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Devon Daniels: Saved by the Car

Book By: Brilll
Mystery and crime

I asked for it! (literally.) My booksie challenge from chris. It's mainly for entertainment purposes, as there really is no hidden message in there... I had a lot of fun writing it! :] Here's the info: Main Character: Devon. Plot: Devon is a talented school teacher, he's respected, smart, and dedicated. What will he do when one teenage girl lies to the police and says he raped her? Object: Car. This was a tough one to write! :D

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Devon carefully set his teaching plan for the day on his desk. Avoiding the eye contact of his most awkward student, a somewhat loner named Gina Rapier, he started the day with, "Good morning, class. I know that it's early in the morning and you're all tired, but try to stay awake for at least one poem. Analyze it, dissect it, and give me everything you have on the subject. Everybody clear on the assignment?"

Gina Rapier raised her hand. Devon called on her. "Yes, Miss Rapier?"

Gina smiled. "Mr. D, isn't the 'The Highwayman' about love?"

Devon slowly nodded. "Yes… yes, it is. But that's not the poem we're analyzing today."

Gina grinned wickedly. "I'm betting by the end of the day, you'll be wishing that we were."

Devon blinked. "Ok…! Moving on. As English A.P. students, I expect you to be able to give me a complete essay on your-"

The class audibly groaned.

Devon nodded sadly. "Yes, I know. The horror. An essay in school! Cruel, isn't it?"

A few students chuckled, but most of the class didn't appreciate such sarcasm so early in the day.

"Alas, I must assign it. I'm terribly sorry, but if any of you have questions about the assignment, come ask me. I'll be happy to help. But for now, work quietly among yourselves and see what you can figure out first. Everybody clear?"

The class nodded.

Devon retired to his desk, letting out a deep breath. Why the hell was Gina talking about love? He sadly twirled a pencil between his fingers, tired. Gina Rapier has been giving him a terrible time lately…

Gina crashed into his classroom one day after school, exclaiming, "Mr. D! Mr. D!"

Devon, shocked by the sudden noise, exclaimed, "What?! Who's there?" Devon smiled when he saw it was only his best student-the one he helped get from a normal English class to an A.P. from much dedicated tutoring. "Good afternoon, Miss Rapier. What can I do for you?"

Gina grinned mischievously. "Oh, nothing, Mr. D." She flipped her blonde hair, batting her eyes. "You're just the best teacher I ever had. Cute, too."

Devon blinked. He felt the temperature rise in his cheeks. "That's a really inappropriate topic, Miss-"

"Is it? I always thought you liked me, Mr. D. You helped me so much this past year. I just wanted to return the favor." Gina closed in on Devon, staring intensely into his brown eyes.

"Miss Rapier, what are you doing?" Devon demanded to know.

Gina shrugged innocently. "Do you want to come to my house today?"

Devon stared at her like she was mad. "No! That's completely-"

Gina interrupted him, shouting loudly, "Fine, Mr. D! You will rue this day, however."


"Goodbye!" Gina shouted, slamming his classroom door behind her.

"?! That was odd…"

A knock on his desk. Devon jumped, startled. He looked up from his daydream to find that it was Gina Rapier herself. Speak of the devil.

"Ah, Miss Rapier. Good to see you."

Gina impishly smirked. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Mr. D. You know what's really weird?"

Devon raised an eyebrow. "No. Would you care to tell me?"

Gina shook her head. "Nope! I just want to tell you that if you ever change your mind, my car is the baby blue Porsche in the parking lot. Just to let you know." Gina winked.

"I'm not interested, Miss Rapier. Now, unless you have a question, please go back to work."

"Fine, Mr. D. You know, it's a good thing I called the police last night then."

"Really?" Devon replied, going back to grading papers.

"Yup. And I asked them to come to this school at this classroom at this time."

"Now why is that?"

"To make sure everybody knew you raped me."

Devon looked up, alarmed. "What are-"

Sirens sounded. Every student in the classroom looked up simultaneously, as anything was better than analyzing poetry.

Gina grinned. She whispered triumphantly, "That's right, Mr. D. I called the police on you. That's what you get for messing with Gina Rapier."

Devon's jaw dropped. "You're a cruel, cruel girl, Gina."

"Yes, yes, I am." Gina laughed wickedly. "Thank you very much."

"That's insane! I'll go down to the police and tell them the truth."

"You go do that. It won't change a thing, though."

Devon gritted his teeth.

"What did you accuse me of?"

Gina cleaned the dirt from under her fingernails nonchalantly. "I thought I told you, Mr. D. Rape. Last week, on the 23rd. You came to my house when nobody was home and raped me."

"That's the entire story?"

Gina laughed. "Of course not! I'll tell you the rest, Mr. D, just because I know you don't have a chance. I was innocently doing homework when my parents were out of town for the week. I saw a black Camry-your black Camry-park in the driveway. Oh yes, I did my research, Mr. D. I saw you drive away in one of those babies just yesterday!"

Devon's ears perked at this latest news. She used a car in her fake story?

Many of his students were now gathering around the window, like seagulls flocking towards a sandwich in the courtyard.

"Police! What are they here for?"

"I don't know! Be quiet, maybe they'll say something."

"Somebody should go down there and ask-"

"Wait, wait! They're coming inside!!!"

Devon widened his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Scared, Mr. D? Good… that's the reaction I wanted."

Devon turned towards Gina. "I'm not actually all that scared, Miss Rapier. I'm just a little bit… surprised, that's all. One hardly sees policemen that were here to arrest him every day."

"Oh? Why so confident all of a sudden, Mr. D?"

"Just wait until they get here, Miss Rapier."

Devon let out a deep breath, releasing all his stress. He closed his eyes and counted off the seconds until the policemen got to his classroom. It should be any second now…

His eyes flashed open. "Tony, please open the door."

The boy named Tony raised an eyebrow and did as his teacher told. Lo and behold, there were two policemen at the door. One of them had a fist raised to knock, but seeing as it wasn't necessary any more, he lowered it slowly.

"Devon Daniels, you're under arrest for rape. You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you," a policeman stated, raising his badge.

Devon raised his hands, complying with the policemen. "Alright officers, but before you came, Miss Gina Rapier confessed that the story she told is not true."

"Oh yeah? And what's the story she told you?"

"She told me that I drove up to her house last week on the 23rd in a black Camry."

"What's your point?"

Devon smirked. "I don't have a black Camry. The car I parked outside? That's a black Camry. But it's not mine. I rented it two days ago on the 1st after my old Chevrolet Impala got into a car accident."

The policemen raised an eyebrow, and a bead of sweat ran down Gina's face.

"Do you have any proof?"

Devon nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! It's at my house."

"You still have to come with us."

"Of course, officers." Devon marched with them proudly, as if he was happy that the police interrupted his lesson and arrested him on the charge of rape. He announced to his class, "Just remember what the great Judge Judy said: 'Sir… You lied through your teeth! Case is dismissed!' Think about that for the rest of the day, students. Especially you, Miss Rapier. Dismissed!"

Devon smiled, glad that he was able to impart that little bit of wisdom. He left the room with Gina staring at him with astonishment as the rest of the class stared with awe.

A student whistled. "That's one awesome teacher."


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