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Charlie finds more than he bargains for when he meets a kid that looks exactly like him. View table of contents...


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Charlie could hear a rustling of leaves and he looked behind him. Billy stood there with an evil smile on his face. Charlie wanted to pound the life out of the jerk but he kept his temper.

A dusty haze loomed in the air around Billy. It gave the small woods an eerie glow and sent goose bumps up and down Charlie's arms. A cold wind whipped through Charlie and he shivered. Billy kept staring at him and giving him the creeps.

"What do you want?"

Billy said nothing and raised his arms. He let out a screeching yell.

Charlie heard a small growl in the distance. He glanced behind Billy but he couldn't see a thing. The growls grew louder. They sounded like a pack of wolves?

"Oh shit," Charlie said as he scooped up Ally and they ran through the woods.

He could hear Lucy yelling at Billy.

"Are you crazy, Billy? Grandfather said we couldn't kill Charlie, at least not yet, anyways. We need him for reproducing!"

"I don't care what Grandfather says," Billy screamed, "You are MY wife not Charlie's wife!" He yelled at her.

Charlie's curiosity got the better of him. He stopped and turned around. Billy was on one knee.

"Lucy, I love you more than anything in this whole world. I need you even more. I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Lucy, will you marry me?"

Lucy rolled her eyes around.

"Billy, I love you, but it won't work. In order to make it work Charlie would have to die,"

"I'd be more than happy to oblige!" Billy got up and raised his arms again. The sounds of wolves were everywhere.

Charlie hobbled as fast as he could through the woods. Ally was screaming and crying. Charlie's leg sent pulsating pains all the way up to his hip.

Charlie continued to run.

The paths around the trees confused Charlie. He felt like he was going around in circles. He turned left one minute and right the next minute. It was impossible to go in a straight line.

A light shone through the trees up ahead and Charlie was grateful. He kept heading towards the light.

Charlie stopped at the end of the clearing.

"What the fu…?" Charlie said as he looked around.

He was back at the front door of the castle and Ally was nowhere in sight.


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