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The Delany Narice Story

Book By: GenuineJewel
Mystery and crime

I was calm; I was fearsome and strong so free willed and uncaring of what everyone else thought. I know what you’re thinking what idiot in her right mind would give that up. The thing is I wasn’t in my right mind; he was the one in my mind. Making me believe whatever he wanted me to. All along it was a trick that I paid for with my own free will I was nothing more than a terrible project. A proper young lady is what I was made into but at the cost of losing everything I once was. This tells the intriguing story of Delany Narice.

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Katherine Montgomery, a proper name I was given for a proper young woman, with the make-up and fancy clothes even I didn't recognize my own face. It was calm, serene even and the brown eyes that stared back at me in the mirror looked nothing of the green one's I'd previously seen what seemed like centuries ago, what contacts could do to a person. I'm not here to talk about me now; I'm here to talk about me from back then. When my hair was light brown and free with braids wherever I wanted them to be. When my skin was bathed in coppery tones and changed with the weather instead, of whenthey said it was okay to put makeup over it all.

Only thing is where to start, the grueling childhood we've all heard a million times before and even now I could still remember the screaming and crying as my Father begged my Mother to leave Victor and I alone, always seemed to happen after her drinking escapades, like clockwork.

Yet even through that it doesn't sound like the best place to start then it came to me, the DeVandome Desert. That was where it all started so I guess it's the best place to start would be right here. I'd spent my time traveling, hitchhiking and hoping no one was crazy enough to try and kill me. Recently my address became wherever the wind took me, and there I was stuck in a blazing desert all because of a deranged woman and some half dead looking cat.

. . .

"Hey you, can you at least not leave me here!" I yelled towards the already speeding away 95' Toyota Camry. Never would I ever accept a ride from a woman with dark as night hair and a cat hanging out her window. Sad to say she never spoke a bit just some grunts here and a few scoffed laughs there. "I have officially hit rock bottom and so young." That is how I knew my madness had begun I started talking to myself.

Walking on was the only thing I could think having because well, it was complete desert here no type of town for miles. "Might as well start at this new adventure." The wind began to blow making the sand rustle all around me as I marched on toward what seemed like nothing but even more desert and road. Thankfully, I had a canteen in my backpack, which naturally consisted of essentials such as clothes and a toothbrush and toothpaste and whatever cool thing I found on my travels. I didn't have enough time or the patience to figure out how to use a mobile phone let alone the funds to keep one on. I lived out of whatever was in my backpack or did work for someone in exchange for a place to sleep or a place to earn a little change for when my clothes were too worn out to wear.

I'd been on my own for the past two years I'd been through six small towns and three big cities. Never spending longer than I wanted in a place nor having anything or anyone to hold me there. Being no stranger to hard work helped a lot in small towns while being used to rude people and harsh smells helped in big cities.

In the distance, it sounded like a motor running. I turned around to see a gray motorcycle steadily going down the sand covered road. I felt a sharp pain shoot through my thigh and instantly fell. The hot ground mixed with stinging in my thigh that seemed to get sharper and sharper. Grunting in pain my heart beat so fast I could hear it plainly in my ears, worst possible time for my body to decide to get a cramp.

The biker stopped about two feet away from me and hopped off the bike then removing the dark black helmet. The mysterious rider was a tall curvy woman with dark brown long hair with dark red tips.

"You're not from around here are you?" I winced in pain as I nodded my head. "Well let's see, think you can walk if I help you?"

"Yeah just maybe, I'm Delany by the way." She walked over to me helping me as my leg still stung from the fall as well as the cramp in my thigh.

"I'm Miranda I just live a little ways away well at least by bike it is." By this time, she had put my arm around her neck so she could help me walk this pain off a bit.

"Oh no, I'm not getting on that thing, there is a reason I have feet to work cars and walk not get on metal death traps. Besides I don't have a helmet."

"Stop whining or I could just leave you here for the rattle snakes and vultures to finish off. I have an extra in the side pocket of my bike." She leaned me up against her bike and pulled out a black helmet with a green stripe on it.

"Fine, I'm not whining I'm just not much for adrenaline rushes that involve bikes." Riding motorcycles has always been one of the three things I always told myself I would never do.

After a few calming words and my thigh feeling a little better I decided to go ahead and just ride the bike. My hair flew back wildly behind me it felt weird considering I was used to always having to push my short bangs out of my face. Oddly enough as crazy as I had always thought people were that had these things I understood the very second Miranda took off on it why they loved it so much. The freedom the wind in your hair the sun was beating down on you and the absolute freeness of the road just going behind you. It's just like flying without ever leaving the ground gave me that feeling that any and everything was possible.

We pulled up to a quaint little shack just outside of the town. "This is home. You're welcome to stay as long as you need. I've never meant anyone with your name your lucky there are at least four other Miranda's in town." We had arrived at the front of her home.

"Thanks it's not always the best name. Sometimes it'd be nice to just blend in a little." I ran a hand through my hair making sure I took off the helmet before walking around with my hair going in all different types of directions.

"It's better to stand out and proudly at that. Being like everyone else just gets boring after too long." she spoke almost knowingly as she opened the old wood shack's brown and gold door. Her house of a very old seventy's styles on the inside almost like stepping back in time. The popcorn ceiling, the gold color of the carpet mixing in the entire home was definitely a nice size.

"Besides I've bet you've gotten plenty of compliments about your name." Miranda stated lying down on her couch.

"Yeah I've gotten a few in my day." Not really wanting to be too cozy quiet yet I sat in an old wood chair in the kitchen that had an open concept to the living room. "I'm just going to go into town for a while you want to come?"

"No thanks but I'm pretty tired from visiting my boyfriend earlier. His name is Vick you might like him reminds me of you a little." At that, I gave her a small smirk and headed out the door.

Town wasn't too far away from her house just a few blocks away really. It had character though an oldness that made it seem like it was and always will be here. I guess that's what made me want to just stop for a while just a little while in this town. I'd been through three cities and four towns almost like this one ever since I packed my bags and left my parents behind. Here I was on yet another road life has spat me out at and this one seemed a little weirder than the others it had an oddness to it that made me want to know exactly why I'd never heard of the town of Clear crest.


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