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A deadly still night

By: Jansokinator4 eva

Page 1, Okay i am going to warn you while I was writing this I did cry because it made me so upset so its up to you weather or not to carry on sorry this is part one because it took me about 3-4 hours to do and I got tired so yeah part two will b up soon

"Hello I'd like to book a spot in the queenstown top 10 camping grounds" "Okay where would you like to be next to the lake or in land?" "Next to the lake please" "Okay you are on spot 10 next to the lake" "Thank you" **phone call ends** "Okay kids we are going camping!" "Where daddy?" "Oh Lilly we are going camping in queenstown right next to the lake!" "Dad you are aware about the risks and how many deaths have been there right?" "Oh Charlotte you know those are fake!" **at the camp ground** "Okay kids bed time!" "Okay dad night!" "Night daddy" **when everyone's in bed** (Zipp) "Ahh! Dad!" "Lilly where are you?" "Ahhh!" "Lilly? Lilly!" "Daad-" "Lilly!!!" **dials 111** "Hello I'm at the queenstown campgrounds and my daughters just disappeared from out of the tent" "Okay sir police are on the way but what ever you do do not go looking for her in the lake" **end of phone call** **the next day** (Whewho whewho whewho) "Sir" "Yes constable?" "We have found your daughter" "Is she alright?" "I have terrible news for you she died over night" "What?" "I'm very sorry sir" "How did she die?" "Of hypothermia thirty minutes in that lake and you instantly get hypothermia" "Oh thank you officer" "Your welcome sir" ** the next night** "Dad are you sure nothing's going to get us?" "Yes Charlotte" **later that night** "Dad" "Dad?" "Daddy?" "Dad stop playing games!" ** Charlotte goes outside** "Ahh!" "Dad!!!" Charlotte finds her dad dead in the water Charlotte starts crying "Daddy! Daddy!" Tears running down her face "Daddy can you hear me?!" "DAD!!" Charlotte starts crying Charlotte runs to the office "Excuse me miss what is the problem?" "C-come w-with m-mee!" "Okay miss" Charlotte takes the office lady to the lake and points to her dad "Oh darling is that your dad?" "Y-yeah!" Charlotte starts crying again "Ohh it's okay" The lady crouches down and hugs charlotte "It's okay sweetie" "M-my m-mum d-died two y-years ag-ago and now my dad a-and s-sister too!" "It's ok we will go phone the police" **on the phone** "Hello I would like to report another death on lake wakatipu" "Ok miss we will be there right away" ** phone call ends** "Okay Charlotte come with me and I will get you a hot mill and a blanket" "O-okay" "Hello constable I have the mans daughter Charlotte " "I remember you Charlotte by any chance are you related to the girl who passed away last night?" "Y-y-yes" "Ohh I'm sorry!" "Okay we will find your god parents at this stage miss you will have to send everyone home and give people a refund and close this camp because its to dangerous having people camp here after two people Have died in two nights" "Okay I will close the camp" " Charlotte please come with me" "O-okay" ** at police station** "Okay Charlotte what are the names of your god parents?" "Umm Claire watermen and Peter smiths" "Okay we will ring Claire" (Phone ringing) "Hello?" "Hello mrs watermen I have Charlotte Hellers here with me and I have some bad news mr Hellers was found dead in lake wakatipu" "WHAT? Can I please speak to Charlotte?" "Sure thing" Charlotte she wants to speak to you "Okay" "Charlotte are you okay honey?" "No" charlotte starts to cry "It's okay sweetie I'm on my way okay?" "Okay" "Can I please speak to the constable again?" "Okay" "Bye Charlotte" "Bye" "Hello?" "I am on my way right now" "Okay mrs" ** phone call ends** "Okay Charlotte come with me please" "Okay" They go into the staff room "Here you go Charlotte you can watch tv until Claire comes and here is a blanket I will send in Sargent Mickey to take care of you" "Okay thank you" **Sargent Mickey enters room** "Hello Charlotte is there anything I can get you? Would you like a hot chocolate?" "Um yes please" "Okay" **Sargent Mickey makes a hot chocolate for Charlotte** "Here you go Charlotte" "Thank you" (Charlotte drinks the hot chocolate) **half an hour later** "Charlotte Claire is here" "Hello Claire" "Hi constable how is she?" "Still a bit shocked" "Ok I understand" Charlotte walks in "Oh sweetie are you ok?" "Claire!" Claire picks up Charlotte "Thank you constable for taking care of her " "No problem" ** in the car** "Oh sweetie I'm so sorry about the past few nights how bout you get some rest" "Okay Claire" Charlotte falls asleep **at Claire's house** "MUM YOUR BACK!" "Shh Thomas! She's asleep" "Who's that?" "This is Charlotte you have met her before ok?" "Oh I remember her" "MUMMY WHY IS CHARLOTTE HERE AND WHERE'S LILLY?" "Shh Xavier I will tell you boys in a minute and where's Taylor?" "He's in his room playing on his laptop" "Ok go tell him to get his butt up here and start pumping the air bed" "Ok" **in Taylor's room** "TAYLOR MUM SAID YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR BUTT UPSTAIRS AND START PUMPING UP THE AIR BED!" "FINE!" **upstairs** "Hi mum umm who's that?" "Surely you remember Charlotte?" "Oh yeah now I remember!" " how bout you start pumping up the air bed ok" "Ok!" **after air bed is pumped and made** "Okay charlotte good night" Charlottes asleep in another room "Okay mum why is Charlotte here and not Lilly?" "Xavier I have bad news for you Lilly passed away last night and the reason charlottes here is because their dad died tonight" "WHAT?" "Xavier quieten down!" "Wait so they were staying at the wakatipu camp ground and last night Lilly mysteriously ended up in the water and got hypothermia and died then tonight Charlottes dad mysteriously ended up in the water and by the time Charlotte realized he was missing it was to late and he had died of hypothermia." "Yes Taylor that's exactly it now boys please Don't mention it to Charlotte until she asks because she is still very sensitive" "And what happened to Emma?" "Oh my god I completely forgot about her she refused to go on the trip ok Taylor you go pick up Emma" **at Emma's house** Knock knock knock "What do you want?" "Emma its Taylor mum sent me to pick you up" "Why Lilly, Charlotte and dad are coming home tomorrow!" "Yeah about that I will explain it to you in the car!" "Fine!" ** in the car** "Ok Emma I have bad news for you Lilly died last night and your dad died two hours ago" "What?!" "Is Charlotte all right?" "Yeah my mum has her at the moment" "I want to see her!" "Ok I will take you to her" **at the watermen a house** "Hi Emma" "Hi Claire where's Charlotte?" "Oh she's sleeping at the moment" "Ok" "Your gonna need to sleep in Taylor's room beaches we have no other space sorry" "It's ok" "You can sleep in Taylor's bed and he can sleep on an air bed" "Ok" "I will go change the sheets I will be back in a minute Emma" "Ok thank you Claire" **taylor, Xavier and Thomas are in Xavier and Thomas's room** " Taylor likes Emma Taylor likes Emma!" Xavier and Thomas chanted repeatedly "Oi shut up I do not!" "Do to!" "How come when mum said she has to sleep in your bed you smiled and blushed!" "Because my rooms changed a lot since she last saw it last time it had Miley Cyrus on it now it has cars and motorbikes!" "Ohh" "There you go Emma" "Thanks Claire" "Now you get a goods night sleep" "Night Claire" **while Emma's in bed** (In Emma's mind) Wow Taylor is so lucky he has a big bed huge room a flat screen tv and a laptop ** while Emma's asleep** "Emma" whispers Taylor Taylor jumps into bed with Emma **morning** "Haha how long have they been like this Thomas?" " I don't know Xavier!" Thomas and Xavier are videoing Emma and Taylor "Get out of my room Thomas and Xavier!" "Look you've just woke Emma up Taylor!" "Morning Emma!" "Morning (yawn) Xavier and Thomas!" "Wait Charlotte!" Emma gets out of bed and runs up to Charlotte "Charlotte you awake yet?" "Yeah" "I'm so sorry I should have gone on that trip then You would never have been alone!" "What do you mean?" "Charlotte dad passed away over night" "What! How?" "He ended up in the lake and got hypothermia and died" "Oh is that why we are here?" "Yes it's ok Charlotte we are safe here"

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