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Voiced of Manahide-Eyes of the world

Book By: Maranda Provibious
Mystery and crime

This is the first Book of the Voices of Manahide chronicles. Its called "EYES OF THE WORLD"
The Spirit in this book is based off of a dream I recently had. But the Story is extended off of my dream. The Spirit is the only thing I would like to give off of my HORRIFYING dream.
Believe it or not...It is Realistic-Fiction

Submitted:Apr 22, 2013    Reads: 10    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

CH. 1 The Wondering Spirit.

Only a few steps till the top of the hill, and I (Caroline) was already tired. It was starting to get dark and a thick fog spred across Thermill Road.

"Only a few more feet Hope. We are almost there." said my friend Miguel.

"Must we continue now? It it already past time!" Hope said inching a few feet closer to the next step.

The fog started to turn into more of a larger cloud. Miguel could Barely see past his own eyes. I could tell, he has his sleeves over his red eyes. Hellen was walking behind us in a skittish walking matter. Swaying back and forth between me and Miguel. Rosane was following behind just incase Hellen fell.

"Hellen, its ok! Calm down Mate." I said pushing Hellen onto the side where Miguel suddenly came to a halt.

"Miguel...why have you stopped? Is there an animal?" Rosane said Anxiously.

As Rosane look in the direction of Miguel's finger, only to see a strange figure standing bye a bench marked with the word-Manahide.He slowly turned away as if he was scared of us. He had a Red face with bleeding yellow eyes and no mouth. He seemed to get closer everytime we blinked and walked backwards...yet no legs...

"Excuse me sir..." Miguel said in a shaky voice. "Why must you follow us around?"

He ignored Miguel and walked toward us with the sound of foot steps. It looked like IT was floating toward me. I heard screams of terror as loud a siren around me. He reached his decapated hand out to my neck and choked me.

"HOPE!" Maguile shouted with tears in his eyes.

It scremed saying "Manahi-Mana-Amanahide!"

And it was those very words that took away the breath of Miguel and opened the gates of hell carrying me in. The sorrows of people once known to the earth filled my ears and temperatures as hot as the sun wrapped around me. Yet I didn't burn...

It seeme they were bowwing down to him saying, "Manahide! Manahid! Aganin-Manahide!"

I could tell he was some sort of demon bye the way he looked.

"Shhh...dont waste your words my dear victum...." he said with sort of a deep ecoey voice.

Yet no mouth....

"My..Wor..huh..." I tried to say some words...but the Hellion air shushed my words in their steps.

I worked up enough air to say these words,


His hand pressed deeply into my back and let go causing me to fall to the firece furning stone of the floors of hell.

"You fool! You have only maken this worse!" he said looking deeply into my eyes.

"I have damned you Satan's son now send me back!" I said spiting into his eyes.

He shot me back into the world with a flaming spear through my heart.

Then voiced around me said, "He will Haunt you...He has killed you..."

Repeating those words in a circle, which made the sword cumbersome and the weight puled me to my knees. The noises made the spear heavier and heavier and heavier everytime they spoke. Until... I fell and closed my eyes into a eternal rest.

To be continued...


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