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High school cheerleader murder

Novel By: AlexandreDumas
Mystery and crime

Beautiful, but arrogant highschool cheerleader is found murdered...Who killed her? Everyone has a motive and one of them is her own flesh and blood...her sister... View table of contents...


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A scared and beautiful girl named Beth is tied up in a dark room.Someone with gloved hands holds her at gun point."You did it! You killed Annie Williams!" Then the unknown killer cocked the gun..:"Please, don't kill me! Please!" The girl begged, but the killer just hit her head...


2 months earlier:

A bunch of cheerleading girls practiced in a high school gym.It was as huge as they are in high schools.Suddenly one of them stumbled and fell.She was a girl with dark hair and blue eyes.Her name was Beth Colt.Almost all the girls were worried about her and went to offer their help, except Annie Williams.Their leader.She didn't have any intention to offer some help to Beth.Annie had blond and curly hair, brown eyes, tall with sensual body and breasts, but her character was comparable to Adolf Hitler's."What the hell you think you're doing?" she immediately asked."She stumbled, it happens," one of the girls, Janice McAllister explained.She was Beth's best friend."It happens? It happens?" Annie asked in disbelief."Don't you realize with your tiny little brain that state competition is near and we can't allow any flaws! And now this ham-fisted stumbles!" The girls looked at Annie with detest."I'm sorry, I'll do better next time," Beth submissively replied as she stood up.Janice was stunned."No, Beth, you don't have to excuse yourself in front of this whore!" Janice defended her best friend and now she turned her face to Annie."How dare you to call me whore, you little trash!?" Annie angrily asked."Because you deserve it, bitch!" Then Jessica's beautiful redheaded best friend Dana Becker stepped in order to defend Annie."You have no right to insult my best friend!" Dana started."Beth made a miscalculation and Annie had every right to be upset." Beth was very submissive.She always had been and she didn't have courage to put people like Annie Williams in their place."I'm really sorry.I was stupid and clumsy.I shouldn't have done it." Then Annie smiled with satisfaction.She enjoyed putting down girls and boys like Beth.It made her feel important and cool:Dana was glad too.They have been best friends since childhood and their relations have always been great.They were like sisters."The hell yeah you shouldn't!" Then she turned to Janice."You see? Even Beth admits I'm right." Janice looked at her with contempt."Because she doesn't have enough courage to tell you what she really thinks." Annie stepped closer to her.Now they were face to face."Listen to me, you little trash with tiny brains!" she loudly whispered while gently touching her forehead with her middle finger."You are nothing! Less than nothing! I can destroy you any time and not only in cheerleading..You better remember that!" Annie threathened."But you are lucky! I forgive you my insulting this time, but if you dare to do this again, you are done! You are warned!" Janiced shook her head in disbelief."You are a terrible person! Someone should really put you out of your misery." Annie only laughed at her words as she turned to Dana."All right, let's continue our practice!" Janice kept looking at Annie with a dark glance in her eyes...


The next day cheerleading girls Dana, Janice, Beth, Mary, Carrie and Trisha went to practice at 4 pm as usual.But there was no sign of Annie.She wasn't even in school, which was very unusual for her and now she wasn't even in practice.She always demanded rules."Where's Annie? She's always here before us;" Trisha asked, but she wasn't really worried about her.She just felt she had to ask to show her so called concern."I don't know," Dana asked."She didn't even go home last night.Her mom and dad are sick of worrying.Her phone is turned off and now she wasn't even in school," she explained to the other girls."I'm really, really worried." Janice smiled:"Maybe she just went somewhere and killed herself," Janice jokingly said, but the other girls weren't thrilled of her joke, included Beth."You better shut your goddamn mouth! When she reappears, you are gone! Got it, bitch?" Dana threathned."I'm sick of you.I regret we took you in! You don't even know the right steps!" Janice only laughed.Then she opened her locker and she did that, she started screaming."What are you screaming about, stupid bitch?" Dana asked as she pushed Janice out of the way and now she started screaming.Annie Williams was stuffed in Janice's locker with multiple stabwound in her chest and face."No, you murdered Annie! You murdered my best friend!" Dana immediately turned to Janice and her accuse was reasoned, because after all, the body was found in her locker and they had big beef.Janice was in a state of shock.


Later two detectives:30 year old hansome man named Rick Morrison and her young and beautiful brunette female partner Melissa Reynolds were at the crime scene with forensics.."Obviously, she wasn't killed in there.She was killed somwhere else and stuffed in the locker later.There are no shelves and it's easy to stuff someone in there," Rick said."I agree and no sign of murder weapon.We have to question her co-cheerleaders." Rick didn't reply and noticed something.Something red was in her mouth.He put the rubber gloves on and took it out of Jessica's mouth.It was a red scarf.Melissa was stunned."Hopelly there's some valuable DNA on there," Melissa remarked."Hope so." Then he turned to a forensics."What's your estimated time of death?" "She died between 11 pm and 1 am."School was closed this time.Weird," Mark said."There's no sign of forced entry and they all have keys," Melissa said."Let's go questioning.


In a empty classroom Rick Morrison sat together with Janice.Rick was detective for over five years and been very successful on solving cases.He had even solved much bigger cases than this.Melissa had been fewer years in force, but she was good and they got along very well.They were also good friends.Rick watched closely Janice's every movement like a watch dog. Janice was still in tears."Tell me, where were you between 11 pm and 1 am when Annie Williams was killed?" Rick seriously asked while taking notes."I was home and watched movies with my family til' 3 am.After that I went to bed." Janice watched as Rick took notes."So you didn't really go near school at all yesterday night?" Janice quickly shook her head."But why was her body found in your locker then?"


At the same time Melissa questioned Annie's best friend Dana in another classroom.Dana sat in behind a desk as the detective sat on the opposite side of her."Who are you for the victim?" Melissa asked while also taking notes.Dana was calm now."I was her best friend.We've known eachother since our childhood.She was like a sister to me." Melissa nodded her head."Where were you between 11 pm and 1 am last night?" Dana wiped her tears."It's still so hard." Melissa nodded her head to show she understands her pain."I understand, take your time." Finally Dana started talking."I was at my friend's place.His name is James and he had a party.Annie supposed to be there too, but she never showed.Now we know why,Janice killed her."


Janice was nervious and Rick noticed it, but of course the reason for that might be lie in the whole situation and after all, who wouldn't be nervious? It was terrible.Her schoolmate was murdered."I have no idea who killed her and how she got into my locker.I was at home with my parents.You can check.They'll confirm." "We'll do that.You can count on it," Rick said."But how did you get along with the victim? I understand she was your co-cheerleader." Janice nodded her head."Yes, she was and she was leading us.And talking about getting along, then it was far from it." Rick watched her expressions very closely.Specially her eyes, because eyes can tell a lot about a person."Well we hated eachother."


"Arrest the bitch already!" Dana commanded."I understand you have a rough time right now, but you don't come to tell us how to do our job.We'll get to that if needed to, but in the mean time, tell me how was her relationship with the victim?" Dana relaxed and said:"They hated eachother.Janice was very provocative and always bullied Annie.She always tested her limits.Annie was a nice girl, but if someone upsetted her, then she was in capable of anything.You could be her best friend or her worst enemy," Dana explained."There's no in-between option." Melissa listened her with big interest."Bring me an example." Dana started remembering."Well there was a party a week ago."

There was a party at James Kidman's house.It was 1 am and there were a lot of people partying.Some dance.Some made out somewhere, some people were wasted.One wasted girl slept in a empty bath."Stop annoying me!" Annie shouted, while coming down the stairs with Janice behind her."Your boyfriend doesn't want you! You're so pointless, Annie!" Janice mockingly said, while touching her beautiful hair.Annie were in tears."You slut! Why are you so mean to me? What have I ever done to you? I've always been nice to you," Annie asked."Because you are so dumb and meaningless." Dana watched everything from the distance and decided to step in."Leave Annie alone! How dare you to say her boyfriend doesn't want her? I think you talked about yourself right now.!" Annie supported her head on Dana's shoulder and cried."Of course he did! He did while we were having our first passionate night in his place.I loved it!" Janice continued her abusive behavior."You lie, bitch!" Dana said."I don't believe you! He couldn't do that!" Janice smiled mockingly."Then I think you might be surprised." Then she started dancing and touching her hair.She felt herself very good.Annie couldn't stand it anymore and she left.Dana watched her with detest.

"I'm telling you Janice killed her.Everybody loved Annie Williams.She was the only one who made her life miserable.Annie was good and nice girl," Dana angrily said.


Janice explained.She was calmer now and wanted to cooperate with autothirites to catch the killer, in despite of Annie's nature, everybody deserved justice."Well Annie wasn't a nice person.She was mean, evil and extremely selfish," Janice explained, painting a much different image than had done Dana.Rick listened with interest."What did she do?" "For example she insulted us all the time,Yesterday my best friend Beth stumbled while we were practicing and she immediately made a big deal out of it." Rick nodded his head."All right, so this is the day of the murder." "Yes," Janice calmly replied."I defended Beth in front of her and then she started insulting me too and finally she treathened me." Rick wrote notes and after she watched carefully Janice's eyes."How?" "She treathened to destroy my life.I know how it looks like.Yes, I had a motive to kill her, I admit that.In fact, everyone had a motive to kill her." Now he was very puzzled."Everbody hated her," Janice firmly said.


"Everybody loved Annie," Dana sadly said."I'm so sad she's gone." Melissa looked at her compassionately, but then she immediately got back her professionality."Do you know anyone who has a red scarf in this school?" Melissa asked."I think some 20 girls have a red scarf.It's popular right now," Dana explained."But do you?" Dana shook her head."No!"


"No, I don't have a red scarf, but Dana has one.She recently bought herself one," Janice explained.Rick nodded his head.

Later at night someone moved in the lockeroom again and looked around.He/she wored latex gloves and that person was looking for something....


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