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Death is Coming Quickly Part 2

Book By: Gaarababylove12300
Mystery and crime

Second Chapter!!!!!!!!

Submitted:Aug 4, 2008    Reads: 117    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Josh was now helping pull the body from the river, the anger that had just been there was gone and replaced by more pain, He knew who he was carrying. Apparently they had kept in touch, now, another person he cared about, was dead. We set her body gently on the ground and looked her over. Her body was in worse condition than Karry's, but, to my horror, Karry's was a older kill. Kris had been killed, according to her skin color and slight warmth, not long ago. Josh's hands were balled into fist and his eyes were sorrowful. He had apparently cared alot about her, more than he led on. I followed his gaze to her left hand. Her ring finger was missing, completely gone. That's when I noticed his left ring finger hand a golden ring on it, not one you'd get while in prison. "Josh? Were you two... Engaged?" The question kind of slipped out there, afterwards I wanted to smack myself. His eyes glazed over in pain and he quickly got to his feet. He turned and jogged up the hill and towards Mom's car. "Josh!" I ran after him and grabbed ahold of his wrist when he reached for the drivers side door. He jerked free of my grip, placed his hands just abouve the door, and leaned on them. He seemed to be looking at his relfection. The look in his eyes was one of distrust and pain. "Josh?" My voice was only a whisper but from his reaction you'd think I had screamed it. He winced and closed his eyes as if battling his emotions. Two people he cared about were just taken from him, again. He slowly nodded. He'd been out one week and was now suffering the pain of loss all over again. "We are-were-engaged." Was all he said. He looked from his reflection to me. The look in his eyes was pleading me to just drop the subject. I had never been particularly close with him, but now I felt as if I had, as if all along we'd been the best of friends. "Go talk to your probation officer." Was all I could say. I felt so bad for him, and I knew that was the last thing he'd want, pity. He nodded, climbed into the car, started the ingine, and drove off. "Kev, this one's been dead for six hours." Emily informed. She was older than me by two years, and had once worked in the coroners office. I believed her when she said the time date. I turned to her and I knew she could see my worry. "Kev? What's wrong?" She asked worriedly. "Her name's Kris Cole. She was going to be my sister in law." I answered. The look that flashed in her beautiful brown eyes was expected, shock, sorrow, understanding for what Josh was feeling. I rubbed my temples with my pointer fingers, my head was starting to hurt. Emily rubbed my shoulder. "Go home to your family. You've had a long week and a long past few hours." I mearly nodded. My pain and exhaustion was starong and I knew, unlike Josh's, was easy to see. Karry had been one to hide her pain, but never her anger, if you made her mad she'd let you know. I climbed into my four doored Ford Explorer and started the engine. I headed home and fet sick to my stomach. I parked in my driveway about a half hour later and climbed out. "Daddy!" Amanda my youngest daughter came running out the doors. I picked her up and hugged her tightly. She was eight years old and a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed girl. Her twin brother came running out the front door and I picked him up also. The other two stood in the doorway with my wife, Carrol. Amanda's brother, Adam, is also blonde haired blue eyed. The oldest two were sixteen and adopted. We adopted them about six years ago and treat them like our own. They both have pitch black hair and are green eyed. Damien is the boy and the girl is Diane. Carrol's eyes shown with the knowledge of Karry's death, as well as the older two. "Guys take Amanda and Adam upstairs, please." Carrol said. Damien nodded and took Adam and Amanda from me. They both walked away as I entered the house. I shed my loose coat and boots then turned to face Carrol. "Oh, Honey. I'm so sorry." She said pulling me into a tight hug. I hugged back and felt warm tears run down my cheeks. Too brave to cry in public I let loose in her grip. Her head rested on my shoulder. I kissed her head and rested my chin on top of her head. "Did you tell the kids?" I asked. "No, but I think Damien and Diane know somethings wrong." She answered. There were tears in her voice. "I didn't have the heart to tell them." "I'll bring them down and tell them." I offered. She nodded against my chest. I lifted her chin up and kissed her. I could taste the salt of our tears. "Kids! Come down here please." She called. We sat down on the couch as they came down the stairs. I didn't try to hide my pain or tears. "Dad, what's wrong?" Diane asked her face lit with concern. Damien just stared at me with calm eyes. Amanda was sitting on Diane's lap and Adam on Damien's lap. "We have some bad news," I began. "Aunt Karry... She... She's gone to live with God." I said in the terms I knew Amanda and Adam would understand. "What?" Diane's voice was a whisper. "Why? Why'd she go to live with God?" Amanda asked. "He needed her." Carrol said. Damien's jaw tightened and he quickly looked away. "Why? Why'd she leave us? Even to go see God?" Adam asked. "Sometimes, people aren't, given a choice." Carrol said. Damien sat Adam onto the couch and quickly left the room. "Damien?" Diane called. "Damien?" He didn't answer he opened the door and walked out of the house. He was aot like Josh, in a way. He just didn't have the wild temper. I closed my eyes to regain myself then I stood. "I'll go get him." I offered. I walked out the back door, but Damien wasn't in the back yard. No, the gate was wide open. "Damn," I ran back into the house and quickly put on my shoes. "What is it? Where's Damien?" Carrol asked. "I don't know. He's not out back." "He just needs time to cool off. He'll be back." Diane said, despite the calm in her eyes, there was fear. "I'll be back." I said opening the door. I got in the car and started to drive around. He was no where to be found. I called his cell phone but didn't get and answer. Instead, it went straight to voice mail.


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