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Fatal Obsessions (re-vised) character pictures

Miscellaneous By: BintzBaby95
Mystery and crime

a re-vised version of Fatal Obsessions

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Maximilianus "Max" Chesterfield-A sixteen year old teenager from Black-Hawk. He lost both his parents in a terrible car accident. He was also in that car. A piece of glass was lodged in his lower spine that caused him to lose all abiloty to walk and all feeling in his legs. Max is an artist and swimmer. He has been on the swimteam since he was twelve and uses leg braces to swim. Max hates his full name. He lives with his brother MacQueen and his step-sister since the accident happened. Max has had three service dogs since the accident, and now has one named Yoko who is a Labrador Retriever. He has two lip piercings and three ear piercings with a tatto of a kanji Friendsip on his wrist that he got along with Ambre.

Ambre LeRoy-A sixteen year old human doll. She is very small with large eyes. Ambre's mother caused the accident that killed Max's parents and injured him. She died that day too. Ambre meet in the hospital after her father finished working on his spine. Since then, they have been best friends and she protects him because he can't defend himself physicaly. Ambre is French but has never lived in France. Ambre doesn't like Inaira very much.

Inaira Green-The human sixteen year old human cousin of Nathan Green. She lives next door to him in an apartment building in Black-Hawk and goes to Black-Hawk High School. She is a football cheerleader and is very popular in school. A lot of guys like her, including Max, because she is pretty and sweet. Inaira's family isn't very rich and she works in the supermarket where Nathan's father worked before he died. Inaira likes Max but won't tell him because she is too shy to tell him. Inaira has a seven month sister named Kasey.

Nathan Green-Inaira's vampire nineteen year old cousin. His is an orphan, both his parents being killed by vampire hunters when he was younger. His mother died when he was seven and he watched his father being killed when he was fourteen. A golden eighteen sixties pocket watch and a motercycle are the only two things that Nathan has left of his dad. Nathan lives alone in the same apartment as Inaira to protect her because she's the only family that'll speak to him since both his parents died. Nathan gets arrested a lot to get attention.

MacQueen Chesterfield-Max's twenty eight year old brother. He took Max while he was still in college when their parents died. He is the third child of the Chesterfield siblings and the second son. Max met Katariina on the internet and he soon married her after speaking to her for four years and they've been married for two years. She lives with both boys in their original house where they were born and raised. Mac works as a journalist in the newspaper. Mac found Yoko in the shelter after his last dog became too old to care for him.

Yoko Chesterfield-A four year old labrador retriever and Max's third service dog. She is trained to protect and service him until she comes to old. She is his youngest service dog and his only female one. She trained as a serive dog when she became one. Yoko is friendly and brave, wanting to protect Max no matter what.

Evan Skylar-Evan is a new student at Black-Hawk High School and a foster child. His parents dumped in at a church when he was a baby because they didn't have enough money to raise him. He wishes to be adopted by somebody in Black-Hawk because he loves it so much there and finally made some friends. Max and Ambre met him at school on the first day of school. He brought down his guards and befriended them. Evan is a skater and enjoys skateboarding and snow boarding.

Katariina Chesterfield-Max's step-sister and Mac's wife. She is from Helskini, Finland, and lives with the two brothers in their home that they grew up in. Katariina is a seamstriss and often fixes clothes for people in town. She also fixes her own clothes to fit. She is twenty five years old and is pregnate with her and Mac's first child. Katariina treats Max like her own brother. Katariina has a younger sister living back in Finland. She got her green card when she married Mac.

"Jayden Jordan"-A mysterous seventeen year old blond with no memeory of his past or who he is. He was found by Max, Ambre and Nathan while walking home from a swim meet. He is an elf with heterochromia. Both of his eyes are born but there is one thick of aquamarine in his right eye. Nobody knows who he is. They believe his name is Jayden Jordan because of a piece of paper in his pocket.


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