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Sherlock Holmes and Watson On a very puzzling adventure...

Book By: Zazzy99
Mystery and crime

Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes?? Here is my own story, featuring Sherlock Holmes, his friend Watson, Irene Adler, and a mystery.....


Submitted:Oct 11, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

"Lauren was having a sleepover to celebrate Halloween. She invited four friends, Katy, Jessica, Sam, and Daphne." He paced the room.

My companion was confused; we had been investigating how Lauren and her friends went missing. The only clue Holmes found was Jessica's coat outside the Old Abandoned House. It was old, but at the same time new to me, I had never come across this house until we started investigating. No one ever dared to enter the House, there were stories about ghosts living in there, then when someone would go in the house, they would never come back out, then the house would disappear and move to someplace else! "I have to go back to the crime scene! Declared Holmes. We went to the Old Abandoned House, and we saw yet another clue- the mother, who was happily enjoying her life, as if nothing had ever happened to her daughter, Lauren.

"Should we not question her about her loss?" I asked.

"We mostly shall indeed, however, do not bring up the fact that her daughter is gone." Homes approached the mother.

"Good morning! Would you like to join me for some tea?"Asked the mother. Holmes said yes; it was a good opportunity to investigate the house for any photo's of Lauren, and possibly, some of her friends.

To the right of the entrance, there was a family photo, but with no child in it. To the left, a bowl of marbles, left, almost as if it had never been touched by kids.

"If you could name your baby girl, what would the name be?" I knew Holmes was hoping for Lauren, and that's what she said, Lauren. I took a small sip of my tea, 2 teaspoons of sugar, I could tell, I usually have 1. Holmes signalled me to ask for any children in the house.

"No, no! There are absolutely no children in this house. I have a spare bedroom, I and my husband are thinking of adopting a child. Have you got any children Mr...?"

Holmes replied "Holmes-Mr Holmes, no I am not even married! Though, I did once meet a young lady. Her name was Irene Adler. She was beautiful, but as hard as a man too. Cunning she was... God knows where she is now..." Holmes took another sip of his tea. I could see he was looking for other clues in the house, but then, suddenly, he said "Excuse me for asking, and I do apologise, but I must know!" The lady looked at him, like she knew what he was going to ask.

"It is you, isn't it? The Sherlock Holmes! Oh my God! You do know, don't you? About my Lauren!" Her eyes started to water.

"So you didn't forget her?" Sherlock asked. She replied "Well, I forget her now and then, but one thing those nasty ghosts can't take away from me is my love for my daughter! When the name Lauren is brought up, I have flashbacks of her! Oh! Help me!" She started crying for a moment. Sherlock got up from his chair, and started to look for clues. I took over the questioning.

"We will help you, but tell me, is there anything you can remember about the Old Abandoned House? It seems suspicious to me..." I asked. She thought for a while, the room silent. All you could hear was the clock and the Holmes lifting up things, then putting them back down. The women looked at me, into the eye, then said "...I do not know anything about the house, apart from, and this is my hunch, that is has not been here for long..." I was surprised; I wasn't the only one who had noticed the house. Holmes came in, not a clue to be found. "What is your name? What might I call you? I feel as if I know you." The women looked at him, with red eyes and said

"Who are you?" I was amazed, she wasn't lying about forgetting, but she forgot us...I immediately said Lauren, and she was back to her normal self, "Good Lord! I am sorry! See, this is what I mean, but soon, I won't be able to remember at all. And Lauren's name will mean nothing to me... Nothing!" She started to cry again.

"Holmes, what about the house? Should we not visit it?" I said. The woman looked up, hope filled in her eyes.

"But how? What if you vanish like all the others? Then I'll never find anyone who'll help me get Lauren back!!" She said, she was right, we all knew it. Holmes always took chances, but not as grave as this one. He nodded, he was going to go! We stepped out of the house, I shivered. We walked towards the house, and there it was, standing tall and proud, the Old Abandoned House. Holmes still thought he knew this lady, but didn't where from, "Who are you?" The lady looked at us, she smirked, she said

"Hello, I am Irene Smith, married to Mr John Smith, what you will call me, Mrs Smith. Nice to see you Watson, and you, my darling, darling, Holmes!"

"Ahhh! My angel! I was right, I did know you! May I call you Miss Adler, just like old times, eh?" Mrs Smith did not answer; instead she looked at the house, and said

"My child, Lauren, she came here with her friends and played on the grass. When she came back, she had told me that an old lady told her to get lost or they will die of laughter and happiness! The next day, she and her friends did come here to play, and I didn't know because I was at work. Oh, I do wish I hadn't had a fight with her now, I wish I was a better parent! I do, I do, and I do!!!" Holmes heard the same as I did, "...Old lady...Die of laughter and happiness..." Holmes finally said "Did you tell her not to go?"

Mrs Smith said "Well, it depends... Well... Um.... No, not really, me and Lauren had a fight, and we were not exactly having a smooth relationship at the time...I didn't really care, well, obviously I do care!!" She started to cry, so she took out a tissue, but along with the tissue, a note came out too, it said "Mum, I am ok, I promise! I have died in the Old Abandoned House, and have been reborn as another child, in an orphanage called 'HappyKidz' collect me there, I'll talk to you there, see you soon! I promise..." A couple of Gangsters were laughing at us, we didn't know why though. I was astonished by how the note had gotten into her mother's bag, it couldn't have been by chance. "We must collect her, do you know where this place is?" Mrs Smith said nothing, her face white, I had to prompt her, and she said, "No, there is no such place..." She sat down on the grass of the Old Abandoned House. Just then, an old lady came out of the house and said to her

"Get off of this grass, or you will die of laughter and happiness..." She went back inside, back as she was closing the door, Mrs Smith shouted and ran to the door, "STOP! You're the lady who killed my daughter who was on your grass! It was you right? Answer me now!" The old lady looked at us, blank in the face, she had no idea what we were talking about, until she took the words in, and saw who Mrs Smith was, she said to us, "I don't actually kill, you know! It's just a way to get you all off of my grass, it takes so long to do, and I am so old! I'm 76 right now; I'll be 77 soon too! I'm not as young as I used to be darling, and... I'm sorry for the loss, here... Have it, take it!" It was a picture of Lauren on a piece of paper; I think it was an old newspaper.

"Why do you have a picture of my daughter??" Mrs Smith was right to ask, I would have asked that too.

"Well, her story was in the papers, did you not know?? I cut up aces to make collages, it's the only thing I can do right at my age!!" She said. Mrs Smith was replaying the 'Well, her story was in the papers...' part, I could tell, I was too, and so was Holmes. He said, "What exactly was the story?"

She replied "She was crossing the roads, and you crashed into them, you were drunk, on your way to work... You ended up with amnesia and they... well, the children died... It's such a sad story!" I was still wondering about the note, how did it get into her bag?? At that moment, through the post, a note came in, it had read "Mum, I am at school, see ya soooon!!" That didn't make any sense because today was Sunday, the only school you'd be going to would be Church school, and I was guessing that the old lady wasn't a Christian since she opened the door and shouted "NO JUNK MAIL!!!!! Sorry about that, it's those Gangsters, they have a new game, giving people fake notes...I don't have any children, and I am not a Christian either." I had it all figured out. "Holmes." He nodded, he understood too. We went back to Mrs Smith's house, and explained to her what had happened, she was so surprised of how simple it all was, we were surprised too, and how could we not have seen the news? We went back home, another mystery solved by Holmes and me, Watson. As a lay down on the chair to sleep upright, a man comes knocking on the door..."HELP!" Another case....


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