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Nightfall of Fallen Angels Character Illustrations

Miscellaneous By: yuu shindemura
Mystery and crime

character illustrations

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THE CHARACTERS: Nightfall (upper left), Satsuri Sachiko (bottom left at left), Hime Kaburukoto (bottom left at right), Yukine Sato (upper right), Saki Koduchizawa (bottom right at left), and Chikari Neruigawa (bottom left at right).


PRIMARY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS = all the characters i designed uniquely and with a full mind at that, clear example is my OC Shindemura Yuu. in the Nightfall novel, there are no primary OC's, only the secondary and tertiary OC's.

SECONDARY O.C.'S = Original characters designed or imitated or derived after the primary ones are termed as this.

TERTIARY O.C.'S = these are characters designed from the existing characters in the anime

Koduchizawa Saki

She's a pretty, cute 16 years old high schooler, and is the main character of the story. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 5 years old, and since then she began taking care of herself through the fortune her parents have. she also works part-time at a bakery, which in the nightfall-incident has been neglected. She's a best friend of Chikari Neruigawa, and Yukine Sato. She's also a friend of anyone, and seeing her as a role model of the school, Saki is very much one of the popular girls in the campus, yet she retains her very nice and good ways. she's 5'5" in height for a 16 year old, and her hair has a low ahoge (AHOGE= a hair that is extending outwards on top of the head, only seen in the anime) seen around her right part of the head. nice, simple, diligent, she remains somewhat reserve.

Author's Note: Saki Koduchizawa is a tertiary OC, no that she is derived from an existing anime, but she's derived from the secondary OC, Nightfall. i already lack much of the design so i just have to derive a nice character for her.

Chikari Neruigawa

Chikari is also one of the main characters, and a bestfriend of Saki. Just like her best friend, she's 16 and a slightly taller stature of 5'6". she is also known to be the only girl to match with Saki, though she's popular, she always keeps a low profile. her grades are A-class, and she's a champion of the regionals martial arts, to whom even the inspector Okuroto knows her from that. She though, is not as shy as Saki, instead is outspoken and always regards herself to be ideal. in addition, she doesn't wants to show her weak side, that's why she's always seen as fearless throughout the story.

Author's Note: Chikari is a secondary OC, which her looks are derived from one of my Main OC's.

Yukine Sato

A close friend to Saki and Chikari, though Yukine is not their classmate. She's also 16 years old. despite her good looks, Yukine is actually fiesty and very prone to anger---also to depression. her eccentric ways suddenly shifts from one form to the other, which Saki and Chikari then notes her as having a bipolar personality. when enraged with anger especially easily being irritated, Yukine can almost do anything that can utterly harm anyone.

Author's Note: Yukine is already a tertiary character, too. Her looks are derived from any anime having the simple look of a short-haired girl.

Sasuri Sachiko

an underclassman, Sasuri is a quiet, eccentric girl. she's 12 years old and 5ft in height. the school has known her to be schizophrenic, and the nurse then always pays close attention and close watch to her. her schizophrenia is not inborn--she only acquired it, though her past still remains a mystery. she remains with more mysteries, particularly she changes her personality once the event calls for it. she knows much how to draw, and is her hobby. by her looks, Sasuri has a hair antennae, a common style also used in the anime.

Author's note: Sasuri is somehow derived from a friend's OC design, as i'm particualrly looking for a schizoid-look. needless to say she's also a tertiary O.C.

Hime Kaburukoto

Hime is Saki's cousin, and also a classmate of Sasuri. She was murdered along with her father, in which it remained a mystery as her father is observed with a handsaw, while in her pocket is found with a survival knife. traumas from a saw is observed in her body, as well as her father is seen with a stab with a knife; this leads to a sick hypothesis that they killed each other. yet it was disregarded once the novel progresses. she's a close friend of Sasuri, whom was have talked to her the night she died. her name, Hime, comes from a japanese word which means princess.

Author's Note: she's a tertiary character.


(above: the serpentine vestige (upper left), her normal look (bottom left), her killing atrocity look makes her eyes red, and same as a snake's eyes; she is showed here, blood and holding up a human eye. (bottom right))

Nightfall is a fallen angel, and the one who wreaks havoc in Ohayou City. though her real form isn't showed through since she is hosting on another body, who's identity is yet to be revealed. Nightfall is fond of eating human eyes, her next delicacy after a much worse dish (yet to be revealed). She possesses the serpentine killing atrocity, a power only for her. much like it, but not thoroughly described in the story as no one has actually seen her real form---except the host, Nightfall has snake-like characteristics.

Her personality is cool, elegant, audacious, and gorgeous. she loves to play around, and she rarely gets a scary face. she is always happy as smiling or sneering, as seen with her trademark look of sneer. she has also an ahoge in her right head, which aside from her blackish or dark grayish hair, is very noticeable by a red color. she makes most of her victims suffer the hellish death, slowly. it is not revealed so far, but her host is someone familiar to the characters, yet still to be revealed. the further chapters will reveal more, such as why she is doing the killing, and a lot more--even the part where she confesses to Sasuri that only another fallen angel can kill her.

Serpentine Vestige

This is the mark always seen at the victims---that is, what's left of them. The mark actually symbolizes a snake over a cross. she always carves or draws this in the body using her fingers. the serpentine vestige, aside from an emblem, serves also to be a manipulator of dead bodies. Nightfall has to draw this if ever she wants a body to be manipulated at her whim.

Serpentine Atrocity Intent

in normal for, Nightfall has deep blue eyes, in which her trademark reddish-ahoge is still in. She's actually pretty but once she uses her serpentine atrocity intent, her deep blue eyes would turn into crimson snake-eyes. with this power, she has remarkable characteristics:

Nightfall is obviously stronger than any human, even with her bare hands she can rip out a body. her strength can be passed into her host, which makes the body very controllable and favorable to her as if she's acting with her own one.

Her hands can also take in form of silver metallic claws, which is little extended covering half her fingers. this makes her own primary weapon. in the novel, she makes other uses and ways to kill, such as using human tools like knives, axes, steel pipes, and the like. even without the metallic claws, her bare hands can still rip through a flesh.

Her reflexes are always in top class, and she cannot die in the hands of a human.

Her eyes, once it glares, can control anyone, except corpses that she uses the serpentine vestige for them. her manipulation leads the people to kill anyone without her hands stained in their blood, and can actually do her bidding.

Thanks for Viewing!

c2009.03.06 by Yuu Shindemura


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