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I Should Die

By: CallMeSucessful

Page 1, Eric(a 8 years old boy) needs money to save his parents what should he do should he kill his cousins family or let his family die? *warning: the story is boring at the beginning but the end i don\'t know you tell me*

I Should Die 

Capter 1

       Eric is a 9 year old boy who lives with his parents. Eric has lost so many people in his life that is why he always say "I have been to more funerals than weddings". Eric recently lost his best friend Erica, Eric had a big crush on Erica but Erica died because of cancer. Eric had lost a baby sister 6 months ago because of her friends pushed her in The pool and she drowned. Eric might have lost hope but he is grateful to have his parents with him. "EEEEEEEERIC COME DOWN HERE DINNER IS READY" his mum shouts. "COMING IN A  SECOND" he yelled back. Eric put down his journal and run down the stairs, he sat down and started talking ....

" Dad, how is work today? Anything new?"  Eric asked.

" Nothing new at all.... Same old job" his father said.

   Eric's father work as a mechanic that's why Eric's parents are not rich but poor. His mother used to be a teacher but she quit her job and she won't tell Eric why.

" Mom why did you quit your job?" Eric asked

" Well honey aren't you full of questions" His mom answered 

" actually honey i want to know why too" his father said 

" wont get me.....umm...... you know" Eric's mother does not know how to say it.

" Come on Honey we could handle it like how we handled Elizabeth and Erica isn't that right Eric?" his father said. For a moment Eric was said because he missed is baby sister Elizabeth and he misses Erica too so he cried a little and said "Mom i have been to more funerals than wedding. I have can handle everything pretty much good all what i am saying is you don't need to hide this from us we can handle it. Mom do you hear me?" 

"i do............ I went to the you know and he told me i got CANCER and that i have 10% chance of living and 90% chance of not living so i quit my job to spend some time with you" his mom finally spoke out.

" YOU WENT TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEY SAID YOU HAD CANCER" his father started to freak out but Eric couldn't handle all this freaking out and everything so he just fainted just like that. The last thing he heard was "OMG ERIC ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" he fainted with a tear ........

(End or the beganning of the story..)

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