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Return ToRileyville Ashes To Ashes

Book By: Garry52
Mystery and crime

Come along and help Detective Steve Dawson solve a missing persons case that begins in Chicago. But soon leads him to his old home town. But how is his case in Chicago connected to his old home town of Rileyville? Join the adventure as Detective Steve Dawson teams up with an old friend from Rileyville Sheriff Bert Jenkins, as they search for answers and soon finds something even more sinister going on in the town of Rileyville.

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Chapter 1

As the sun rises over the town of Rileyville and daily activities fill the air, the sound of citizens mowing their yards in the early morning hours, the paper boy pedals his bike down the street imagining himself as a quarterback for the Fighting Illini making a winning pass at each porch he targets. The sounds of sprinklers starting up watering the new mown lawns as the citizens of Rileyville go about their daily routines.

Across town, Bert steps out onto his porch at the sheriff's office down town, yawning and stretching his arms above his head.

His badge now reads Sheriff, having been elected as the new town sheriff; after Steve Dawson stepped down to pursue a detective position with the FBI, thanks to the help of Detective Rice who became friends with Steve after the Antonio case years ago.

As Bert sits in a lounge chair on the porch he looks out at the town, there had been so many changes over the years. Two new pharmacies had come to town, a new town barber, a new car wash, and laundry mat as well that just recently opened not too long ago.

So many changes since Bert and Steve had worked together on the Antonio family case. It seems like it was only months ago.

Bert ponders the thought, has it really been that long? Bert says to himself, "Well look at little Tommy, all grown up now, nineteen years old and working at the town paper."

Bert and Tommy's mother, Alice, had begun dating after the Antonio case came to a close. His plans of proposing to her, was put on hold due to their busy schedules, Bert with his new position and Alice now an RN at the hospital. It seemed at times they hardly get to see each other now due to their long hours and different shifts. It's kind of hard to have a relationship when you never see much of each other.

"Damn," Bert says, "things have got to change! I want a normal life, with a wife and kids. I need purpose in my life. As of right now it's just been all work and no play."

Reflecting back on the Antonio case Bert remembers the excitement as they moved in to apprehend the Antonio's, shots were fired, it was a real adrenalin rush.

Bert's thoughts travel back to the past, remembering Steve taking a round during a shoot out he'd had with Mr. Antonio that night, while at the same time out by the county line the FBI closed in on the drug shipment.

Man, Bert thinks, those were days and memories he'd carry with him the rest of his life. But he wonders what ever became of Mr. Madden and Mr. Georgiano. He never did hear how the follow up investigation went. The Antonio's had gotten theirs alright, that much was certain! Just not the way he and Steve had planned it. A contract killing sure hadn't figured into the scheme of things, Bert thinks to himself that much was for sure. Who would have thought the Antonio's would be taken out by the same syndicate that hired them? Of course when you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs to the FBI, retribution is certainly expected.

"Oh well, that's water under the bridge now," Bert says to himself, today is a new day, time to put the past behind me and move on."

Then suddenly Bert gets a whiff of fried bacon coming from the Gas and Grub down the street. "Man," Bert says, "that wind is blowing just in the right direction, God that smells good!"

Bert stands up and walks out to his squad car and climbs in. "It's just too hard to resist," Bert says. "Guess I should go locate Wilson; see if he's getting hungry too."

It isn't long before Bert locates his deputy. Wilson is fast asleep in his squad car. As Bert pulls up next to his car Bert flips his siren on. Wilson startled jumps up bumping his head on the roof of his car. "Hey sheriff, that's not funny, you scared the crap out of me," as Wilson rubs his head, "real funny sheriff, real fricking funny."

Bert finally stops laughing, gaining control of him self and asks, "Are you hungry deputy?"

"You bet!" Wilson says, "I could eat the ass out of a skunk right about now."

"Well," Bert says, "I don't think skunk ass is on Betty and

Harvey's menu, but if you'd like, we could probably scrounge you up some road kill along one of the rural roads. It would probably be good and ripe by now too." Bert says chuckling.

"No thanks sheriff, I think I'll pass." Wilson says.

"Well," Bert says, "then follow me over to the Gas and Grub, I'm buying!"

"Hey, sounds good sheriff." Wilson says. Wilson starts his squad car and pulls out onto the road behind Bert's car and they head out for the Gas and Grub.

Chapter 2

Pulling into the parking lot they shut off their cars, getting out they head inside. Seeing Bert and Wilson entering Betty yells, "Morning boys."

"Morning Betty," Bert and Wilson chime in. They spot

Pastor John sitting at his usual table by the window and they walk over and sit down next to him.

Pastor John looks up from the morning paper and says, "Hello boys, how are you doing this fine morning?"

"Just fine Rev.," Bert says, "I could smell Harvey's bacon ten miles away, I had to come in for some grub. Of course I figured

my deputy might be hungry too, so I let him tag along. His shift just ended, he worked the graveyard shift last night."

"Yikes," says Pastor John, "that doesn't sound like much fun."

"Oh, you get used to it after awhile," Deputy Wilson says yawning.

"Yeah I can see that," Pastor John says, "I could never get use to it!"

Harvey chimes in, "Well Rev, that's because you're just a big baby."

"That'll be enough out of you husband, you stop picking on the Pastor." Betty says.

"Yea Harvey, listen to your wife." Pastor John replies, "By the way, when are you going to come to church?"

"Don't hold your breath Pastor," Harvey chuckles, "the day

I come to church hell will freeze over."

"Good!" Pastor John says, "Then the sooner the better! Right Betty?"

"I wouldn't count on it Rev.," Betty says, "He's more stubborn then a damn mule!"As she sits Bert and Wilson's breakfast orders down in front of them.

"You got that right." Bert says laughing.

"That'll be enough out of you sheriff or I'll burn your damn bacon next time." Harvey says.

Bert replies, "You usually do Harvey."

"Well I've had enough of this," Pastor John says, "I got to get going before lightning strikes old Harvey. I don't want to be to close to him when that happens."

"Hey Rev," Harvey says, "You can just kiss my old wrinkled butt!"

"No thanks Harvey," Pastor John says, "but I will pray for you."

"You do that Rev," Betty says, "Lord knows somebody needs to!"

The sheriff finishes soon finishes his breakfast and stands up, "I'll pay for me and my deputy's this morning Betty, hell I'll get Pastor Johns too!"

"That's mighty nice of you sheriff," Pastor John says, "I'll say a special prayer for you this morning."

"Thanks Rev." Bert says as he turns and looks at Wilson, who's fallen asleep in his plate of eggs. "Boy, you need to get your ass home and go to bed! And try not to run over Pastor John in the process either."

"Ok sheriff." Wilson says as he wakes up and staggers for the door.



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