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This is about a guy who is wrapped up in a plot of revenge of someone else's making.

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Chapter 1

Mistaken Identity

Waking up, Jerry realized he was going to be late for work again if he didn't get up and out in the next 15 minutes. I wonder why I always do this, he thought as he got up and went into the bathroom to splash water on himself. A quick look in the mirror and a quick dash of spray later he was on his way to his car. Driving to work usually consisted of swerving to miss the not-so-awake people of the morning. It was not a long drive only about 17 minutes and he would be in the office. As he entered the building he bumped into a woman, he uttered a fast apology as he entered the elevator. She smiled, which was a little odd. Wonder what that was about he thought as he rode up. Getting off the elevator he walked down the hall to his secretary's desk. Hello Angela he said. Angela turned and greeted her boss with a big smile, knowing his day would be hectic, so she tried to sound cheerful. Good Morning Jerry she replied. He entered his office and put his coat on his desk as he wanted to get down to business, not seeing the envelope fall out of his pocket to the floor. Angela came in with the morning's reports and meeting schedule. As he looked at her and sighed, I appreciate all you do for me Angela. You know I love my job she replied, as she brushed her hair out of her eyes. Is there anything else you need she asked waiting patiently for his reply. No, thank you, this should do it he replied jokingly. He watched her as she walked towards her desk and shut his door behind her. He turned and looked out the window to the view of the city and wondered what all these people were doing. He heard a crinkle and looked down and saw the envelope. Puzzled, he picked it up. Written on the front was "For your eyes only." He did not remember getting an envelope and wondered if he should open it. He remembered the woman with the odd smile and decided to think about it and put it in his coat pocket til later.Jerry went to his meetings and made his deals with about an hour til time to go. He decided to take a walk around the office to stretch his legs. Saying hello to everyone he met with a smile, he came back to his office to get his things and tell Angela to have a great evening. He walked into his office and grabbed his coat and briefcase then headed out the door. Waving to Angela, he said goodnight. As he was getting off the elevator, he walked to the exit, thinking about what he wanted to do later. He looked around and thought he saw the woman that he had bumped into earlier across the street. Wanting to apologize further, he called to her. As he crossed the street, she looked at him and smiled again, then went down to the subway. He hurried to catch her. Walking down the steps, he looked around but could not see her. Stopping, he realized the train was just leaving. I've missed her, rather strange that she smiled but didn't stop for me he thought. Remembering the envelope and its appealing message, he decided to get a quick bite to eat and go home. The mystery woman having seen Jerry coming out of his building, smiled at him then went down to the subway. Stepping on the train she turned as the doors closed behind her to see him looking around for her. Arriving at the agency, the mystery woman went to her desk to check for any messages or updates. Her boss Mister Xia was walking by looking a little worried. She went back to her business. Things have been a little crazy around here for a while. Maybe things will get back to normal after this one is done.Upon entering his humble abode, Jerry closed the door and sat down on the couch. Pulling out the envelope, he wondered again if he should open it. I did find it in my office he thought. He was about to open it when the phone rang. Hello he said, as he picked it up. Did you get your message? A soft voice said. Slightly stunned, he responded. Do you mean the envelope? I found it in my office and wondered if I should open it he said, confused. Click. Hello, hello, are you still there? No answer. As he put the phone back down he shivered slightly, not really knowing why. What just happened he thought to himself as he shrugged, and then stared at the envelope now with mixed emotions. What would happen if he opened it, surely nothing bad? He decided to take a shower before he did anything else, just to relax if not anything else. Smiling she thought to herself phase one is going good so far. We'll see if he can get it done.Rogue had been following events since he had tampered with the system and entered Jerry as a rookie agent. He knew it was only a matter of time when they would find his tampering, but things were already in motion. Mystery woman was also playing her part as delivery girl. She was only doing her job and Rogue hated having to use her but she would get the job done. She was a rookie agent herself when he was framed by their superiors15 years ago. An easy scapegoat they thought as he was brought in. Still she was only doing her job as her superiors had led her to become what she was today. He hoped she wouldn't get in the way. She was beautiful and very smart but innocent of their actions towards him. As for Jerry he was the perfect acting agent. He was intelligent and resourceful in his work. Rogue was glad he picked him. Now he had to see if Jerry could live up to his expectations.

Getting out of the shower Jerry got dressed. Who knows what the night holds. Walking back down to the living room, he saw the envelope, put it into his pocket and decided to get a drink. Who was that woman and was it her that called? He wondered. Should I open it now? What will I be getting myself into if I do? Certain thoughts he knew he wanted answers to but they would have to wait till he could clear his head.

Stepping into the night air, he breathed deep. Taking in the fresh air was good. He decided to go to a local club. Maybe the mingling people will help with his burden right now. Getting into his car and fastening his seat belt, he started the car. As he pulled out of the driveway, he kept thinking about her odd smile when he bumped into her. What was she up to? Pulling onto the road he drove for a while with the radio off thinking. Looking at his watch he saw it was 6:30, a little early to be out, but it was warranted. As he saw the club in the distance he relaxed a little. Jerry pulled into the parking lot and after parking his car cut the engine then took a deep breath before walking to the entrance. He saw a few people when he went in. He chose a table in the back corner from where he could view the whole place. Not seeing anyone he knew was alright, he just wanted to try to figure things out. Work was not bad. Financially he was doing well, dating when he felt the urge. He concluded that life was going just as well as planned. A waitress came over to get his drink order. He recognized Sheila. She always had a nice smile and pleasant tone whenever they talked. "Hey Sheila, I'll have a beer" he said. "Sure thing Jerry, I'll be right back" she replied. He watched her for a few seconds as she walked away to attend to other customers. He was more relaxed now and he eased up a little more.Sheila brought his beer and set it on the table. You look a little tense this evening, everything alright she asked. Just another day Sheila thanks. Well if you want to talk, I get off in a few hours. Thanks Sheila, I'll be alright. Ok she said then smiled and walked away again. Smiling as she walked away he took a drink and looked around again. More people were coming in every so often. Many of them were couples on a night on the town. Women were coming in with other women, Guys the same. As he drank the last of his beer, he thought about driving around a little.Getting up, he left a twenty on the table and a note that said "Thanks, you made my night". Walking towards the exit, he looked back and saw her looking. She smiled and mouthed "thank you". He walked out and got in his car then started out. Not too many people out on a Wednesday night. Many were waiting for the weekend blowouts and such. After driving around for about an hour, he decided to head back home. Pulling up to his house, he could see someone with a flashlight upstairs. Turning off his lights and cutting the engine, he waited to see who it was when they left. He could have called the cops, but didn't want to have to go down and fill out forms and give a statement. After waiting for what seemed like 30 minutes, the light went off. He waited but didn't see anyone leave. Getting out of his car he walked around back. Seeing nothing, he looked at the door it was open a little. Carefully pushing it open with his elbow, he walked inside. Going up the stairs he looked around but couldn't see anything out of place. Reaching the second story he walked down the hall to his room. Nothing seemed to be touched. Yet he had a strange feeling and couldn't place it. Not finding anything that seemed to be missing after about 15 minutes of searching, he went back downstairs. Sitting on the couch, he wondered if the person was looking for the envelope. Pulling it out of his coat, he decided to open it and see what it was all about. He pulled the envelope open and pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it. Opening the paper he saw an address and a key taped to the paper. Then the phone rang, which startled him. Picking it up and saying Hello he heard the woman's voice again. "I assume you still have the envelope and hope you have not opened it" she said. What is the envelope for and what's in it? He asked. After a short silence, "You were not the one that was supposed to get it. A mistake was made. We need to arrange a meeting so I can get the envelope back" she said. "Were you the one in my house just now? He asked, knowing the answer. I have not been in your house, but if someone has been, you may be in more danger than you know. She replied rather nervous. Great, so I was given this envelope by mistake, and you are telling me I may be in great danger. Who are you and what is this about? He asked getting a little mad. "We will talk later" was the last thing he heard before the phone clicked then a dial tone. Looking at the address and key, he knew he should get out before something really bad happened. Wanting to get rid of the envelope, but not knowing where to put it, he decided to put it in a small box and hide it. Finding a box he put the paper and key inside and closed it. Remembering a loose brick in the park under a statue, he knew he could put it there for safe keeping. He had used it before many years ago and he knew it would do the job. Opening the front door, he walked out without looking around. Not wanting to attract attention to anyone that may be watching. He got into his car and drove around till he was sure no one was tailing him. He parked at the far end of the park and walked towards the statue. He quickly found the brick and slid the box inside and replaced it. Standing up and looking around, he saw no one. Going back to his car he thought he might want to stay awhile and see if anyone tried to get the box. He got into the driver's seat and waited. A couple hours passed with nothing, so he thought it would be safe till he came back for it. Jerry was a little anxious and nervous as he drove back to his house as the day's events were starting to fully hit him. Who was the person on the phone and why did she sound nervous? He had too many things to think about as he pulled up to his driveway. Stopping on the edge of the road, he turned the car off as he decided what to do next. Looking at his house he wondered what the key and address could mean. He knew the envelope would be safe for awhile so he pulled into his driveway not seeing the van pull up about five houses down. Walking up to the door, he pulled his keys out and unlocked it. Walking into the living room, he flopped down on the couch. Sleep overtook him almost immediately.


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