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The House of 1998

By: pinkcream

Page 1, since im new to this thing, here is something that i started doing in a story.its only a paragraph sorry.

It was in the late 1997. And there was house being built and the workers started working on the house by the end of December. They workers finish the house in late July of 1998. It was a beautiful home. There were lots of windows, so light would come in. Also you wouldn’t have to much energy so you can save the world. It was also a big house with six rooms and a basement. The basement had tile flooring that was a dark brown. And the best thing was that it was by a beautiful lake that was with the house. So when it was hot or you were just bored you can go swimming. Also when you open the big curtain for the windows you can see the beautiful water that will make you want to go swimming all the time.

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