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Laurel Ridge

By: auerrotts

Chapter 6,




It had happened again.

He stared at her lifeless body below him, awkwardly sprawled in a pool of blood. Her honey colored hair recently fixed to perfection, was now streaked in red and lay tangled in disarray.

He knew he had to clean up the mess that surrounded him but he also knew he had plenty of time in which to do it. He tilted his head back and looked up towards the sky.

He could always tell what time it was just by looking at the way the sun was situated, but just to double check he glanced at his watch. It was five o'clock. He had a few hours of daylight left and as long as he was out of there by nightfall, he knew everything would be all right.

Reaching high above his head stretching, the killer let out a feral scream knowing he wouldn't be heard.

He took his time and knelt down beside her, immediately saturating the knees of his jeans. He gently slid his hands beneath her lifeless body and carefully rolled her over so he could look into her vacant eyes for the last time.

He wasn't even sure why he chose to kill her.

It had been over eight years since the last one and as much pleasure as it had brought to him it had brought him just as much grief.

Without warning a wave of nausea unexpectedly washed over him.

Its over you fucking moron! Just put it out of your God forsaken mind and get busy cleaning up your mess!

He rubbed the dizziness from his eyes then reached out.

While his fingers sifted through waves of blood, he began perfecting her hair.

When he was satisfied with his work he gently kissed her clammy lips then stared into her dead eyes.

"Father forgive me for I have sinned." He prayed.








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