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This is a story about 5 friends... who planned for a long ride to start something they left 1 year ago...but...they had to stop by a hotel..the RoadWay Inn Hotel...where they started unveiling some mysteries and blood shedding occurrences...They didn't know that the mystery they are trying to solve will become a terrifying survival for them...a survival or life...and death... View table of contents...


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Dedicated to my lovely friend Jade Morgan who supported me since the day I joined the Booksie network and my young fan twilightandsoftballfan15 who waited for so long to read the remaining unpublished chapters of this novel.


The RoadWay Inn


"Steve, stop the car. It's a hotel on the right side of the track!" Jessica said, who was a tall blond wearing long boots and slender eye glasses.

"Alright, I am pulling off." I said by looking at the hotel building that read Roadway Inn.

I turned onto the right lane to park the car near the hotel but got amazed for the fact that there were no other cars parked there, not even one!

"How is that possible?" I murmured.

"What?" this time Joe asked with his careless manner.

"Dude, the hotel building is so huge but there are no cars parked near the hotel. There must be so many people in the hotel right now and my question is that how did they come all the way down here." I said.

"Yeah, you are right Steve. Even the hotel building is too strange and creepy. Who makes this kind of structure based buildings anymore?" Now added Ashley with curiosity. Ashley was a punk rock lover and had various tattoos on her body expressing her "punked" attitude.

"I hope we have stopped at the right place." I shrugged and turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. Joe, Joshua, Ashley and Jessica also came out. We locked the doors and checked the environment. It was a dead cold night. Steam was coming out of our mouths and we were wearing multiple clothes to keep our bodies warm as we knew that we were going on a long journey so we will need warm clothes. Along with clothes, we had dry food, drinks and other stuff with us in the trunk of the car (of course it included Jessica's laptop and my guitar without which we never went anywhere)

Suddenly Jessica, the tall blond started laughing.

"Why in the world are you laughing Jess?" I asked

She pointed her finger to the lower right side of the hotel. Everyone started laughing except me as there was a huge basement parking where so many cars were parked. I felt embarrassed that I didn't see that parking lot in the first place and stated that it's really strange that there are no cars near the hotel…

"Guys, I feel like freezing." Ashley said with a shaky but typical punk influenced voice.

"Yeah alright, let's get in fast." Joe said.

Joshua opened the door and we all rushed in.


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