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Two top investigators are sent to the North Pole to investigate the mysterious death of multiple scientists.

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The blades of the helicopter were razor blades, cutting through the thin Arctic air. The temperature was about negative fourteen degrees farenheit, one of the Arctic's warmest temperatures of the year.

I glanced around the cabin of the helicopter, and everything seemed normal. Dimitri of course was trying to score big with one of the male scientists that survived the earlier incedent. His name was Mr. Krones. He was also the one who saw the abnormality kill one of the scientists, but everyone just calls him "Crazy Larry". This research facility was aimed to see how old the ice was near the top of the world. Various reports from witnesses claimed that there was a black, shadowy figure would follow someone, and kill them by suffocating them. I glanced back at Dimitri, who's hand was slowly reaching for the seam between Krone's legs, and he swatted him back. He quickly scrambled over to me.

"Tough crowd eh?" He said in a whispered tone. My eyes slowly rolled over to him, and I shook my head. He smiled, but he knew I dissapproved of relationships getting in the way of work.

"Five hundred yards sir." The pilot informed over the intercom. Motioning for my parka, I stood up, and spoke to Dimitri.

"We are here to find what's going on. Not to make it to third base with all the guys on the trip," The zipper's noise interrupted my sentence, "even me." He laughed like it was funny.

"I would never go for you Vlad." He stated, "Your my brother." He had a short laugh, and put on his parka.

"There is someone in a crawler up ahead, waiting for you. After you see him, he will take you to the center. It ain't no five star resort, and it ain't no rat's hole either." After the pilot spoke the sentence, we hit the ground with a thud. A armed man opened the sliding doors of the heli, which created a gateway between life, and death. After Dimitri stepped out of the flying machine, two big lights shown in our faces. I winced in pain, and Dimitri swore like never before. It was a combination of the F-word and mother repatedly. Doors slid open, and a man motioned us in.

"Welcome to the freezing version of hell." He said. He took of his goggles, and his hood. "My name is Nathan. I am the lead researcher at the Core Research Facility." His facial expression drooped from happiness into despair. Tears rolled down his face.

I thought to my self, this is going to be a long mission.


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