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"CSI Lab Report"

Essay By: kdarlin287
Mystery and crime

lab in chem to find out suspect

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Katelyn Michael
Mr. Arico
Period 5
The lab is called the CSI lab. The purpose of the lab is to show physical and chemical properties of different substances and to show just because two substances look alike does not mean they have the same chemical properties.
The materials are indicator solution, a glass rod, a test tube, Bunsen burner, test tube tongs, paper, wood splint, a beaker, acid solution, a wash bottle, and the 5 unknown chemicals. First off for "Test A" you place a small measurement of substance on a clean piece of filter paper, then inspect with glass rod. Second for "Test B" fill a beaker with water, add a small amount of substance, stir, observe, and then add 3 drops of indicator solution to your beaker. For "Test C" you put a small amount of the unknown chemical in a test tube and "melt" the chemical. For "Test D" you place substance on a wet wood splint and swab it into the flame. Last of all for "Test E" you place a small amount of the substance into a beaker and using a wash bottle squirt enough acid solution over the substance to cover it.
For "Test A" all the samples except 4 were white fine powder, and sample 4 was white crystals. For "Test B" samples control, 2, 3, and 4 dissolved, but samples 1 and 5 did not. During "Test C" samples 1 and 4 did not burn, samples control and 3 had moisture on the mouth of the test tubes, and samples 2 and 5 smoked a bit but only 2 burned. For "Test D" samples control, 1, 3, and 4 created bright orange flames. As for samples 2 and 5, 2 burns on the stick and 5 had no reaction. Finally for "Test E" samples control, 1, and 3 fizzed, while the other samples 2, 4, and 5 had no change.
Due to missing the lab I probably didn't learn as much as I would have with hands on experience, but I did learn that just because two substances look the same does not mean they have the same chemical properties or are basically the same. The lab proved this hypothesis correct by majority of the substances having many different effects. I did expect this just from prior labs in my old school. Since I was not present for the lab I can't really judge it but I guarantee I would have liked it, it actually sounds pretty cool. I really enjoy this class and feel the labs help me understand better.

Katelyn Michael
Mr. Arico
Period 5
Lab Discussion
The purpose of this lab was to show that not all substances that look alike have the same chemical properties or are the same thing. In the lab we as students had to find the culprit of a crime by matching the chemical on them to the one that it was all had a different substance so only one could be the convicted. The control in the experiment was a white powder of fine texture, dissolved easily in water did not burn but put moisture on the mouth of the test tube, created a bright orange flame when place in fire and fizzed/bubbled when placed in with an acid solution. Based on everything observed there is no doubt Suspect #3 is guilty for the crime.
All of the data in the lab was based on observations. All of which were chemical or physical. The chemical properties were not as easy to point out as the physical some examples of the chemical were when some of the substances placed in flame created colored light, while others did not. An example of physical properties is the fact that most of the chemical dissolved in water.
My guesses on the chemicals identities are based on the data obtained in lab. Sample 1 was still unknown to me. Sample 2 was powdered sugar this guess is based on while it was burning it smelt like burning marshmallows. The acid solution was vinegar and since sample 3 fizzed in it and because of its texture I would say that sample 3 is baking soda. Sample 4 might have been salt because it did not burn or create smoke. Last of all Sample 5 could have been flour because it did not melt and was insoluble in water.
The lab was very helpful in showing the difference between chemical and physical properties. It taught that because two substances look alike doe not mean the have all of the same properties. It was rather fun too and there was a limited chance of causing an error in the information. Over all the entire lab was a very fun learning experience!


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