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Detective Floyd paced around. “Who killed them, we assumed you know?”I shook my head, who killed them? Who killed them? I smiled a cruel, evil smile and felt my sanity slowly slip from my outstretched hands. “Detective,” I whispered, “Have you heard my story?” View table of contents...


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Chapter One: Allison R.

I was sitting in an uncomfortable metal chair in a barren room. A lamp faced down on the desk in front of me, and Detective Floyd paced around with his arms tucked behind his back. "Who killed them, we assumed you knew?"

I shook my head, who killed them? Who killed them? I smiled a cruel, evil smile, and felt my sanity slowly slip from my outstretched hands. "Detective," I whispered, "Have you heard my story?" The detective looked thoughtful, "I don't believe I have, Mary Hunter."

I looked down at my hands. My clean, non-bloody hands, they were empty. There were only two people who could have done such great sins. There were only two people who could have killed all my friends. My friends! They are all dead. When I find her, when I find him, I will strangle them down. Well, not her, she's already dead, and a good thing too, because I was next. I was next! I shook my head again. Nobody's after me, it's safe now. Nobody's after me! Not anymore.

"It was back when I was mentally sane. Back when I first moved here from Nevada. I was the new kid at Yarnbrook Middle where it was just another normal day where everyone was trying to stereo-type me into one insane group when really I belong to none. I had found a little group of funny girls to sit with at lunch: Jesse, Cassy, Sally, Allison R., and Allison J., Sea and one guy named Ricky. They were all joking around and laughing when I noticed for the first time a very cute guy looking our way. Instinctively I elbowed Allison J. and whispered "Don't look now but I think he's looking at us!" Allison, being the slow person she is, looked directly at him and made it way too obvious. I slapped my forehead. "He is isn't he? Weird."

At the time I thought nothing weird of it, he was bored, so what? Maybe he had a crush on me or one of the girls at our table, that's totally normal- I mean we are kind of good looking. Day after day we went about our normal activities living life like we had the rest to live.

Well, nothing's peaceful for very long, no, not at all. The first kill was Allison R. It was disgusting! I was walking into the Panthers building (a seventh grade building but has some electives in it) and I smelt something beyond puking level. I saw Tucker rush out of the doors muttering "Move it, I'm late!" I don't think it's me he likes if he liked anyone at our small lunch table, and that's not very surprising to me. My brain was yelling for me not to go inside the girl's bathroom where the awful smell escaped from, but I had to know what was in there. Smells don't bother me much, I mean don't breathe through your nose- it's that easy.

My hand trembled on the door-knob where I cautiously placed it. I didn't expect anything too bad, the smell made me believe it was merely an over flown toilet or something close to that matter. I kicked the door open (the school was too poor for latches) and thought "Be brave!" I didn't know anyone at that time that could have been as brave to see someone killed in such a cruel manner. No one.

There was blood-dripping blood all over the walls, doors and floor. Whose you ask? Allison R., who else? Then I saw her, I was too shocked to scream, so the scream stuck in my throat until it exploded out of me. I've never heard a cry so loud; I didn't know it was my own. There was Allison limp against the wall and sink, her face was gone. Completely gone! Only muscle and bone on her face, the shavings of her skin was left on the floor. Hands, her hands were cut off slightly, but not at the bone.

Like any other sane person, I ran out of the horrifying crime scene where I found an angry teacher upset about my yelling. The look on my face explained it all, it must have. She skeptically looked inside the grungy bathroom where my friend laid dead, and she too hollered. She called the police and anyone else who could help the matter. I stood there, just stood there trying with all my heart to deny myself that anything had happened. That didn't work so well.

Caution tape hugged the area. The rest of the school went into 'code red lockdown' where all the students and teachers hide in their classrooms until they get an OK. The assassin wasn't found. No suspicious visitors or students. There was a video camera in the hallway. Too bad it didn't work. Too bad indeed. Police surrounded the crime scene like bees around honey. Pictures were taken and detectives worked away at the place trying to get some sort of evidence. No evidence, none at all. How can that be, that's impossible. The principal stood back and watched in a sort of stupor that I was also in. None of it made since to me, why would someone murder Allison?

"Are you Ms. Hunter?" He asked so very kindly, too kindly. I simply nodded. "I'm going to take you downtown where your parents will be waiting for you. Then you will be questioned with their permission." I followed the policeman into his car, glancing over my shoulder the whole way. Why wouldn't I? There was a killer out there and frankly I didn't feel very safe with just one cop. It was a long time to arrive in downtown; Raleigh is an immense city, kinda like the one I lived in in Nevada.

My parents are the hateful kind, they don't like me and I have no problem with that. They don't care if I flunk out of school and live to be a hobo on the streets of New York, and they didn't care that I just saw my friend dead. Actually, you could say they looked annoyed and very bored. The police expected me to run up and hug my mommy or something like that, I know they did. Well sorry for the disappointment but that will never ever happen. After the uneventful reuniting the police guy asked my parents if they could interview me on what happened. "Sure, we don't care." My father whined. They left me there as soon as possible probably hoping I would be kept for a while.

Druggies passed by cuffed and totally high. I smiled at that, or at least tried to. It was hard, very hard to smile again! You could say I was now paranoid, I thought the killer was after me. God knows why, but I did, and I should have because the killer was closer than I thought. So close! A detective sat me in a room similar to this one, exactly like this one. He asked me many questions which I answered truthfully and completely. Then finally they drove me home.

Home isn't a place I will willingly go to, no not at all. The place terrified me. I swear there's a ghost, there is one there! I was paranoid and scared and I didn't want to be alone in a new house. But I did it, I stayed there for the night and (I can't believe I'm saying this) escaped to school. The bus was buzzing with gossip of Allison R. I couldn't take it, I was crying and obsessed that I was next. I yelled "STOP! Stop talking about it!" Everyone knew I was the one who saw her dead, cold hard body dead in the Panther's bathroom. Some even went as far as to ask what it looked like or if I killed her.

The school was just as terrified as I. The teachers kept a watch over us like we were food and they hadn't eaten for days. I remember that morning Cassy and Jesse were on the bus with me. They were depressed, their best friend was viciously murdered, why wouldn't they be bothered? They asked me if I knew who did it. Cassy was cheerless, and Jesse seemed angry like she would herself slaughter the person who murdered Allison. These people were best friends. Best friends! It's incredible what best friends will do, very amazing.


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