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Camp Dread

By: Anonymizz

Page 1, 2013 Concentration Camps as they would be today.


    Today the possibility of my future is non-existent.  I will probably die in a few hours along with thousands of others. I used to have it good even though back then I thought I didn’t. Living with my mom at 23 years old isn’t particularly something to be excited about. Nothing against my mother, I loved her but I just wanted to be successful and independent. I wanted the American dream like everyone else did. I used to get depressed over my half-assed attempts of making it…but if only I knew what I know now. Maybe I wouldn’t have tried at all.
     America used to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Now it’s the land of the unlawfully imprisoned and the home of the afraid. Americans look pathetic now, our liberty and freedom stolen from us in the blink of an eye.  How stupid I was, I remember now all the signs I had ignored.  We all ignored them.  It started with the internet, everything became controlled. The government had to okay any internet content before it was posted online. Businesses’ would have to wait two weeks for their website to show up. After it did a lot of the dialog would end up being altered in someway and a government symbol would appear on the upper right hand corner of the page.
    Then it was music and entertainment. Once the government realized how obsessed our country was with this area they tweaked it too, allowing instant success to good artists who would happily be a governmental “puppet” per say. They dumbed  down lyrics, put symbolism into music videos and emphasized on making violence, sex and drugs look attractive. In turn the people who mimicked this lifestyle were arrested, diseased, dieing, but most importantly so wrapped up in the underground world that they were oblivious to what was happening around them. Kids stopped getting involved in politics, too concerned with cell phones, and online social networking sites.  People stopped noticing what was happening…people just stopped caring. They used the American Dream to destroy and control America and it worked wonders.
    Nobody had a clue what was going on because they weren’t using violence to enforce obedience.  It was basically subliminal mind control. Reality television,  music, entertainment news, cell phones, social networking, video games… they were all distractions. We looked at other countries and thought how bad it would be to live there. To be under complete control with no rights… they must have thought the same thing about us. They must have saw us as zombies… too mesmerized by our television sets to stand up to our government. At least they were fighting back. We didn’t. We didn’t do anything…if we only knew back then,  our outlook may not look so grim today.
    Cigarettes became a luxury, a bad habit that could be afforded only by the rich. Gasoline became an important necessity that drained personal savings and bank accounts.  Most people needed two jobs just to get by. They said it was an emergency situation, that there was only a small amount of fuel left in the world and they could not find another affordable energy source. However, today they are still driving. Tomorrow they will still be driving. That was a lie. I had heard rumors around my camp that they had been able to create a synthetic fuel that worked just as good, that would literally cost ten cents a gallon to create. Ten cents!  There was never an emergency situation.. They were greedy, our country was in debt from pointless wars that we did not support and in turn we had to pay the cost. All the camps that were popping up… we had no clue, thousands were in the United States! Nobody cared, everyone just became brainwashed. We believed in our government, but our government saw us as disposable.
    In the end instead of 50 states America was divided into 10 sectors. Each sector controlled by a governor. Each sector had hundreds of camps that looked like jails from the outside. My mother and I got picked up a year ago. The FBI came to my door and said that there had been illegal activity in my mother’s household. We were arrested, sentenced without trial and taken to a camp in my area. They said it was a high security prison. Once again they lied. I live in a concentration camp with thousands of others. Kids, mothers, fathers, teenagers, grandparents…. regular people just like you.

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