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Dark Silence Chapter 2.

By: JordynRoxYourSox

Page 1, When Kat finds an old diary in the graveyard strange things start to happen. First two chapters based on a true story about a girl who is so mad she could kill herself... literally! But the diary holds some information that can change the way people thought about the girl. Kat goes through everything she can to reveal secrets that can change the future... will she make it or 10 years in the future will another little girl find a diary like Kat did...

                                     November 15th, 1989 (after the dance)



Dear Diary,


          Today was the worst day ever; Tye really did not want to go with me. Well I will just tell the story…   I was walking with him to the school and all of a sudden he pulled me aside tied my hands behind my back and flipped me over his shoulder and run for the hills!! When we got to an old cabin, which looked like it hasn’t been touched for a very long time he took me inside and striped me! Then he striped and he raped me. Then he took pictures and sent them all over school!!! How can I ever go back to school everyone will laugh…



       With Love,

                   Rebecca Kelly

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