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Pyromania: Firefighters and Fatal Fathers

Novel By: Atton Brown
Mystery and crime

The time has come for new heroes to step up in Airosfield; Josh and Terry. Airosfield has become angry with its heroes and decides to punsih them with fire...hellfire.
Can Josh and Terry defeat something bigger the both of them? Can the save Airosfield and stop the fire? Read and see how average ordinary people, someone that could live right next door to you, could be a hero.
(A sequel to Corruption) View table of contents...


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If the phone rings
And you don't know the person
Don't answer
If the doorbell rings
And you don't know the person
Don't answer
If someone on the street
Calls you out by name
And you don't know the person
Don't answer
If someone calls for help
--Corey Humphrey
Airosfield sits in darkness, watching everything transpire and smiles, but when good wins its final battle and the city cries. It decides to punish its people with fire, hellfire…
Twenty years pass, Nirvana and Zak are living with CJ. He and Werly Adams are still close friends. Their business of creating, manufacturing and patenting inventions and weapons has skyrocketed. Nirvana, however, has taken up a new hobby.
Nearly five years ago she'd been obsessed with trying to bring Atton back to life. Once she realized it couldn't be done, she wanted to unlock all the secrets of Vigor and Limbo. Nirvana is trying to perfect Kip's formula.
What was supposed to happen is: you take the formula, after that you're near invincible, but if you're struck with enough force, you are sent to Limbo. Then, if you found you're way out you get to live until you're hit with enough force again.
Kip rushed the development, and his version of the formula had terrible side effects. His version triggered uncontrollable anger and a lust to kill; this is what created Vigor. Nirvana, however, had all the time she needed. She took it nice and slow to make sure there were no side effects of such magnitude. She had taken years to perfect it and finally Nirvana has eliminated all danger, she'd finally made it into something decent. Something created by Kip Brown used for good; how about that?
CJ asked Nirvana to housesit for him because he, Werly, and Zak were taking a vacation, just the guys. Nirvana is helping them pack and CJ isn't exactly sure if she can handle being by herself for two whole months. Ever since Atton's passing, she's seemed different to him. CJ was trying to push her into new relationships but Nirvana didn't want that, she wanted to go nice and slow.
"Are you sure you can handle it?" CJ nervously asked Nirvana.
"I'll be fine," Nirvana told him.
"If anything happens, call," CJ said still tense. He'd never left Nirvana alone in his house. Even though she was a grown woman, she had the tendency to be a bit of a child when she became bored.
"Stop worrying," she said, practically pushing CJ and Werly out of the door, and then she turned to Zak. There were no words to describe how she felt for him; he'd always been there for her. Two months apart was a long time for them. "I'll miss you big guy." He wrapped his burly arms around her.
"Come on, Zak," CJ called from the car.
"Yeah, hurry it up or will miss our flight," Werly said and Zak ran to them.
"Bye," Nirvana waved from CJ's house and watched them drive away, then went inside.
"Two months, all to me," she plopped down on the couch, "in a huge mansion, with maids and butlers at my beck and call… sweet."
"Roll another joint," I said, hoping to ease my depression.
"Was only a dime bag, T," Josh tells me. "We're out."
"Shit," I mutter, "alright let's go."
We left the woods, not knowing where to go. We weren't going back to school though, that's for sure. The eighth grade was just too boring.
I took a step and stumbled a bit, trying to hold it like Josh taught me.
"I know I taught you to hold your weed better than that, T."
"Yeah," I shook it off, "sorry." My mind goes blank and then, in rush a mass of unimportant thoughts. I try to focus before I ask, "Where are we headed?"
"Old neighborhood," Josh shrugs.
No cars for us thirteen year olds, so we were left to hoof it for a couple of miles. My buzz wore off and was able to think straight. In our old neighborhood, we'd set up a bike ramp. I vowed I would learn to do a back flip on my bike off of that thing but it never happened.
Our old neighborhood wasn't that wonderful but there was a girl. Her name was Casey and she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I'd never actually talked to her but I wanted her. She is a year older than me, was a full blood Hispanic. She had this beautiful long raven hair that you just want to run your fingers through all night long, and a couple of other qualities I wouldn't mind running my fingers over.
When Josh and I had moved to a new neighborhood, I wanted to flip off the ramp to impress her but that day someone decided to steal my bike. She hadn't been in school today so maybe she was at home sick.
Josh and I found our way to her house and saw a movers van, she was moving. I waved at her, and she waved back uneasily. I ran over to her and Josh trotted behind. He didn't like her, he thought she was to stuck-up.
"Hey," I said, awkwardly.
"Hola," she smiled.
"So you're moving?" I pointed out the obvious. "Where you headed?"
"Valinior Court," she told us.
Josh look up at her, eyes wide. I could tell what he was thinking, that was out road. And there was a new house for sale on the street to, bigger than the rest that I'm sure she was moving into.
I'm only going to have one chance to make a first impression on this girl and right now, I seemed like a dork.
"Wait here," I told her.
I ran to my old ramp. It wasn't some little old ramp, Josh and I had built it twenty-five feet high. It wasn't necessarily stable anymore but I didn't really care. Whoever stole my bike that one day, had brought it back and tucked it away under the ramp.
Josh led Casey across the street of where I would land if I succeeded. I lugged the bike up the ramp ladder, shaking like I was having withdrawals or something.
I looked down at the world and saw Josh giving me a thumbs-up. I also saw about twenty other people had gathered waiting for me to do something.
I mounted the bike, steadying my nerves. I looked at Casey and suddenly, I wasn't shaking anymore. I pushed off from the base and gained speed very quickly, not even needing to pedal. I sped up as I reached the edge and took off, leaning back. So this is what Superman feels like when he flies. I was halfway through the flip when I opened my eyes and realized I hadn't gotten enough height and was about to take a dirt nap.
"Damn," I could hear Josh yelling as I smashed into the ground.
I closed my eyes for a second, wanting the pain to stop, but I look up and saw Casey. She was smiling at me and said,
"Was that all for me?"
I did my best to nod and she giggled. She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.
"I don't even know your name," she realized.
"Terrance," I coughed, "Tare. But you can call me Terry."
"Well Terry," Casey began, "I have you tell you you're crazy," she paused and smiled at me again, "but brave."
I managed to muster up some version of a broken smile. Josh stood behind her gritting his teeth and I eventually passed out.


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