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The Mysterious

By: Arianna Rose

Page 1, It is about a creepy haunted house this family moves into. sorry it\'s so short this is my first one.

The Unforgettable


Okay so my life isn’t picture-perfect but there is something bizarre about this residence, it all started, when I was 14 we lived in this flawless household where we were exultant, but living there for all my life can get pretty monotonous and all my friends had moved away so I was stuck with my family, and was watching my baby sister ALL the time! The moment we left our house I knew something wasn’t right something mysterious was going on and I had to get to the bottom of it before anyone else did. Were here, my mother yelled with excitement even though we were only 4 feet away. Start unpacking the car and then go look around, my father said so enthusiastically. Wow dad this was the best you could get, the Country my cell phone doesn’t even get service out here… GRRRRR! Calm down you don’t need cell phones when you can play outside, I mean look at everything its beautiful. Mom, whose side are you on? Neither, now start unpacking (whispers to herself) gosh no one does anything around here anymore, mom! What now? Dad is… What about dad? He is having a heart attack. Call 911! Okay.

911 what’s your emergency? (Mumbling) my dad is having a heart attack. Hello is anyone there, what’s your emergency? (Yelling) My dad is having a heart attack! Alright what is your address? 1417 Hill crest Avenue. And the city/state. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Alright stay on the line and the police will be on their way. Okay thank you, is there anything that I can do for my dad? Try to keep him awake, make sure his head isn’t lined up with his body but is tilted up. Okay the police have arrived. Okay you can hang up now. (The phone hangs up, Faded talking from outside) DAD? DAD WAKE UP! (Running footsteps going towards the door) He’s not breathing! Come help, he is dyeing! (Again running footsteps going towards dad) Do you know when the ambulances are going to arrive? Right now. (Ambulance sirens starting to fade) Get the dolly, one of the ambulances yelled. Mom, what is going on? I am scared. I know I am scared to, but we will get through it and your dad will be alright. Promise? Promise. Ma’am. Yes sir? How long has he been out? For about twenty minutes, but he has been breathing the whole time until you guys got here then he stopped. Okay, we are going to take him to the hospital. Okay we will be following you to the hospital, just to make sure he will be alright and in good hands, I mean I know he will be taken care of and stuff but I am worried about him. Okay ma’am.


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