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By: kotashi

Page 1, Betrayed by her lover, our heroine is left at an impass of life her life no longer controller by her own will

Rain upon a closed window, firelight highlighting the fine details of a severed head. The life giving crimson spreading slowly across snow coloured bear skin rug.
Bullet casings decorate the hallway, in the dim light they almost look like beetles frozen in horror at the the nights events. There in the doorway to a blood covered bedroom sits a young woman with hair like the sun and eyes like sunrise. A single tear running down her porcelein cheek, it moves so slowly as it any speed might shatter the girl but never the less washing away the life of her betrayer that dots her face. Revenge is why she came, against a lover and his mistress she fought. With a rain of fiery judgment and razor sharp vengeance, justice was found. Sirens break the deathly silence, each tear that rolls is one less closer to her incarceration. A bang at the door, they are here. She stands and walks to the door ready to accept her fate. Punishment for the executioner yet only death for the sinners

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