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So I started this story this morning, it took my a while to think up the idea. This is just the intro and part of chapter one. Tell me what you think, and if i have any errors. Hope you guys like it.
NOTE: THIS IS AN INCOMPLETE STORY> CHAPTER 1 IS NOT COMPLETE!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Thirty Seven


It was early that morning, I awoke as soon as there was enough light to read the words on the pages. Dad was out as always, probably hooking up with some other woman he met at the bar. I was used to the fact of Dad always being gone, so I opened my book, and set the bookmark down beside me on the floor. The cover of the book was cold in my hands, and the pages were wrinkled, but not enough to keep me from reading. I started chapter 37, taking my time reading each word carefully so I wouldn't misinterpret the story. I read until I got to the short page before chapter 38 started, noticing that the page numbers went from 735 to 738, that there was a page missing. I looked around the room for the page, and saw it stuck underneath the door. When I tried pulling the paper out from under the door it wouldn't budge, as if someone on the other side was holding onto it. There was no way that I could stop reading that book anytime soon, so I opened the door to find that there was someone holding onto that page. Or should I say something.

Chapter 1


There was a little girl, maybe about 12 years old holding on to my page. We just started at each other for a moment, and then she spoke, "Um, sorry.... I saw this hoping to my luck it might have been something edible. As of now anything that can be digested to fill my stomach would be fine to eat. When I saw your amazing house, I was going to knock on the door and-"

"Stop, come in. I have some food you can have."

To tell you the truth, I don't know what I was thinking then, she looked like any other little homeless girl. And I couldn't just let a kid starve to death on the streets. So I gave the kid some cereal, asked her where her parents were, and then asked her name.

"Maya, my name is Maya. What should your name be?" The little girl asked me.

"Tride, so can I have my page back now Maya?", I replied to the child, and then she ran. She threw her bowl at me at charged directly through the kitchen wall. I chased after the girl, or whatever she was, and threw stones at her trying to knock her down. But then, I being in complete and total shock, just gave up. I sat there watching the child run, page in hand, as fast as she could away from me. It made no sense to me. One minute I was lying in my bed reading a book, the next chasing a 12 year old girl through the desert?


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