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The Hallows Eve Creature of the Night

Book By: EDRC
Mystery and crime

This is a story I created for Cute Love's Halloween Contest! I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween.

Created By: Ryan

Submitted:Oct 27, 2009    Reads: 69    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

A Hallows Eve, silent and dark. The sky was covered, no stars were showing. The only light came from the half covered moon. The wind danced through the autumn leaves, making a muted sound, causing a few to fly off of their once beloved homes on the trees.

A graveyard, surrounded by large iron gates, was the only thing standing beside a short city street. In this small graveyard, were the bodies of beloved family and friends, who had lost the fight against death. The gates to this graveyard were closed. No one was allowed to enter, making it undisturbed and silent.

A young girl walked on the city street right next to it. She avoided looking at the creepy, silent graveyard. She had a coat, buttoned tightly against her, and a hood covering her face. Each time the wind picked up, she would fold her arms against her, and tighten it even more.

She walked further and further, she finally went into the woods surrounding the graveyard. She then pulled out a flashlight, and it shined a dim light, just enough to see a small dirt path she was following. Finally, the light went out. The battery was low.

"Dang it!" The girl cried. She could see nothing before her. Though she couldn't see, she still tried to fight her way through the dark woods. She held her hands out in front of her, making sure she didn't run into anything. She continued to follow the unseen path.

About five minutes had past, and the girl was well on her way into the darkness of the woods. It seemed to have grown darker. All she could see in front of her was an even deeper darkness; she could only hope she finds a way out of the woods. Then, a noise came from beside her. She stopped for a second and listened. Her only conclusion of the noise was that it was the snap of a twig on the ground, probably from a small animal crawling by.

Finally, she decided to continue walking to her destination. The chilly night had become even colder, the wind was picking up, and she could see in the distance the flash of lightning, which could only mean that it was preparing to storm. She then began to walk faster, so that she wouldn't have to be out in the storm.

She continued to walk, it was silent and cold. Then, all of a sudden, she heard the noise again, the sound of a snapping twig.

"Ok, is someone following me," the girl then asked. She waited for a reply, but no reply came. "This is a little scary," she thought to herself. She continued walking, darker the woods became. Once again she heard the noise. "Stop," the girl yelled. The noise was really starting to scare her. She then went from walking at a fast pace, to a jog.

Then, she heard foot steps; they were very close to her.

"Quit chasing me," The girl screamed. She was now running.

The steps unknown creature behind her was now running as well. She was scared. Who was chasing her, or even, what? The creature was picking up its pace. The girl as well began to pick up her pace. They were both running.

Then, she heard breathing, and felt warmth on the back of her neck. It was catching up with her! Its breathing became faster and deeper the further they ran. Its pace was growing even faster.

"Who are you? Tell me now! I am warning you, I will hurt you," The girl yelled as she was running.

The breath behind her became even faster, and the creature's footsteps were growing nearer. The girl could almost feel the creature touching her. What was this thing after? Why was it chasing her? The girl was now running as fast as she possibly could. The creatures speed was picking up even more. Its breath became warmer, it was close now.

Then, the worst possible thing happened. The girl tripped. She felt a sharp pain in her ankle; she knew that she had tripped over a root on the ground.

"Ouch!" A scream of pain came out of the girl's mouth. The creature's walking had now stopped. She could see its tall shadow leaning over her. Its hand was now getting closer to her face.

"Get away! Please!" The girl was now screaming, with pain and fear.

The creature's face was now right up against the girl's. She could tell it was looking directly into her eyes. She was silent and breathed deeply. The creature's warm, deep breath was now blowing into the girls face. Then, it all became a deep black. The girl could see nothing.

The next day, a team of people began to search for the girl. For weeks they searched, and she was never found. Finally the people discovered the last spot the girl had been, a small cloth was left on the ground, beside it was a boot. This was the boot the girl had worn. There was a large footprint, unlike any humans. It was shaped in the oddest shape. Still this very day, no one knows where the girl is, or what had exactly happened that night. All they know is that the girl was on her way back to her house from a Halloween party.

The creature is still out there, possibly looking for someone else to get. So be warned, you could be next! Happy Halloween…


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