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Submission to Payton Roxanne smith Togood's Challenge.
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A mothers worst nightmare is to find out, her child is part of a gang. A mother is torn, when her daughter Laura, street name ( Gigglez ). Is caught up in a gang in lower Manhatten. Changing her mind, Laura is forced to stay in the gang or be killed. She knew too many of their secrets. Too much of their bussiness. Her controlling boyfriend, Trevor, aka ( Blade ). Will stop at nothing to keep It that way.


As a mom. I worry about my children all the time. Being single, it's pretty hard caring for them. ButI do the best I can. Putting them through school. Making sure their fed, and havedecent clothes to wear. I have two children A girl and a boy. Laura Ann Is my oldest. She just turned seventeen, and my son Matt is twelve.

We get by. But I wish I could do more. Their dad passed away five years ago. Leaving me picking up the pieces of our lives, and overdue bills. The children took it hard, especially Laura. She and her dad were pretty close.

When he died, a part of her died with him. Her attitude change. She was Matts age when he was killed. Laura became rebellious. Staying out late at night. Leaving Matt alone when I was working. Her choice of friends had changed too.

Laura began to dress differently also. Her make-up went from refined, to deep black and vibrant reds. Black clothes and nail polish. Its ok for someone to dress that way I guess, but it just wasn't Laura's style. At least I didn't think it was.

She dressed pretty much like her new friends did. I had began to accept her new look. Matt never did. He was upset that she had changed. He missed his sister. She never spent any time with him, like she used to.

Matt missed their laughter, and picking around. Now she's so mad all the time and secretive. They used to share everything.

Today was Matt's thirteenth birthday. It was so special to him, because he was becoming a teenager. I had planned a big surprise party for him months ago. Laura had known about. The party was suppose to start at six, It was now seven. Once again we were waiting for her.

Matt's friends had all shown up, and were anxious to cut the cake. Their mothers were getting impatient, and I was worried.

Usually Laura would call if she was going to be late. But I hadn't heard a word from her. I walked into the livingroom with a sad expression on my face. " Matt we need to get the party started," I told him disappointed. " Seems Laura's not going to make it."

" What else is new! " He angerly remarked.

The party ended at nine. I said goodbye to everyone. I dialed Laura's cell number, andIt went directly to her answering service. " Where is she? " I thought.

Matt was taking his gifts up to his room. " Dont worry mom, she'll be home soon. " He smiled sadly,and said goodnight.

" Goodnight sweety, and happy bitrthday." I told him, as I layed down on the couch, and waited for Laura to come in.


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