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infection has a vaccine

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The viruses that infect us during sex. They are an organism and before they become the virus they are being born by other forms of organisms. This happens during sex. So actually luckily when two people have sex they did not get a virus because the organisms that were making the virus become to birth did not make it be born. So these two people did not catch a virus but they would of done had the organisms which make the virus born it.

If it was HIV then they both would of got it.

When the virus is made alive by the nature of our body and environment science it uses our body fluids and surrounding atmosphere to enter our body. When we have sex if no virus has formed then we won't be infected but our sex was not safe enough for if a virus did form we would of caught it.

When a sex virus is transmitted in one way and not another way from a body organ and kind of fluid. The virus has its way how it is formed and from that part of our body is where it enters.

Two people had sex and before the virus was not alive but the organisms during the sex session had a lucky chemistry formula which made there baby that is the body of viruses go into the lover's sex session they were infected.

Every lover wishes that the virus was not on either side of the condom as then one of us has it. If we did not use the condom then we both would have the virus and who infected us.

When lovers catch any sex virus they wish it is one that will cure with treatment and then after the medication and not having sex and keeping clean they have no sex virus.

The worst sex virus to catch are the pain hurting causes and the one that has no vaccine or medication to make it end.

If only our bodily death can end the sex virus then this infected persons sex life is a high risk to any lover they arouse to have sex with.

Who would still have sex with an attractive person if you knew they were positive to having a bodily sex infection. If you sexed them you would catch it. If you do it with protection you may not possibly catch it.

I am absolutely certain every person does want to have sex with an attraction who has no sex virus since you don't either then no infections will be made until the sex between you causes a sex virus to begin then which is also possible.

Wear protection keep safe don't sleep around in fact it would be best to never ever have sex when we are going to be sexually transmitted with a disease from that partner being casual or serious.

But the world requires babies to be born so human can continue to populate the planet earth.

But I have made the subject clear we both have no sex virus but our body and environments nature where we make love in could cause a sex infection between us. This is when sex is a high risk problem to being infected.

Porn star world computer game can give us a new human robot body to make us cured from any sex virus but the fact we are still another human body with nature that has organisms which infect us.

Porn star world still uses medication from planet earth to cure us. Porn star world for any diseases it has not developed a vaccine for will give you a new human body then when a vaccine is made then porn star world will give you the vaccine.

Porn star world has took samples of every virus from every planet that has life and has made and is making vaccines.

When a couple are ready to make love they will wonder we are negative to being infected with any sex virus. But will the love we make make us positive.

Any kind of virus can infect us during sex not just sex viruses but also a cold and flu or any disease. When it forms into its organism and has a way to go inside our body.

Once the virus has entered us we may still not be infected with it if our body enzymes destroy it if the virus goes in the wrong way into our body.

When the virus goes in the right way it will sicken us.

This is the virus that it infects us going into us with the body organ parts it uses for any other way it won't infect us because we don't use those other body organ parts to have sex with.

Those body organ parts won't lead it to where the virus wants to arrive to live with infecting us.

When porn star world found viruses that would not survive going into our body from another body organ and it was destroyed before it sickened us.

Porn star world then took the information of what enzyme cells live in these part of our body organs then used what made the virus be destroyed as a vaccine for the virus.

If it meant it had to be injected to where the virus lives in our body to cure it then porn star world had the doctors and nurses to do this on healthcare.

People were so desperate to be all cured that it was made a task to do it full-time round the clock until all was cured.

No person was positive with the virus but the organisms that made the virus be born were still existence in our world so other people without the vaccine in their body would be positive with the virus infection.

But now we have a vaccine to destroy it.

Porn star world found that the bodies of other species had body chemistry elements which would destroy a virus so porn star world made these elements into forms of medication for our body to vaccine our infections.

When a vaccine can destroy a virus but it is too dangerous to take because it is poisonous. The vaccine has to be made of our body chemistry so we can take it.

When we find the virus that is not in our body then the vaccine which is dangerous can be applied on the surface to destroy the virus which would of entered our body through the atmosphere and contact.

Porn star world concentrated on making sex safer and gender healthier.

A vaccine with healthy side-effects will cure us the best way for even body changes need vaccines so are new body does not be infected.


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