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A devilishly Funny Tail!

By: Boston Nightly

Page 1, Private dick, Boston Nightly, knows there are three absolutes in life. The first? Whenever a mug thinks he\'s about to be flush with a little cash, the washing machine floods the laundry room, or the a.c. unit quits, or the car’s front end alignment goes all to hell. Boston knows these are things that what some great minds call rudimentary facts. And the second? Contrary to what anybody in this world might tell you—dying hurts like hell. And, Boston should know for in the last six months alone, he\'s been killed nine times. He discovers after his first death, that Heaven isn\'t all that it\'s made out to be. In fact, it\'s a whole lot like Earth. Recruited as bounty hunter to satisfy an afterlife that has a sharp inclination toward Old Testament revenge, Boston finds himself head back to Earth retrieve mob boss, Joey Sacs and all of his crew. And that third absolute? Don\'t ever get sideways with the mob, it only pisses them off, and they always send someone looking for you.

Boston Nightly is an original funny character. del Ray somehow manages to combined dogs, guns, and an offbeat view of Heaven that kept me in stitches well into the night.

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