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Jersey City Empire

Novel By: Andre Molina
Mystery and crime

After the death of a mafia boss, the son of a mafia legend turns the family business into an empire. View table of contents...


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Chapter Two: Meetings

I wasn't always a gangster. It just sorta happened. I mean when your father is the Godfather of Jersey and your brother is his righthand man, its hard to say no to that life. I was born May 1st, 1968, in New York City, New York. But I was raised in Jersey and so I consider myself a Jersey man. As a young man I had long black hair, like my mother. But as I got older and the stress of life took its toll on me, I began to lose it. I still have hair but I know sooner or later its gonna be gone. I have dark brown eyes like my father. I'm heavy built. Wouldn't say overweight, but I'm no Brad Pitt either. And others have told me that I looked like my grandmother Georgina when I smiled. I went to highschool but dropped out my junior year to join a street gang.

That is when I got involved with my father's business. My brother was now the boss of the family since my father had decided to retire. Of course, he would still be known as the godfather of New Jersey even after his death. But ten years had passed since his death and it seemed like the New Jersey gangs were starting to fall. With my father dead, The Lombardi gang had already planned to move into Jersey City and take over. The Aurellio family in Hoboken were already enemies of the Sorrenos, because Sonny's brother, Julius, was boss. And he couldn't wait to help the Lombardi Gang take us down. And in New York, our so called friends, the Lilionis, had given Lombardi money to kill Jonny and to ensure loyalty between the two. The two had conspired against our family.

But Michael Sorreno doesn't let anyone pull one over him. Forget'about it.The three birds were singing. I killed them birds. The families moved too slow. I made a plan in one day. And did it all in one day. That's the Jersey way. The Lombardis didn't realize who they were dealing with. However, I had to keep my mouth shut about the Lilionis. I had to let them think I didn't know they were behind Lombardi's attempt to push us out of Jersey City. When the time was right, I would get mine. After all, they killed my brother.

And speaking of family, that's another thing I would do anything to protect. Not only my "family", but my real family...

April Sluvochik Sorreno, my wife, was born in Moscow, Russia, 1972. She escaped the harsh winters of Russia and moved to Jersey City when she was just 3 years old. Her mother Mona Sluvochik moved to Jersey after the death of her father. It was just her, her mother, and her three sisters; Sonya, Carrina, and Lina. Sonya was the oldest, then came Lina, then Carrina, and finally April.

I met her in 1992. She was a waitress at a restaurant called Luigi's. She manages the restaurant now. We married a year later. And a year after that, we had Tamara April Sorreno, my daughter.

Tamara is a typical teenage girl. By this I mean, she enjoys making our lives miserable. I loved her though. And I would burn in hell to keep her safe. I may not have been a good man. But I knew that I was the best father I could be to my little girl. Any guy who would dare put a hand on her would lose it and lose something else that no man can go without.

Those were the two women in my life.



Then there was the family...

Jonny Sorreno was the boss of the Sorreno gang in Jersey City. After our father died in 2000, Jonny took up the ropes. But he wasn't a strong enough leader and the gang broke down after 3 years. In 2007, the feds caught up with 'our thing' and many of the oldies were sent to prison. It was a big blow to La Cosa Nostra. We had to build up from there though and by the beginning of 2009 we were back to some form comfortable stability. In March of this year, Jonny was charged with twelve years of tax evasion. He was scheduled to go to court in June when he was gun downed.

As for Carlo Sorreno, he was my dead uncle's youngest and only living son. He was a decent guy. But he was also an idiot and a complete moron when it came to family business. Well, you already know what happened to him.

Vincent Marsada, my brother's unclaimed son, came to Jersey City from Salt Lake City, Utah. Niola Marsada, his mother, had died on his 18th birthday. He came down here and started working for me while I was still a capo. He is the youngest man in the family. And someday he may just be boss.

Vito Ganza was a tough, sad looking man who always wore a black suit. Must have been his favorite color, once someone gave him a orange suit as a joke. He beat the shit out of them, just for laughing at him when he tried it on. Vito is a wise leader and consigliere for the family.

Paulie Santina was a true wise guy. 66 years old and still the toughest guy in Jersey. You wouldn't wanna mess with Paulie Santina. My brother sent him to kill a man in Sacremento once. Paulie came back with the guys fingers in a box. Rumor was the fingers were the only thing left of the guy. Another story my brother told me was when Paulie and Nikki Sax had a confrontation. Nikki Sax was a made guy. They had an argument. Paulie killed Sax with only a toothpick. Stabbed him 37 times in the neck before shooting him in the face so his mother couldn't have an open casket.

Paulie Franco was just a street hustler who did errands for me when I was capo. But I gave him to Santina. Now Franco works in construction with Charlie Romano. Charlie and Paulie F. are good friends and have been since they were kids.

Giuvanni Valentino, originally from Sicily, Valentino was my father's number one hitman in the 70s and 80s. He's 70 years old and works with Lorenzo Santo, his sister's son, who use to be a sniper in the army till he lost his sight on his left eye. Valentino and Santo do two of the best in the business.

Jackie Bones is a newcomer to the gang. But he's a good earner. He's 28 years old but already he's done more than Vincent has done in 10 years.

Bobby Ganza, Vito's little brother, is a good earner and well respected in the family. During a drive by he pulled out a grenade he had under his car seat and threw it at the shooters' car. He had guts to do that in public. But it had to be done in order to save the live of Adriano Mancini, godfather of the Mancini family in Concord. The shooters were part of a small gang tryin to make its name known. We made them known later that week.



Then there was Christopher Caltabiano. His family were the kings of Queens. The Caltabiano Family was just as respected as the Lilionis. He was Ray Caltabiano's cousin. Ray Caltabiano was the boss of that family. Christopher grew up in Jersey City and had a rough friendship with Ray so he decided to work for Jersey City. Good earner, but a bit of a hot head...

Jonny Sosa, Jimmy Cans, and Benny Ding were three street thugs who worked for Christopher. They do runs for Chris and for the capos. Don't bother to get to know them. They spend most of their time hustling and dealing. Not my thing, but as long as it makes money who really cares.

But the two that made this family complete were Nicola Aurellio and Harry Mills. Nicola and my father were in business together from the beginning. Nicola, Antonio, and Sonny built the Jersey families. But when Sonny got greedy, Nicola cut him out of the coffee business. After the two families were formed Sonny felt pushed aside and tried to wiggle his way into the spot light by forming his own family. After Julius, his brother, took over the Aurellios, the Lombardis began conspiring against Sorrenos. Nicola disapproved and turned away from the Aurellios. Mr. Mills, Nicola's associate, followed him without question.

And so that's the Jersey family.

It had been a week since the Lombardi situation was resolved. A month since my brother's death... I wasn't upset about it. Jonny and I never got along. And his death was heartbreaking, but for some reason I could not bring myself to cry about it. It was a usual monday morning. Tamara was yelling at mom about being in her business. April cooking and barely paying attention to her. I'm reading the news paper on my lucky couch, watching the highlights of last night's game, while drinking a cup of coffee. Of course, it had to rain too. Summer rains, you can never predict them.

The doorbell rang. Tammy and April were too busy to get it. So guess who gets to get up from his lucky couch and open the door?

I walked through the kitchen which I hated to do when the two of them were argument because they would give me that look that women give when they're disgusted by something. The kitchen was right out of April's Special Martha Stewart's Kitchen catalog. Nice and neat and made of fine marble floors and countertops. Hell even the fridge shined... But April loved it, and that's what matters.

Just as April has her lovely kitchen, Tammy has her lovely room that faces the front of the house and has a great view of downtown. She has a walk-in closet. Apparently every teenage girl needs one. And her room is decorated the way she wants. She even has a brand new computer for homework, as if she gives a fuck about that. All she does is go on facespace and mybook and all that bullshit that ruins a young persons' brains. But I loved her. Tamara era il mio cuore. If I ever lost her, I would die.

I opened the door. It was Tony Borta, my cousin from New Hampshire.

"Mikie," He laughed as we hugged, "How you doin' cousin? I gotta talk to ya'."



"Tony Borta, you old dog," I replied, patting him in the back, "Its been awhile. Let's talk outside, April and Tammy are talkin'."

We walked out into the front lawn and started talking.

"Mikie, my friend in Queens says Brooklyn has it out for you after what happened last week with the Lombardis."

"I wondered when you'd be coming up here to bust my balls." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah well, here I am. Michael, you know as well as I do that what you did was an act of war against the other families. The Lilionis and many in the Caltabianos don't like you. And especially after what you did with the Lombardis, The Lilioni brothers are talking to Don Mancini. They want his blessing to go to war. They know they won't get it from Don Aurellio."

"The Lilionis want to go to war with The Sorrenos?" I mocked. "I still have friends in Brooklyn... and Queens and Jersey City have been friends since the beginning."

"What about Frankie Torro? He had alot of beef with your brother and he has alot of friends in Queens. Even if Ray Caltabiano and the big bosses like you, Frankie Torro might not leave you alone."

"You know that little prick is bangin' my wife's sister. I wouldn't be surprised if the bastard drove his car off a clift one day." I laughed and took out a cigar. Tony pulled out his lighter and lit me up. I smoked the cigar and looked back at Tony. " As for Brooklyn, if the Lilioni brothers want a war, I'll give them a war."

"What do you plan on doing about Queens?" he asked me.

"Talk to Ray, have him set up a meeting in Hoboken. It'll be Jersey City, Brooklyn, and my rivals in Queens. In Brooklyn, so they feel safe..."

"The brothers may not agree to meet." He replied.

"They will. And when this meeting is over, so will any questions of who is the boss of New Jersey."

"What do you mean?" Tony asked.

"Exactly what it sounds like..." I said as tossed my cigar on the driveway and crushed it under my black shoes. I was wearing my bathrobe and shorts which I suppose made me look like a circus clown. I patted Tony in the back and walked back to the door. "I'll 'fix' things..."

"Ray won't like this idea. It's not the way things are done."

I turned back. "That's the Jersey way..."

"What'll you do if Ray turns on you?" he asked. I turned to my door and opened it. I turned again to Tony.

"I'll 'fix' him too..." I stepped inside and closed the door. -Sorreno



Borta- My name is Tony Borta. I've lived 64 years and never regretted doing the things I did for a living. I work for the Mancini family. I was once Antonio Sorreno's consigliere. I would have been boss if Michael hadn't gone into the family business. Michael seemed to get everything. Jonny Sorreno use to think of me as his favorite earner. But when Michael entered the picture, I was pushed aside. I eventually went to Adriano Mancini and started earning for his family. I was only recently made a part of the family. I knew April before Michael did and was inlove with her. But Michael married her.

You could say I had a grudge against him. Now I pretended to be his friend. But I've always been told keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. My mentor Antonio taught me this and I know if he were still alive, he would not want a brat like Michael running his family. Jonny nearly ran us to the ground and even though Mikie was a good businessman, he was a selfish prick. He cared only about himself. I mean if Vincent thought Michael would ever give him the crown, then Vinnie must be even less capable of leading the family. It should be me. It will be me.

Michael had been boss for only a month now and he had already taken over Jersey City and allied himself with Don Aurellio. This was a big blow to Brooklyn's Lilioni family who prided themselves in thinking they controlled both New Hampshire and New Jersey. But with the Sorrenos taking out the Aurellios and the Lombardi gang, an empire has been established in Jersey City and Brooklyn was mad. And that was where I could take advantage. With an inevitable war in the mist, I could move in. I had my own street crew. I already had Adriano's blessing to make the transition to Chinatown, New York.

The Chinese were friends and I knew that in Chinatown I could take control of Brooklyn. All I needed to do was help Michael set up a meeting with the Lilionis and rival members of the Caltabianos like he wanted. I knew what he planned to do. And it worked well with my plan. If he didn't accept the proposed terms, which he probably wouldn't, I'd get rid of him. Either way, Tony Borta is going to be the boss of Jersey, my rightful place. And my gang and a few Jersey friends will help me take back my crown.

Andrea Mancini, the youngest of the Mancini brothers, was one of my top earners. He wasn't in my street crew but he had an equal hatred for the Sorreno Family after his best friend Donnie Lombardi had been killed. The finger was being pointed at the Lilionis, but everyone knew it was Michael Sorreno who ordered the hit on the members of the Lombardi gang and Julius Lombardi.

Andy Garcia was an American. His great grandfather moved here from Spain and married a sicilian immigrant. He was a street thug, hustling and dealing drugs. He also ran a ring in the projects. This brought in some serious money.

Sonny Long was a chinese gangster who was sent by Yami Nukasaki, the boss of Chinatown. He's good with a knife and has killed more men in a year than I have in my entire life. If Mr. Mills was the best in 'our thing', Sonny Long was the best in theirs. And so he came to work for me with the blessing of Nukasaki.

Harry Breeze was an american gangster. He worked for our friends from Chicago but was run out of town by Brian Verve, who was now the boss of the american crime organization. They think they're gangsters but they have no respect for family.



John Crane was another american gangster. He was an african american with many connections the ghettos of New York and Jersey. Jonny Sorreno and John had a lasting rivalry. He hated the Sorrenos just as much as I did.

And finally there was Javier Dian. Javier was an spanish italian immigrant who was sent to help Mancini during the war in the 70s. Javier is 76 years old but is the perfect bodyguard.

As the crew gathered in the room behind Ammadeus, our italian restaurant in east Conchord, I sat eating lunch outside with Andrea Mancini. There was a bit of a breeze outside, so I was wearing a brown coat and long blue jeans. Underneath I had white shirt and a dark red sweater. I wasn't the best looking old man in New Hampshire. I'm bald, wear glasses, already have that old person smell to me, and I tend to shake and twitch my left eye alot. I told people it was a tick. My shoes were italian. Antonio had given it to me for my 30th birthday, they were my favorite pair.

Andrea sat eating Ammadeus' authentic sicilian pasta dish. I was having a simple burger. I guess living in America had taken away my stomach for home food. That or looking at Michael for the last 20 years... He made me sick.

"You talk to Adriano?" I asked Andrea as I bit down on the burger.

"Yes," He replied, "How was your visit to Jersey City?"

I wiped the mayo from the burger from my lip and chuckled. "Michael was happy to see me."

"The guy sits on the throne and he thinks he owns all of New Jersey." Andrea said as he took a bite of his pasta. He swallowed some of it and then spoke again. "So Tony, you talk to Mr. Nukasaki?"

"Forget'about it," I said to him with a grin on my face, "Why'd you think I went to Jersey? I met him at a diner there before paying Michael a visit."

"Why visit the ciuccio?" Andrea asked.

"Because idiota," I replied to him, "If I didn't and he found out, he'd be wondering why I didn't come visit the family."

"Vaffanculo…" He said with a smirk. Andrea and I had a way with one another. We were good enough friends to insult the other and still talk like friends. "Vincent Marsada and Arti Dellio want to talk."

"You sure we should trust those two Jersey boys?" Andy Garcia said as he came walking out in his black jacket and black pants. He looked like one of those wannabe gangsters from the ghetto. Andrea and I looked up at him. We then looked at each other and couldn't contain our laughter.

"What?" Andy asked. "I like it."

"Yeah, okay rock star!" I laughed and took another bite of my burger. -Borta



April- As Michael's wife I never questioned what he did for a living. I think deep inside I understood why he did it. Maybe other women wouldn't understand why a woman like me would even settle for a man like Michael, for a family like Michael's. But if they saw what I saw in him, if they saw the good in him, the struggle he had with himself to do the right thing… Michael Anthony would never admit it, but I saw it in his eyes. He had guilt in him. He knew what he did was wrong. But he was doing it because he felt he had to protect his family. Maybe the reasons were not good enough… Who knows…

He was a good father and husband. His only flaw was his ignorance which made him feel he had to do the things he did to protect us. All I wanted was him. But he told me that he couldn't get out. 'The only way out of the business was in a body bang'. I never really believed it. But as the years went by, I realized it was true. On our daughter's third birthday, there was a shooting outside our apartment in Greenville. A gangster named Patrick O'Reilly shot and killed a friend of Michael's named Christian Hells.

Michael and Patrick had words but nothing was ever done about it. We found out later that Christian had been talking to the feds. You didn't talk to the feds. You didn't betray your friends. That was just the way things were done, especially in Jersey.

We moved soon after to our long time home.

I have short blond hair now, but back then it was long and brunette. During that time I had been working as a waitress at Luigi's Restaurant. But five years after we moved, Louie Ditelli, the restaurant owner, mysteriously disappeared and Michael bought the restaurant for me. I've been the owner of the restaurant for the last eight years. The best part was that I didn't really have to do much. Lucas Pecan, one of Michael's friends, helped manage the restaurant and paid me 20% of whatever was made.

Of course I knew this was probably tough for Lucas, who probably paid over 45% to Michael every week for "protection". And with a hundred employees, he probably paid another 20%. It was business. Lucas was an immigrant from Ireland, doing business with Michael Sorreno. What did he expect?

I felt guilty about it. But it paid for our home, for Tammy's school, even for my sister's kids' medical bills. We were doing even better before Jonny and Michael had the fight.

See, Jonny would always make fun of Michael in front of the guys. Michael would take it because Jonny was the boss of the family. Then one day Michael must have had enough. Jonny had been practicing the same routine of making fun of Michael's face and weight. Michael wasn't fat then. He just had a big belly. He's more fit now. But Jonny made fun of him regardless till the day he died. On this one day, Michael had enough and took a swing at Jonny. They fought and Jonny sent Michael to the hospital. Their relationship was never the same after that.

That's Michael, for yah... He's a gangster, a businessman, an over-caring, an ignorant man, and a sensitive man. And I married him. Surprising isn't it?

And now I sit, on a Tuesday night, reading my book in our king sized bed and listening to 'Bach' playing over our stereo and wondering whether or not Michael will be coming home tonight… He usually did. But I always wondered… Was tonight "the night"? -April



Sorreno- The living room in Fiolio's home was surprisingly big enough for members from Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City. The bosses and capos were sat comfortably around a long table that had been set up in the middle of the living room, while the others were spread through the dining room to the back yard. Each one was talking to the other. I sat quietly, waiting for the speaker to open the table to conversation. And then he began to speak.

"Time for business…" the man said.

"We are gathered here today at the home of Santino Fiolio, consigliere for the Lilioni family of Brooklyn, to resolve the issues surrounding Jersey City. You all know me. If you don't, my name is Ray Caltabiano. My family in Queens has been friends with Jersey and Brooklyn for years. Our respected friends in the Bronx, the Montecristos, are represented here today by Louis Montecristo. And our friend Tony Borta is here, representing our friends in New Hampshire. Robbie Romano is also here, representing our Chicago associates. Welcome friends. Allow me to make the introductions…"

"Representing Jersey City, we have Michael Sorreno, Vito Ganza, Nicola Aurellio, and my good friend Paulie Santina. Representing Brooklyn, we have Arthur and Marco Lilioni, and of course Santino Fiolio who has invited us to his lovely home. And representing Queens, Joey Cash, my brother Lou Caltabiano, Frankie Torro, and myself…"

The room was quiet as we all stared at one another. Arthur and Marco were both looking over at me with a confident smirk on their faces. Vito leaned into my ear and whispered, "Everything's ready…"

I nodded at him and looked back at the Lilioni brothers. They were still smirk, the bastards. And even though it pained me to do so, I grinned back at them.

Ray took a drink from a glass of water in front of him and continued. "Let's begin… We got a problem."

"You bet we fuckin' do!" Frankie Torro said. "Michael Sorreno has no respect!"

"The table recognizes Frankie Torro from the Caltabianos." Ray announced.

"Thank you. I know that Ray has no problem with Jersey City, but Sonny Lombardi was a friend of mine. He was entitled to Jersey City. Michael Sorreno should have stepped down the moment his brother Jonny died."

"Frankie," I said to him, "You show me some respect. Whether any of you like it or not, I'm the boss of Jersey City."

"For now…" Arthur said. "We came here to clear things up. Marco and I had nothing to do with the death of your brother and we certainly did not act with the Lombardi gang."

"And for the record," Marco added, "we have no beef with Jersey at all. And hope to be established good friendship."

Santino Fiolio, who had been listening patiently, snickered after hearing Marco's comment.



"What are you proposing?" Vito replied.

"I say we put this game of 'he said she said' to rest." Arthur said with the stupid smirk on his face. "We only came here to clear any allegations against the family."

"Arthur and I did not have Jonny killed." Marco said. "We respected your brother. He was a good man. Sonny was working on his own terms. Sonny came to us for help. But we refused."

"What about the paid officers who shot Jonny?" I asked taking a drink of water.

"Yeah," Paulie Santina added, "Carlo Sorreno told us that friends from New York paid Sonny to hire them to do the hit. You gonna' deny that?"

"Yes, of course," Santino answered suddenly, "Friends from New York? Could be anyone! Could be Ray for all we know, no disrespect. We came down here to talk business so let's talk."

"That's right," Tony Borta replied, "Now it is my understanding that the Sorrenos and Aurellios are working together. That's all fine and dandy. But Adriano Mancini has made it very clear to me that if Michael Sorreno tries to muscle in on Brooklyn, the family will have to step in. As for Brooklyn, if you try to muscle in on Jersey City or Hoboken, there will be consequences. So as an insurance policy, there will be a monthly fee of cake for Jersey City and another cake from Brooklyn. Ray Caltabiano"

"And what about the Montecristos?" Louis Montecristo spoke up. "Where do we stand in all this? Sonny Lombardi was a good friend of the family. We want the names of the people who took him out. That is why I came."

"Yes, Michael," Arthur said with a grin on his face, "it was an unsanctioned hit and we want the names of all that were involved."

"It's the right thing to do." Ray added on.

"What is this?" I exclaimed, standing from my chair. "New York versus New Jersey… Was my brother's death sanctioned? 'Because if it was, I got a bone to pick with you all."

"Jonny Sorreno was a good guy…" Tony Borta said. "The Mancini family had nothing to do with his death. I can assure you of that."

"The Lilioni brothers had nothing to do with your brother's death." Santino reiterated, with that ugly grin still glued to his face.

"It's like Frankie said," said Joey Cash, who had been sitting silently listening to everyone talk, "Sorreno has no respect. He's the one who's betrayed the families. The Lombardi Gang was exterminated. What kind of business is that? Michael Sorreno should be run out of Jersey. Let Brooklyn and Queens take over. We show more respect for our friends. Who gave the okay to kill Sonny Lombardi or Julius Lombardi, boss of the now disbanded Aurellio family? What the fuck is going on in Jersey!? "

"I gave the okay." Don Aurellio was now looking up at the table. He had been reading a book quietly.



"He was one of your own?" Arthur replied, confused by Nicola's surprise interruption.

"My dead son Roman Aurellio was the boss of the family 30 years ago. Julius Lombardi killed him. A father knows. Could I prove it? No. Did the families do anything? No. I was pushed aside. I pulled away from the family and went into business for myself. Me and my associate Mr. Mills have served you all well. I could not kill the boss of my family just because I didn't like him. Not without being asked by another family boss. Antonio, Sonny, and I set these rules when we went into business together."

"I've lived longer than most of you. And I have more respect for Michael Sorreno than any of you. Because he does things the way Antonio would have done had his son been killed before him. The only ones in this room with no respect for family are you two."

"We won't sit here and be insulted!" shouted Arthur. "You and your pageant boy Michael can go fu-"

"My boss in New Hampshire," Tony said quickly, "would like to propose a deal. Since the Lilionis have interests in Jersey City and in Hoboken, Michael Sorreno will pay a cake for each territory and will give 20 percent of the docks to Queens for protection against the Lilionis. In return, the Sorrenos get to keep all Hoboken and Jersey City."

"A hundred grand for Jersey and Hoboken," I exclaimed, standing up, "the Sorrenos own Jersey City and Hoboken already! And 20 percent to Queens is not going to happen!"

"I think you're making a mistake, Michael." Tony replied.

"If you won't agree to these terms," Santino Fiolio said, "Then we really will have problems."

"So now I see who my enemies are…" I stood up as did Nicola and the others. "Jersey City will not bow down to Brooklyn or Queens. So I'll tell all of you now, either you're with us or you're against us. It's all the only way you can save yourselves for what's coming next."

"Are you threatening us!?" yelled Lou Caltabiano.

"Ray," I chuckled as Nicola led Vito and Paulie out the front door, "Tell Lou here there are pawns and then there are kings. I don't have a problem with you Ray, just the people around you. As for Brooklyn, you can all go fuck yourselves. Forget 'about it, I'm the king of Jersey. Don't tell me what to do in my kingdom. Here's my last warning. If Brooklyn takes one step into Jersey City, they'll die by our rules. If Frankie Torro or Lou Caltabiano steps into Jersey City, you'll play by my rules. And Tony, you're my cousin… But don't ever take sides against the family again. Jersey is ours… You want it, come and get it."

The meeting was over as far as I was concerned. If Brooklyn thought that they could just get away with it, they were sadly mistaken. The heads of the families stood up as I left the room. I didn't bother shake anyone's had but Ray who had been standing by the entrance to the living room. Charlie, who had been waiting outside, quickly ran out to get the car. Paulie followed behind. As we waited for Charlie and Paulie to bring the car around, Arthur and Marco came walking out, Santino followed behind laughing.

"Whenever you want boss," Vito said quietly, "just say the word… problem solved…" -Sorreno


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