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Execpt The Unexecpted

Novel By: bitoocrazy
Mystery and crime

A novel about a girl Angel who works for private agency sort of like FBI [currently undercover] & gets too wrapped up in the middle of the investigation with who knows what to except.
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Submitted:Apr 12, 2010    Reads: 74    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

It's quite funny how people think they know you, got you all figured out.
When the truth is they couldn't be more wrong.
My name is Angelina but everyone calls me Angel.
I'm 16, student in Sky-high high school and your typical teenager.
Well that's what people think.
I'm actually in this agency called CCI which stands for Criminal Check in.
Well I was until the tables turned and instead of being the person undercover the top of all tops, I was the one on the low.
The one they were chasing after …
It all started around 2 months ago during my winter break.
I was assigned an assignment to capture this top-wanted teenager criminal. He like me was unknown for his reputation in the secret undercover shit. So also like me went to school acting like a normal teenager, you would be thinking well then why not go to the school arrest him and get it over with?
It isn't that easy, our agency wasn't exactly working with the police and until we have evidence that he does what he does we can not touch one little hair on his skin ; so that's where I come in. I have to transform schools and get close to him and get the truth out of him.
May not be the nicest thing but nice doesn't always work.
Now let's rewind to a little bit before all that.
"oof" I felt myself being slammed forward. "What the fuck?" I screamed. I glanced behind me and Jake my old trainer was slowly standing up.
"Sorry Miss that was a total accident" he told me with a smirk.
"Accident my ass, you trained me for goodness sake I'm pretty sure you got the ability to balance and avoid hitting me".
He laughed and nodded "well I must have not trained you well enough, cause if it wasn't me you would be flat dead on the floor, you have to be alert at all times Angel". "Well I didn't know that I had to be alert when walking to my bus stop 5 minutes away from my house" I said rubbing where he hit me. That much impact doesn't really affect me much considering I've been in worse damage and against tougher situations.
"So why you here anyway, missed me already?" I asked starting to walk again. "Well I - He started to say. "Just cut to the shit already Jake, I know you wouldn't just come see me for no reason" I declared.
"You know me too well" he added. I laughed and looked at him again waiting to hear what the issue was this time. I reached the bus stop, and glanced back at Jake "I have to get to school, so whatever you need to tell me, spit it out already". He started to talk and then saw a couple students arriving at the bus station "we can't talk now, umm - I cut him off once again, "how about after school at the park?" I asked.
He thought about for a second it then said "There is no time for that" he glanced at the students then he inched closer to me so no one except me and him could hear him and whispered "Come into my car I'll drive you to the station and we'll discuss it there". I raised my eyebrow it was never this serious but I nodded. I took a quick look behind me and then started walking with him. It took us about 10 minutes to get to his car, he opened the side door for me and I thanked him and walked in.
I bulked my seatbelt, and waited till he got in and did the same.
He started the engine and started talking about random shit trying to keep me off the topic.
After 35 minutes we reached an old garbage dump, I smiled missing the place and climbed out of the car not waiting for him to open it.
He walked beside me and we went straight to the big dump, going behind it and walking about 10 more minutes until we reached a broken down shed. He clicked a button and a hand scanner popped up.
He put his hand and it opened he walked into the elevator waiting for me to do the same, I put my hand grinning because I've always loved this certain part of coming to the station. It approved and let me in, I walked in and the doors closed and down we went.
I waited impatiently and finally we reached the fifth floor.
I walked in with Jake and everyone stopped and nodded to him, I forgot how important he was to the lower status workers.
He walked me into a room with sound proof walls; he called for the Stanley the boss of CCI. He walked in all serious looking, I never knew how he could keep a serious look at all times, but he was a professional.
"Sit down, sit down" he said making it seem more like an order then a nice polite person. He leaned both his hands down onto the table like those FBI cops in movies. "Angelina" he said, making me flinch; I never liked my name. "Yes?" I answered back.
A screen slowly lowered behind him and he walked to it.
An image of gangsterish boy who looked around my age with short hair and dark black eyes, he was good looking but would pass off as a bad boy.


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