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Yes, this is part two.

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When on the bus we walked to the back and sat in our own seperate seats, we had a small bus ride, with very few people on it. So we allways went to the back. I allways got looks from people, boys and girls, I don't know about Tiff and Chase, but it unnerved me. Today was diffreent then the others, everyone stared more. I finally stopped in front of one guy who was giving me a dirty look. "You got a problem with me?" I demanded. He quickly looked away and Tiffany gave me a shove from behind. I kept going. My seat was 16. not really the back, but the seat I chose, so it didn't bother me. I sat down and glared at the back of the guys head. I hated dirty looks and everyone in school knew that except the freshmen, but they'll soon find out. One time I had almost killed a kid because he gave me a funny look, I had just lost it. Today would definately be an interesting day if this kept up. I tried to think about my job and my girlfriend but couldn't. I thten tried to theink of the field trip today that Cinthia, my girlfriend, thalked me into. We were visiting a prison for the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decision or Students Against Drunk Driving) program Dad had made me join.The program was actually interesting, but with my record, Cinthia had made me agree to go to this particular field trip. I still don't see why I had agreed. Yeah, she promised to go to a concert with my family, but I can't believe I was going to a prison without being arrested first. It was ludicrous. Chase sat down in the seat behind me and Tiffany in the seat in front of me. She turned in her seat and glared at me. "Are you trying to get suspended from the field trip or what?" She criticized. I rolled my eyes. "No, I just wanted to know what his problem was." I stated. "She shook her head. "You probably would've ended up punching him. He pretty much does what he wants." "Now you're a mind reader." I guessed. She glared at me like I had just slapped her. "No stupid. He's in my class." I grinned. "Oh, my bad." "Jerk," she mumbled turning around. I looked back to Chase, he was looking out at the passing scenery. He was weird. He liked long car rides just to stare out the window, which is why he joined SADD. Like I said... Weird. He slowly looked from te window to me. "What?" He asked. I shook my head. "You just amaze me sometimes." He grinned. Out of the whole world I was probably the only one able to get him to smile like that. He doesn't open up to people very easily or nicely for that matter. He's very easy to get mad and not a very good thing to do. Most people don't talk to him, but the friends he does have are really close to him. People are afraid of him and for good reason. He was built like me, except he has a scar on his arm from a knife fight with a gang banger. Well, the guy actually brought the knife and he had nothing, but still, he won. Just almost lost his arm in the process and for that reason people respect and fear him. He doesn't mind, it keeps people away from him. People fear me for the same reason as Chase, I'm easy to set off, but I haven't been in a knife fight before. Tiffany was the only one with a ton of friends, she's very popular, and she has a boyfriend who is a huge asshole towards everyone but her. When we got to school I met Cinthia at my locker.. She hugged me. "You ready for today?" She asked excitedly. "Yeah, can't wait." I said sarcastically. She hit my chest with the palm of her hand. I chuckled and shed my coat. "The boys in prison are going to be wanting you for a boy friend as well." She joked. I cringed. "Thanks, that's a comforting thought." She smiled and hugged me again. "They'll have to get through me first." She wasn't very protective and that made me happy. She knew I wouldn't do anything to hurt her, for that reason she trusted me more than anyone else. I couldn't begin to tell you how much she means to me, no words can describe how I feel about her, but I will never say love, cause that is a word wit no definition. I returned the hug. "That makes me feel very protected." I teased. She laughed against my chest. Out of the year we've been dating we have yet to kiss, but I will wait as long as she wants. She looked up at me and smiled. I hated being a tall guy sometimes, like now, I'm about a half a foot taller than her, and still growing. "Will the students attending the SADD field trip today report to the main lobby." The announcement blared loud over the speakers. "Come on." Cinthia said pulling me towards the main lobby. I groaned but followed. This was something I had been dreading. She glanced back at me and cocked a saucy brow. "Why are you wearing sunglasses?" I grinned and tried to theink of what to her. "Uhhhh, I have a horrible headache and the light makes it hurt worse." I decided on the half truth. She shook her head. "Why are you lying?"


. Fine. I went bar hopping last night with Chase." I spilled. Her eyes narrowed, but in the end she merely sighed. "Just promise me you won't do it again." She pleaded. I knew how she felt about drinkers, she really disliked them and, despite all my efforts, she was changing me from my old ways. Since her father is a drunk I decided on my answer. "Okay, I promise." I sighed. "Thank you." I grinned, "you're welcome." That made her smile and her eyes shine bright with something I couldn't explain. When we got on the bus we went to seat 16. For some reason I love the seat, and I was glad to be on the inside. I hated the outside, but since she loved it thingd worked out in the end. It was a two hour ride, all night field trip, all ready paid for by us and the school. "This will be awsome!" She said excitedly. "Yeah, we're visiting a prison and you're excited." She laughed. "Yep, you know me, I'm not one to discourage easily."I I pulled her close. "That's why I care for you and I'm here with you." Her head rested on my chest and she took a deep breath. "You smell so good." She complemented. I couldn't help but laugh. "Thanks," I felt her smile against my chest. Chase and his buddy Erick settled into the seat behind me, and Tiffany and her boy friend, the jackass himself, Andy, in the seat in front of us. He turned to look at us and glared at me. The kid from this morning settled into the seat across from me with a friend of his, but I didn't recognize the other kid.


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