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Without A Clue

By: socks11

Page 1, Marina wakes up in the pantry of a kitchen, she has no idea how she got there or any idea about how shes going to escape. Locked in a battle between life and death she has get out of this place and get back home. Where ever that is...

"Hello..." Marina shouted into the darkness.

"Hellooo. Is there anybody there. Can anybody please tell me whats going on?" She trys again.

Nothing. "Great. I've just been dumped here and left to die... well I'm not dieing justyet" She mutters to herself as she gets up off the dusty, filth ridden floor. Marina started to feel her way around hoping and praying that she wouldn't run into the person who dumped her here.

"Now I need to think about how I got here, oh stupid brain! All I remember is going to bed then waking up here, oh it probably wasn't a good idea to shout out like that..." she carried on rambling until she came to a door, a big, old-fashioned door covered in metal studs. Marina looked through the metal bars on the door and saw a kitchen, she saw a kitchen sink piled high with mould infested plates and rats running round on the floor. She looked around and saw no other way out so she quietly opened the door and sneaked in.

She got into kitchen undetected and walked into the filthy debris that was the kitchen, there was mould creeping up the wall, food all over the cupboards and all manner of dirty creatures running around on the floor. She strained her ears but heard nothing, this should have made her relaxed but this just worried her. Marina looked around her for something she could use a weapon but it seemed everything that could be used to hit someone had been removed from the kitchen, it was as if someone had expected her to escape...

Marina started to feel as if someone was watching her so she creeped towards the door and opened it slowly...

She found she was in another corridor, a cleaner corridor with two doors either side of her and one in front, she peered through the first door...

To Be Continued (I would really like comments to see if this is a good story idea)

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