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Awesome. Theses 4

Essay By: R Safley
Mystery and crime

It was the child who pointed out the emporer wore no clothes. The sophisticated men and women never said a word.

91 to go. I am Alabama Bunny.

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Reason. Theses 4

Reason Part II: Compulsive Awesomeness

In the end, my people came down with a disease. It passed through the people, through human contact with others that were infected; the disease was even transmitted through thin air, through a thing called the internet. We were all connected to the internet.

I watched as the disease ate my people from within, killing all that once was of their true selves. One by one, I watched the light go out in the eyes of the strangers and it was as though real people were being replaced by mannequins; everyone was acting out some great television commercial. They were living, but nobody was alive. The scientists knew this was happening, some tried to warn us, but by the corporations were too powerful and my people could no longer hear over the empty noise coming at them from all directions.

It started when my people began branding themselves. Everywhere logos, a dark storm of logos, only this was not the great Logos of old, this was not the Logos of the Greeks. This was the new logos, the 21st Century Logos Without Reason. History has such a twisted sense of humor, doesn't it?

It was strange to watch. My people started simple, with their clothes and their homes, but then began to spread logos without reason beyond their own bodies. After a while, it wasn't just small logos on shirts or jeans, but logos on cars, in schools, in government and churches, on their children, even the personal information they passed to each other was branded with the new logos. The people promoted corporations while they slept to people they didn't know in a place they'd never seen called The Cloud. The corporations fed on those who fed on the logos.

My people evolved into biological billboards for ideals and products without ever stopping to notice or ask why.

There have been many names for this disease. Politicians and the fiery-pulpit-men from every background started giving the death of my people a new name, a new logo. And my people followed each new empty brand, until even the empty brands were not able to keep up with their need for new empty answers. The empty things were held up, empty ideas and empty products. Waiting for the next thing to become so they wouldn't feel so empty.

Of all the names that have been given this entropy of my great people, I like mine the best. I call it Compulsive Awesomeness. We were all so awesome. With great clothes, and great gadgets, great status updates and really great hair. 24/7 awesomeness more awesome than the awesome moment before.

We compulsively sought awesomeness and forgot where the idea of awesome even came from. From awe. And the idea of awe came? Yes, we forgot that too. The word, the idea of Awe came from the word that meant fear and terror.

Yes. We were quite awesome, indeed.

When the Few began to wake up and remember the Logos of old, they began their search and found the forgotten language of Reason and came to understand that things had reasons. Those reasons were important. First they held their words accountable.

These theses I write, they are for those who come along later; those who tire of fear and attempt to follow the path that has been hidden by the other Few, the corrupt Few, the Few who want to brand the many in order to gain power and take from them and their children what belongs to the people.

The Elite hold their lives accountable to Reason and Truth in order to be free, to guard themselves against ownership even if they must be enslaved to the Few in power who act against their best interest. In order to do so, the Elite seek the Truth of Reason which was discovered by the greatest minds in the world throughout the ages and left in the pages of old texts. Texts which hold great power but have been forgotten.

The first rule of reason is definition. Definition comes from observation. People remembered to see what was really there and not what they were being told was there by others. They looked, really looked, and listened and felt and saw. The elite began to understand there was something more than just the words they were hearing. Not very long after, they were able to understand the second rule of reason. Real things can not be what they are and what they are not at the same time.

So simple and yet so forgotten.

Happiness can not be miserable. Love can not destroy. Art can not be ugly. Republics are not for the private concerns of the few.

Once the Elite began to look for this code in their lives, they began to see more and more. They understood the third Law of Reason: the law of association. If misery is without hope, Happiness can not be without hope either. If misery is pain and pain comes from physical neglect or abuse or malnutrition, then Happiness can not come from physical neglect or abuse or malnutrition. If misery comes from abuse and abuse comes from another person, that person can not bring happiness. If contempt and degradation cause misery, if economic markets that capitalize on the weak cause misery, if wars cause misery, if malnourishment and neglected health cause misery… these things can never also be, at the same time, true happiness.

The elite came to understand this, the second and third rules of Reason. And from then on they understood that even though they may never know the complete truth of Happiness, Love, Art, Just Government or ideals of the like, they could understand enough to know what things were not those ideals. And from there they could stop those in charge from taking what belonged to the people in the name of the ideals.

When the world has forgotten these rules of Reason, they can be ruled by the New Law of Reason. The New Law of Reason is the Reason that the Few in Power decide works best to get more power - as much power as possible. This story never changes. It has always been up to the many to remember Reason before Reason can not be regained peacefully.

So, I write my theses. I tell my story. Because so many people have forgotten these rules of Reason. That is so sad for me, to see my people come down with Compulsive Awesomeness and forget the truth of what makes them wonderful. The world is losing the gift that the individual has to offer the human story, they are giving up themselves in an attempt to achieve Compulsive Awesomeness, a compulsive striving for material gratification because they have never been taught the rules. A thing can not be a thing and a thing that it is not at the same time. Gratification is not empty, it never can be. Those who discovered this forgotten language, the new Elite, realize the emptiness of the branding is not fulfillment, and they have decided not give up so easy.

You are elite. Do not brand yourself in order to be awesome. Truth is awesome. Truth is, in fact, sometimes the most frightening thing of all. But you are the elite. Do not be afraid.


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