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The Next Door Neighbor

Novel By: Angie Blake
Mystery and crime

What happens when one of your neighbors disappear into thin air and all odds are against you? A mystery crime novel about a neighbors disappearance and the only two people in her life
whom are dedicated in finding her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 11, 2012    Reads: 46    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

It had been weeks since we'd seen Kim and we were beginning to worry about her. She'd only been
our neighbor for about eight months. We didn't know too much about her except that she was a nice
person. She worked hard for a living and drove an old 1973 beat up blue stationwagon. We also knew
she had a part time job at a large Walmart chain here in the city. No kids ever popped their heads
in or out of that apartment but we did see a guy go in and out every once in a while.

The guy kind of gave me the creeps. You know the kind, tall and gangly. He had a very thin
physique and he had short dark hair. He was pretty young and always had what my husband and I call
"Tweaker sores" all over his face. He never once lifted a finger to help Kim around the house, at
least that's what she always complained about. Lately, he refused to get a job so Kim had decided
to move all of her stuff in storage. That's when she disappeared.
My husband use to see her every day, at least once. I work at a small convenience store on
graveyard shift. Since I work at night and sleep all day it makes it impossible to keep tabs on
anyone around here. Not even my kids half the time, and never my neighbors. My husband on the
other hand is home every day. He usually know who goes in or out of this place. So when he said
he hadn't seen her I found it odd.

We took a trip to where Kim worked and didn't see her anywhere. I asked her co-workers and
one of the shift bosses. They aren't legally supposed to give out schedules so we were out of
luck. They did take a note from me addressed to Kim and said they would give it to her next time
they saw her.

As we headed towards our van one of the guys collecting the carts came up to us.
"Hey, I heard that you were looking for Kim? Kim Collins?"
"I don't know what her last name is but, I do know that she has short red hair and stands about
yay tall." I held up my hand just a little below my chin.
"Yup, that's Kim Collins. Hey, I know we're not supposed to say anything but I'm kind of glad
someone came asking about her. She was supposed to work yesterday and then again, tomorrow. She
never showed up. If you know anything about Kim you know she's not like that at all and it has
me slightly worried about her. I mean, Kim has always showed up for work 20 minutes early every

I'll tell you one person I don't trust and that's that creepy dude she's got living with her.
She calls him her husband but I don't know if he is for sure. They sat out here arguing last
week because he wouldn't get a job," he looked at my husband. "I don't have anything against the
Mr. Mom set up but I think the husband oughta do his part in a relationship and not leave it all
up to the woman. Then think he's got total control over her. This dude was definitely acting like
he had total control over Kim. She didn't like it. Not one bit. At one point in time she was
screaming at him so loud it stopped me dead in my tracks. He reached over and slapped her face.
Real men, don't hit women."

I had decided I liked how this guy though. He seemed like a trustworthy fella and he had all
his morals in the right place for being so young. He looked like he could be around 22 or 23 years
old. I studied him as he stared thoughtfully at nothing at all.
"Ya know what else I heard? That dudes deep into the bullshit. I mean, drugs. Kim was afraid of
even leaving her apartment door unlocked because she was afraid one of his friends would get in
and rip them off."
"How do you know that?" I asked him. I enjoyed playing detective.
"She said it while yelling and screaming at him during their fight. She threw all her money
at him and went speeding off in her car. She left him standing there looking like an idiot."
He laughed.

"What's your name?" I asked him, "My name is Alice and this is my husband John."
"It's nice to meet you guys. My names Jeff Scott. Just remember me as the guy at Walmart who
has two first names for my full name." He reached his hand out and we shook. He shook John's
hand as well.
"I won't talk to no cops." He said. "I just wanted to let you guys know that I think something
is terribly wrong with kim. Call it a hunch or whatever, but, I think she's been murdered."


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