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Just something I wanted to write the furst part find out what others think then continue if its liked View table of contents...



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Bond of blood - In a dark street in Houston Texas a man points a gun at another man running away. The first man fires his gun the other man falls to the ground. 10 years earlier a man enters a army recruiting center. as he walks up to the counter his phone begins to ring with a punk Rock ringtone playing. People in the room turn there attention to him. He answers his phone " what's up lil bro? Oh really that's bad ass. Well good luck with it and keep in touch. Yeah I'm up here now. Alright peace out." He puts his phone up and walks up to the counter. The lady at the counter asks " you here to join?" The man replies. " yeah gotta make a living some how times is hard" the lady say " yes they are let's see your ID and give you a quick Education and drug test before we proceed with you sign up" 18 months later at a police academy Graduation a young man takes his certificate and walks off stage for his family to congratulate him. The mans mom says to him " congratulations son your really going to make a difference in this world " The man says Thanks Mom I'm going to try at least... I only wish Jeremy were here. I hope he's staying safe." His father saying " me too Wayne he was living a hard life here though and was headed down a road that could have got him killed." Wayne replies " I'm just glad he finally found something that he actually likes doing. When is the last time you heard from him? " Wayne's father replies about 6 months ago him and Judy are still together she's looking forward to seeing him for Christmas. Well so am I." 3 months later on a street in Houston where Christmas lights brighten the whole and a deep chill in the air a man walks up to a beautiful home on Emerson street on Christmas eve and knocks on the door. A women walks up to the door and opens it and jumps in the mans arms saying " Oh my God Jeremy I missed you! Come on in me and your mom were just in the kitchen cooking. Let me go tell them your here!" Jeremy quickly says " wait a minute judy I wanna ask you something " she walks back over to him and says what is it Jer?" Jeremy drops down to his knee and proposes she quickly grabs him and happily accepts. Then from across the room " Jeremy! Its great to see you! " Jeremy runs over to hug his brother Wayne. After conversing with his family and and fiance they began to eat dinner. During a nice family dinner there's a knock on the door. Jeremy says ill get that y'all keep eating . He opens the door to a thug looking man saying " is that you Jeremy? Damn bitch ain't you all clean cut and shit.. How come you ain't come to see us Bitch? I thought we were all friends? Micah is gonna be real pissed you back in town and ain't come to see him. So you go see him with me now or I'm gonna tell him that your back in town and blowin him off.. your choice.. " Jeremy replies "So your a little snitch? I'm done with that life that's not me anymore." Then the thug says " be a shame if that pretty little girl of yours got her fuckin head beat in... " Jeremy agrees to go with him. As they drive by a lake the thug had been drinking Jeremy could smell it on his breath. Jeremy suddenly hits the guy in the throat grabs the steering wheel and turns it in the direction of the lake. Jeremy jumps out and the car crashes into the lake and 10 minutes later the car sinks and Jeremy begins to walk back to his parents house.


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