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What if you are one confused teenager and suddenly your life has been changed? If your life and your town is not what it seems to be? If something is out there, and only you and your friends can stop it?

Follow Allison, Dany, Torrey and Harry in their adventure.

Won award for Best Character 2013 and Best Storyline 2013 in "24 hours" and " EVA" newspapers.

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Chapter 1: The Beggining


Everybody has got a secret. We want to hide them in the deepest place where no one will find it. Well, this story is full of secrets.

Everything started before a week when in the town arrive that new guy - Daniel Williams. This day was Monday.

In the classroom entered Mrs. Ryan and sit behind her desk.

"Students" she started "Open your books on p. 56. Who wants to read?"

Everyone looked around. And in the middle of the classroom, there was a girl who stood up and picked her book. She walked to the whiteboard and started reading.

Her name was Allison. Her blond hair was pulled back in ponytail, she did that when she had an idea, and her blue eyes were following every word of this book. Actually she was reading every time, maybe because Allie was ambitious or because no one else wanted to read.

She was reading fast, so she was on the middle of the page when someone knocked on the door. The door was opened carefully and in the classroom entered a short man with big glasses. Behind him was standing a boy who was looking around.

Allie stopped reading and closed the book.

The teacher stood up and walked to the door. She said something to the librarian and then turned around.

"Students, this is Daniel…" she stopped for a moment and cough. After that she continued" Daniel Williams."

The boy behind her approached. In this moment Allison caught his gaze. He was tall, with brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing the school uniform. When she looked at his hand, she saw it was banged.

The teacher pointed at the desk in front of Allison's desk. He sat and looked at Ali. Actually all of the gazes in this room were looking at Allie. She got a bit nervous.

Allison opened the book again and continued reading. She was trying not to look at the new guy. He was getting her nervous.

When Allie finished the book, she went back to her place and sat down. She was writting something in her notebook when the boy in front of her turned 'round and looked at her again.

"Where have I seen you before?" he asked her.

Allison stopped writing and picked her head up. She has never seen this guy before.

She nodded slowly and in this moment the bell rang. All of the kids ran out of the classroom.

Allie picked her books and left the room quickly, before this guy-Daniel could follow her.

She was already in the hall when a familiar voice called her. She turned around and saw two girls who were approaching.

The first one, Torrey Richard, was smiling happily. She was always happy. She didn't have any problems because everybody just loved her. Torrey was perfect, amazing grades, nice parents and popular sister. She was the new leader of the Sharks (the school swimming team) and president of the school.

The girl, who was standing back, was Raven Tyler, the creative cheerleader. She was one of those girls who care only for their look. Her boyfriend- Evan Tomas- was Capitan of the school football team. She wasn't good student but she was always perfect looking.

The two girls stood next to Allie while she was opening her locker. She has always forgotten her combination.

After few seconds, Ray spoke first.

"Girls, you remember Sabrina, right?" she asked.

Torrey and Allie nodded slowly. They couldn't forget Sabrina Jones, the girl who changed their life.

"What if I tell you that she's back?" Ray continued. She knew every gossip in Sunny Beach. Raven was something like the gossip girl in the town. When you want to hear something interesting, you could ask her.

Allie closed her locker nervous. That was problem - Sabrina Jones was back. Maybe she would tell everyone about the Thing.

"That's impossible!" Torrey cried out. "The last time we saw her..."

She was interrupted by the bell. The break was over.

"I have to go. See you later!" Ray said and walked away.

"Yeah, me too… Don't forget about the training! I will wait for you!" Torrey smiled and ran away.

Allie looked at the clock. She was late again! She hated to be late for Mr. Davidson's classes. She turned around and then someone bumped into her. She dropped her books.

"Oh, I' m sorry! I should be more careful next time!" said familiar voice.

Ali bowed to pick her books up. The other person did the same. When she stood up and looked at the other guy, she saw Daniel, the new one. He passed her one of her books. When he touched her hand, in her head appeared a memory.

She was scared. Something was dragging her through the forest. She tried to rescue herself but she couldn't. Allie cried something but there was no one in the woods, except her and the thing which was dragging her.

She closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw Daniel. He was standing in front of her and just smiling. He came closer and closer and then his eyes changed their color to red.

Ali stepped back. She could feel the fear inside of her body.

"Did you saw that?" she asked Danny. He was trying not to look in her eyes. "Are you okay?

"Yes…I… just have got a headache… Excuse me." He answered and walked away.

Allison knew that something was wrong with this guy. And she would understand what it was.

He's got his secrets, but not for longer.


Well, new chapter 1, and new story-line! If you like, keep reading to understand all of the Daniel's secrets :).

Soon- renewed chapter 2.


by PamYord


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