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By: Ayla Daniels

Page 1, I had a dream one night and this was it.

A mere room has contained so many atrocities, it would scare the fearless. One particularily cold night, a dark room contained a 17 year old girl with dark blond hair. She had a family, friends, and enemies, like any other person. What most don't know is that our enemies are the least likely to harm you in this world. They keep their distance as friends make hurtful comments, and your family ignores you when you're hurting. Unbeknown to her, she was not the only occupant of this room. As an outline of a man became apparent to her eyes, she apologized for intruding, and backed away, only to bump into someone else. She blushed at her clumsy self, and apologized yet again. Trying to make her way out, she was met with several others. She tried to excuse herself, but they would not move. They thrust her into a chair she hadn't noticed was there, and tied her wrists, and legs.

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