked away from the building but he stood up and started to walk towards me, I kept thinking what if he was a cop and he was about to arrest me or worse what if he works for the socialites and he was about to kill me either way this guy was bad so I needed to leave. I had no Idea what he wanted but I didn't want to wait and see so I went to walk inside and ran into the chest of a police officer and he grabbed my arm and pushed forward, I thought he was trying to arrest me but thankfully he just was helping me regain my balance, when I turned around there was no bearded guy anywhere in sight and the cop gave me enough for a coffee and said goodbye. I had a gun on me so I'm glad it never fell out of the rags, I saw the bald guy walking so I thanked the cop and headed inside. When I got inside I seen Cheeks in the corner posing as the blind guy, Rog in the other corner with the Ukrainian guy acting like they are discussing something important but once they seen me the plan was put into action and Rog left for the bathroom. There were about ten people in here and we had planned for maybe six but we would have to work around it, once the bald guy was inside he walked towards the back and I looked for the thumbs up from the Russian, this meant that he has silently disabled the cameras and we can move onto phase two. I then looked for Cheeks to get up and walk towards the lineup but he just signaled me to go anyways, so I stood in line and waited to get served. I put my hand on the gun that was in my waist and I didn't want to use it but it was my only protection if this didn't work. I asked quietly about the Robinson file and she just asked me if I could speak up so I did. She asked if I was the person that was coming to activate the account and that's when things first started to get weird and not according to the plans. I asked her to just give me the Robinson file and no one will get hurt and that's when everyone around suddenly realized that I was a robber and not just a dirty homeless man in line. I told everyone to get on the floor as I raised the gun into the air and everyone did except for me, the girl behind the counter, the Russian guy and Cheeks, I pointed the gun at the girl and told her I wanted the file. While I was watching her type away I realized there was another figure standing behind her in the hall and he was pointing a gun at me shouting stuff about my tattoo almost describing it, kept saying put the gun down Fox this doesn't have to end like last time, please do not do this your streak is over, he made it clear that he thought I was this guy Fox so I played it out for some reason. We both had guns pointed at each other and neither of us were backing down, his was probably real so I knew he would win in the battle but I wasn't letting him know that. We stood in a stare down until the girl broke our silence by declaring out loud that the Robinson account has been activated and the money wired, all of a sudden I heard a banging sound followed by another and a little glass shattering behind me. The bald guy dropped to the floor and I realized that Rog was back out of the washroom and shot this guy for me but it definitely looked like I did to anyone around us even to myself. I argued with Rog because we agreed that no one was going to get hurt and that's when the Russian and Cheeks started walking towards me chuckling and I asked where the file was. There were no filing cabinets anywhere in the room so I walked towards the back hallway still looking when I heard more shots and when I turned around they were shooting everyone else. Suddenly everyone was shot and dead except me, Rog, Cheeks, the Russian and the girl behind the counter. As soon as the last person hit the ground the girl was then hurrying to fill a bag with something out of a few drawers and the only thing I could do is yell what's going on here. Cheeks declared that the heist was successful and the split five ways means they're all rich men but that's not what I came here for so I wasn't looking very happy and I think he could tell. I at that point recognized the girl as the one from the chair and felt so stupid I didn't see it sooner. I heard a voice from behind me say there is no Robinson file and I saw it was the bald guy walking past, so don't you get it we are the bad guys. I asked why I was not told about this part of the plan and most of all I wanted to inquire about the split five ways thing, there was me, three of them, the girl, and the bald guy that's six people who wasn't getting cut in? Rog laughed and asked If it wasn't clear enough and suddenly it all was when the bald guy lowered his collar and I saw the fox, the exact same fox that is on my neck, I'm the patsy the buddy being set up, like how could I walk into this situation I was an accountant who worked for one of the bigger companies in this corruption ring it would be so easy to frame me. Rog confirmed my suspicions were right when he pointed out Fox's missing finger and I realized that I was made to fit his appearance and I was going down for the whole thing. They're going to shoot me and wait for the police to show up then the infamous Fox dies on the job. I tried to throw ideas of how their plan wasn't going to work at them but they really did have every scenario taken care of, I thought about my gun and how the plan was for everyone to have fakes but theirs were definitely real so I tried to shoot them but nothing happened and it only made them laugh. I said they would never get away with this the cops found out everything and they all started laughing harder than before but I didn't see the joke yet but the bald guy took the bags and while laughing, gave me the stupidest bow/wave combo I have ever seen and left. I was backing up slowly towards the back hallway and Rog was walking towards me with his gun waving in my direction and asked me if I had any last words. It was just the five of us so I asked when they were leaving, the cops should be coming soon and how would Cheeks explain their presence at the scene of the crime, especially if I was going to tell them everything because I knew the whole plans and what they all looked like. Cheeks cut me off by saying that they're waiting until the police show up and kill me the legal way. Their plan sounds like they are going to be able to kill me and frame me and no one will ever be the wiser, they informed me that the cameras were on longer than I believed and it shows me ask her for the file that just wired all of the money to the bad guys account, it also shows me point a gun at the girl who is now the only living witness and cut off before anyone got shot so now there is proof I killed people and no proof that I didn't. I give Cheeks credit he really did plan the perfect heist but he didn't plan for me to do what I did next but I just delayed my death a little longer. I asked him again how he was going to stay here at the scene of the heist and get away with it and that's when he reached in his pocket and showed me his badge, In fact all three of them were cops I didn't see that coming at all, I couldn't even wrap my mind around what this meant they were just going to pretend to be first on the scene and I was going to jail but I'm pretty sure they want to kill me instead. I asked if they planned on that guy hiding and pointed to the corner, it was enough for them to turn their heads and I ran into the hall. I leapt behind the first door I seen and locked it, I heard gunshots outside and them trying to get in but then Cheeks called for backup saying I was armed and I had already killed multiple people and I heard a voice on the radio say shoot on sight but I heard him say they were out of ammo but in fifteen minutes when their police friends get here they will have new guns and ammo. I remembered about the phone Rondulph gave me, I assembled it but I'm pretty sure I'm in a vault so I cannot make or receive any calls. I thought I was not going to be able to tell anyone what happened to me these past couple days but I saw a voice notes menu on this phone and well I see this as my only way to clear my name and say what really happened today. It's been about twenty five minutes and I hear them now trying to bust the door down so it's time for me to face what's coming and if I die today please understand why I am here and why I did it and Siri I love you and you were right about everything, I love you and I'm sorry."

The message does go on from here but it's mostly the sound of what I believe to be the phone hitting the ground and several loud bangs then just a lot of scuffled movements. It was then silence and just as I first thought that was the end of the recording I could hear Brian faintly say I don't get what happened and then later It was you all along wasn't it but why me and how did you know, There was other voices saying something but it was too quiet to hear and then it really was the end of the tape. I don't know who sent me this recording it was anonymously mailed but I've been a little bit crazy ever since I first heard it, I desperately wanted to know what happened to him, I first heard it about three years ago and I have been digging around trying to uncover this story ever since. I became an insomniac trying to find him or anyone else that might be able to explain what happened when the tape stopped. I did find out that Brian is alive somewhere and got out of that room that day but I have been unsuccessful in locating him and I couldn't tell you where or what he's doing today but I was able to track down a man named Roger Morrow who admitted to being the same Rog from this tape. He is incarcerated but I got to question him and he told me the same story which didn't help me much but he did accidently tell me that Alexandr was the name of the Russian guy and offered some more information about the location and date of the heist. Once I found out where it happened, I then found out about a surveillance video in the vault. I went to court for months trying to gain access to it but I had to have a good enough reason and writing this won me the chance to see the video.
I watched it and I saw Brian in the video hiding under the desk recording the message and I had got to the point where he put the phone down and the door got bashed in by Rog followed by who must be Alexandr and two other figures none of which were Cheeks due to the description Brian gives of him in the recording. They all had their guns drawn and he tried to explain himself but didn't get a chance to say a word because they started firing and it looked like fireworks were going off. I watched as roughly twenty gunshots were fired all in Brian's direction, I bet even Neo from the Matrix couldn't dodge that many but when the firing stopped Brian was still standing there patting his body down. I then seen the two other officers point their pistols at Rog and Alexandr and arrest them. They left and another man came into the room and him and Brian stood looking at each other for a minute or two, Brian asked what had happened and although you couldn't hear the second man speaking on the recording you could on the video, he was saying how they have been watching and following those guys for a while and knew they were the ones behind this trouble he just couldn't prove it. They thought this plan was very well planned but they didn't expect you to hide in the vault, see they needed you dead so they could make it look like the bad guy died so no one will look for them afterwards. When you hid they had to change their plans and if I hadn't been following you we would have never noticed you were being set up and these officers really would have thought you were and shot you. This is when Brain must have first recognized him because it was the part on the tape where he said the "it was you all along" and then the second voice said that "the only to way to protect you and arrest them legally would be to let them prove to the police force their own corruption and they did because they were told before entering that vault only to fire if provoked and I knew you weren't going to provoke them so I thought to play their own trick on them, The two of them were handed guns with blank rounds because I knew they would pull the trigger carelessly. I don't know where Adam is or Cheeks as you would know him by but he must have been wise to our plan, I don't know how but he was and is gone but the other two will spend a long time in jail and so will the female, Speaking of females, don't worry your family is safe and is under police supervision and has been all day so after a few questions you are a free man Mr. Miller." Brian definitely recognized him now and as I looked closer I seen the man had long mangy hair with a matching beard, he looked right at the camera and I saw the creepy bulgy eyes and knew it was the creepy guy Brian kept running into and the one person he didn't want to see actually ended up being the only one who could help him. When they started to walk out of the vault Brian was asking questions of how they pulled this off and then just stopped and said thank you to the bearded man but stopped because I think he didn't want to say thank you Mr. weird bearded dude so he asked his name and the guy just looked at him and said to call him Rondulph. Here's a quick note I have looked for several weeks trying to find any cop or detective with the first or last name Rondulph but there is no one, there isn't even a cop by the first name Ron and last name Dulph so my search goes on. There are still so many questions I have about this story and blanks that need to be filled, so if anyone knows of a Rondulph or maybe what happened to Brian Miller after that day, what about Cheeks where is he? or what about the bald guy that left first did he meet up with him afterwards. Where is the money the girl wired out when she activated the Robinson account? and on that note did he set up Rog and Alexandr so they didn't have a cut of it, these are questions I don't think I'll find out the answer to but at least I now know how Brian got out of that vault and really that's all I set out to find in the first place so If anyone knows the answers to the other questions please contact me I would love to do a follow up report to this story but I hope this has intrigued you as much as it has me and if you find yourself in a similar position I have one piece of advice for you don't snoop around because sometimes what you get may be way worse than what you expected to find.


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