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Charlie finds more than he bargains for when he meets a kid that looks exactly like him. View table of contents...


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"Ally!" Charlie screamed.

"This isn't possible! What happened to Billy and Lucy? What happened to Ally? She was in my arms and now she's gone?"

Charlie looked around. He looked back towards the woods.

The woods had disappeared.

Ally's loud cries could be heard all over the property. Charlie could hear her but he couldn't see her anywhere.

"What the hell is this?" Charlie screamed.

Charlie glanced around the corner of the castle. The grass was overgrown and he barely spotted his bike and his backpack that were setting up against the side of the castle.

A note hung on the side of the handle bar on his bike. It read:

I told you to leave, Charlie. You've waited too long. I have Ally. You need to leave.


"Nooooo!" Charlie crumpled the note and threw it on the ground.

"I'm going to blow you crazy fucker up!"

Lucy stood in front of Charlie.

"You don't want to do that. Grandfather changed his mind. We will take good care of Ally. Please, Charlie, I beg of you, please save yourself! Don't forget to tell them about us, the Dark Castle Kids. Please just leave!" Lucy cried.

"I am not leaving! Give me Ally back and we will call it good"

He held out his arms and waited.

The sky was clouding over and it was getting dark.

A storm was coming and it looked like a fierce one.

He'd have to act fast.

Charlie looked down at his empty hands.

"Come on Grandfather, you don't love these kids. These kids aren't your kids! They belong to someone else! You've just trained them to think they were your kids. When in actuality you are still alone in this world. You have no one because you are too damned ugly to have anyone!" Charlie knew that was hitting below the belt but he didn't care. He wanted that stupid jackass and he wanted him bad.

"No, no, no, no, Charlie. You don't want to say bad things about Grandfather. Please don't do that, you won't like the outcome!" Lucy begged him.

"I don't care what the fuck that ugly old man thinks! I want him out here! Come on you dirty old bastard; I'm ready for a challenge!"

The sound of a whip went off in Charlie's ears. He felt the strong leather hit his back. A sharp pain rippled through his spine. He heard Lucy scream as she disappeared she said, "I told you, Charlie! I tried to warn you!"

Charlie hit the ground fast and hard. He felt the mud squish into his nostrils as his face hit. He lifted his face. He spit and spat mud everywhere. Cussing under his breath Charlie pushed himself off the ground and on his knees.

The whip sounded again and Charlie was flat on his face again in the mud. The snap of the whip sounded several more times and Charlie's whole body jerked trying to get away from it.

The whipping suddenly stopped and Charlie was grateful. He could feel the whip marks up and down his back sending terrible shots of pain through his spine and neck. It hurt to get up, much less, to breathe.


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