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The precise kill

Novel By: Abner
Mystery and crime

A page turner with trilling twists and dreamy characters View table of contents...



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It was a pleasant Sunday morning. The flowers gazing at the Sun as if the King of the day was rising from the darkness and clouds were moving away making way to the king and winds aiding them to move. The morning turned even so romantic with the birds making sounds coming out of their tiny little nests. This is how an innocent cute little boy sitting right next to Professor Jay was picturing of the beautiful day but what Professor Jay sees was a giant hot ball of fire getting ready to burn the coloured flowers into ashes and dark coloured clouds moving to set off some heavy loss aided by the wind and ugly naked birds with their pointed noses preparing themselves for preying on some insects. His vision was obscure. His observational skills made him Professor Dangerous. Jay was a Professor in Psychology at the University. His creepy methods brought him neither rewards nor appreciation at the University. He lives in a small rented house and his landlord lives overseas. Apart from his weirdness he was the most handsome guy living in that street. He had a lunar shaped effulgent molten brown eyes and a dashing personality with a cosmic smile and a trombone voice full of verve. His charm attracts girls but the manner in which his living room looks drives them away and even his neighbours think he was crazy by the way it looks. His living room contains all kinds of weapons used by the murderers, rapists, serial killers, thieves. He uses them in his research. He illegally got them as tokens of his achievement from his friend Varun.

Varun was a police officer and Jay's ex-roommate. They both were alike except that Varun had a hawkish nose and titan's shoulders. When they lived together Varun used Jay's skills to solve many cases of crime. They both lived the dream of their life when they were going after their adventures. Varun had never played the mind in cracking the cases his sole part was action, he was good at chasing and shooting skills. Jay played the mind in cracking all those cases and never took credit for himself except for the tokens. Then a girl named Samantha entered into their life and they were drifted apart for the reason that Varun had fallen in love with her. Samantha was a beautiful girl with globe rounded dreamy black eyes and satin soft puffy lips. She had a midnight black hair that plunged over her shoulders and had a shapely figure. Jay never found her attractive and he never liked her but Varun loved her and chose her love over their friendship and left the house to stay with Samantha at her Uncle's house.

After Varun left the house Jay left the job at University and started a private detective agency all by himself and hired a bunch of retired police officers but no one filled Varun's space. He continued it for two years and as the cases dried up he felt lonely with his life so he decided to move back to his parents in London.

As Jay started packing for his journey something amazing happened. He heard a knock on the door and Varun took him by surprise. Jay was expecting him but he don't want to speak to him so he stood at the door waiting for him to speak

Varun looked at him and asked "Where are you going?"

"You knew that" replied Jay reluctantly.

"Yeah, I called your office yesterday and they said you quit the job. So I guessed you would be at home. But why are you all packed? Are you going somewhere?" asked Varun with a tiny hint of doubt in his mind.

Jay looked at him surprised and said "I thought you knew I'm going to my parents and have come to say Goodbye but something else brought you here? What is it? You haven't spoken to me in two years but called my office yesterday? Do you need money?"

"What! No?"

"Have you lost your Job?" Meanwhile Varun was trying to interrupt him but Jay continued "Oh my God let me guess you are dying and you want to hand over all your possessions to me?"

Varun lost all his patience and shouted "Can I come in first? I have something important to say"

Jay stepped aside making room for him and said "you should learn some manners before knocking on the doors"

"I'm a Police man I know my manners and knocking on strangers doors is my job" said Varun making himself comfortable in the chair.

Jay looked at him and asked "You look so tired do you need some coffee?"

"Yeah, I haven't slept in two days; Coffee would help a little bit?"

Jay served him coffee and sat in the chair before him and asked "you said you have something important to say"

Varun took a deep breath and said "I know it's not that easy to confront you and I know that two years is such a long time. You hated her and she hated you but I loved her you have left me no choice but to leave you. Your instincts were always right but I hoped you would be wrong about our relationship however it turned out that you were right. I should have listened to you about Samantha. Things never really worked out between us. At first she felt so right and I thought she was the one and we were engaged but as time passed things became worse. She wanted different things and I wanted different things. We were never on the same track on our priorities. She wanted me to quit my job and you know how much I love my job besides I'm on the verge of promotion I tried to convince her but eventually we broke up after one year. But I truly loved her. I tried to contact you after that but my ego have pulled me back from calling you.

"Ok, I got your story but I'm missing the point here Mr. Ego? Why are you here if you don't know that I'm leaving today? You came to apologise?"

"Yeah, but not exactly" replied Varun with a bit of hesitation and continued "Samantha was dead two days before. After I got call from Kiran I rushed to her place and found her body hanging to the ceiling"

"Poor thing, I'm really sorry for you. How are holding up? You must have been devastated hearing her death. I forgive both of you though I'm a bit pissed at you and I will attend the funeral"

"What! No? I didn't come here to invite you to the funeral. I came to you as a client to solve me a case?"

Jay looked at him with puzzled eyes and said "Wait a minute. After two years you knock on my door and you're are saying that you didn't come here to apologise?" What about the story you said that I was right and why would I even help you and seriously what case are you talking about?"

"Why should I apologise? It was you who asked me to leave and to never call. I didn't do anything wrong and you owe me one, remember? The Doctor Murder case does that ring a bell?"

"Oh Crap you still remember that. If it wasn't for that stupid Kiran I wouldn't be in debt with you. Stupid little Kiran"

"What are you cursing him for? If he hadn't told me about you that day you would be serving your term in the jail Sir. I think you owe him one too" replied Varun politely.

Jay rose from his chair and asked "So, Mr. Client what's the case about?"

"Samantha's Suicide. I think someone murdered her and made it look like a suicide"

Jay started pacing and asked "Why do you think it was a Murder?"

"Because I knew her very well, she wasn't the suicide type. The moment I entered into her room I felt like I have been there before. I mean to a similar suicide scene in the past. The resemblance was uncanny" said Varun taking out the pictures from his pocket.

"You feel that way because you loved her and you can't picture her committing a suicide"

"That's the sole reason I came to you. I need someone to think out of the box like you. I need an opinion of the person who wasn't attached to her like me. I know you knew her better than me. Was she a suicide type?"

"Well, honestly Samantha strikes as a brave and confident woman and I never took her for the suicide type but who knows what may have happened in the past two years "replied Varun still pacing in his track.

Varun gave him the pictures and said "Just look at the pictures and give me your opinion"

"Wow that was a huge bedroom"

"Varun looked at him and said "When we were dating she got a job in a big company and after we broke up she moved to the city"

"I can't figure out anything from these pictures. You have to take me there" said Jay with a discontented face.

Varun looked at him and said "I can't take you there. This was not my case it was Kiran's he called me with courtesy and you know how much he hates you. It has been already two days and they don't waste much time on suicide cases they will close it quickly"

Jay stopped pacing and said "If you need my help you had to make some calls and pull some strings"

"So, I guess you were cancelling your trip"


Meanwhile a pretty girl entered the house with some dishes in her hands. Jay looked at Varun and said "A long day ahead of us. Come let's have some breakfast". The pretty girl served them the breakfast and left

Varun was totally surprised at her sight and he couldn't get her out of his system and he asked Jay "Who was she?"

Jay said "the pretty girl was a new neighbour. She had a crush on me but it won't last long. The good thing was she brings me the breakfast and lunch"

"The pretty girl? I think she had a name"

"Of course she has a name. She told me when we first met but I forgot. I recall her saying something like Shreya or Sravya, I think it's Shreya" replied Jay

Varun's mobile started ringing and he answered "honey, I will be late don't wait for me"

Jay looked at him and asked "honey?"

"Do you think you were the only one who had a girl with crush on you" replied Varun

After completing the breakfast they both took their coats and came out of the house. They got in the car and started their journey for adding another new and thrilling adventure in their book


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