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This is our story we are working on. It is about a girl who is trying to solve her parents murder. The "fuzzil" name is a combo of fuzzy and evil, they are based off of ferrets, i have 2 and they are so adorable! There will be lots of twists and unexpected events in this story.

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~Chapter 1~
Viktoria sat on her bed trying to think back. What was she trying to remember? She wasn't sure exactly. When she came home that day two years ago all she saw was blood. It was on the carpet, splattered on the walls, and coated her fingertips as she checked the pulse of her mother.
The sound of tinkling bells broke Viktoria's train of thought and she hopped of her king sized bed to lie on the floor. In less than a minute two fuzzils were climbing over her legs, collars tinkling and ringingas they pounced on her. Must be dinner time she thought as she got up and went to the kitchen and filled the fuzzils bowls with a premium kibble that makes their coat shine. She prepared a bowl of Caesar salad for herself.
Back in her room Viktoria logged onto her laptop, opened her music folder and played something with heavy riffs before logging on to an instant messenger program. Then she started typing, it was an essay for AP Literature- 4 pages of the life and times of a famous poet. Suddenly a message appeared on the screen:
Night_Girl-hi there
RoseLover-what's up?
Night_Girl-nm just lookin 4 sum1 to fuzzil sit 4 me this wknd.
RoseLover- I'll do it just give me like a 'fuzzil book 4 beginners' or something lol
Night_Girl- really? I knew i loved u 4 a reason! I'll give u directions on what to do.
RoseLover- when?
Night_Girl- at school tomorrow
RoseLover- k well i g2g sorry L
Night_Girl- oh ok c u 2morrow bye
RoseLover- bye
Now Viktoria had a fuzzil sitter. Now she can go back to the one place she fears the most, the house that her parents had died, but can she do it? Can she go to that house where her parents were so happy? What if the killer is there and wants her too? No that cant happen it's been two years.
The next day at school Viktoria slipped a note in Tamblyn's locker.
Meet me at the oak tree at lunch
She already had the care guide ready.
Fuzzils are animals that like to sleep most of the day and create playful mischief when they're awake. They are usually about 16-18 inches long. They have whiskers and fangs (on top and on bottom) and they like to pounce on things. Fuzzils like shiny things, burrowing , and noisy things. They eat about 3-4 time a day and drink lots of water. They are vary playful and happy if you keep them healthy.
*More coming very soon, please leave suggestions/comments!*


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