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And all that remained were footprints in the sand.

Essay By: Blurry
Mystery and crime

Torture, insults, humiliation, physical pain; she had to bear it all. An inspiring story about a girl who suffered with mute resignation. How long can she survive? Find out more about the consequences which followed..

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She uttered a strangled cry. Blood spurted out from her nose, her cheek punched in and scars all over her body. Her eyes welled up in tears as the vague images of her husband tantalized her. Her body lay badly twisted on the floor. She managed to curl upwards and shield her head from all the wild thoughts that flooded her mind. Reaching out to grab a glass, she smashed it to the floor, allowing the pieces to cling to her skin. The pain was nothing compared to what she had endured since the past three years.

Suddenly, it all flashed back like a giant wave about to wash you away, leaving you dizzy and gasping for air. All the beatings, the torture, the false libels and worst of all, the cold attitude towards her like she was a stranger made her life equivalent to hell. Her husband was not one of those charming men, who place their wives' rights before their own, treat them like queens and be just. Instead he was one of the most corrupt and aggressive people in the world. He had put up a genial fa├žade before marriage and Jane had fallen for his lethal traps. Jane could recall her mother asking her if she really wanted to place her hand in the marriage and she had blindly said yes. It was the biggest mistake of her life!

Tom used to beat Jane till she bled, till her bones cracked and till she got permanent marks on her body. She was innocent. At first she suffered those beating with mute resignation but as time slipped by, she realized she cannot continue living like that but there was nothing she could do except to show patience and pray. Her mother was suffering from cancer and her father from tuberculosis. Tom's little contribution of money was all she possessed and could spend for her parents. She was living a dreadful life. Jane soon found out that Tom spends his whole day out in clubs and was addicted to alcohol. When he used to return home, Jane was his prey. He even used to insult her in front of her family and friends. He did not even allow Jane to meet her parents when they needed her. She used to cry her heart out all day long and even started doing drugs in acute depression. Taking care of herself seemed to be harder than pampering her two year old son. It was all too much for her to bear. Her parents passed away and she was alone. It was then that the excessive dosage of drugs got to her brain and she lost her senses. She became mad.

It all turned blurry and the kitchen swirled around her like she was sitting on a Merry-go-round. She pulled herself up from the marble floor, pressing her palm to the broken glass till it was dripping with blood. Holding it to her face and examining it, she started laughing hysterically. After maintaining balance, she limped out into the blackness. They were living in a beach-house and all that kept her going was the breath-taking scenery. She smiled at the chilly breeze and continued to stagger. Barefoot with tattered clothes, she danced in the night. It all felt normal. She was happy. She was going to Paradise, she believed.

On reaching the shore, she dipped her hand into the water, allowing the blood to dissolve. It was the most relaxing feeling ever! She lifted herself and started walking into the sea. She did not know how to swim. The cool water against her steaming skin relieved her. She pulled up her sleeves to catch a glimpse of the first scar her husband had given her, for the last time under the moon. It made her chuckle! She took a deep breath and cried out "I believe in happy endings!" and let herself fall into the sea. She drowned and all that remained of her were the footprints in the sand.


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