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"Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma" Premise

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

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The Double Lives Trilogy(TDLT): PREMISE

Rogue N.A.I.D Agent Codered, raised as an assassin since age sixteen. Fourteen years later on a secret classified mission, Codered aborts the mission and betrays his partner. Embarks on a new life in Vanity City. Due to facticious creditials he starts work as a transfered Lt. Detective. Meets a woman who seems emotionally battered due to her past. Falls for her and has a child wit her. At work his first case is the murders of Genessa Merlot, Valentina Withers and Catherine Diaz. Catherine is his sons mother. The truth of the past will be unleashed and other connected secrets as well. With plenty of twists and dark moments. Action from biginning to end. Will Victor have to face fate and do things he escaped from?!

Circles the life of Victor Ames and the events taken place after he went rogue on his intelligence agency. Dives deep into Catherine Diaz's life and her dark malodorous past. The mother of Victors first and only son. Its a murderous mystery in her past. Theirs also other stories erupting...lies, betrayal, second lives. Something for every genre of readers.

Remember its mainly a mystery; Its literally up to the reader/viewer to find out whats the mystery. This world is set 20 years from now (2032). But in 2016 the devastation of a very massive bombing of The Winter Olympic Games sent a pandemic shockwave throughout the world. The blast took out the heart of North America. Cities and states surrounding the Great Lakes and near it was a wasteland with countless fatalities. North America rebuilds and replenishes. Vanity City was the first to be completed and is located where New York use to be. As years elapsed, SEVERAL Nations are left due to wars, other massive world tragedies and major assassinations. Alot of Nations joined together and became one. Eventually one day it will be just one Goverment/leader. With Nations turning on eachother and hardly trusting eachother or Goverments. So why not start back or start up a system for trained youth assassins. Someone they could really trust. Because they pretty much breed them and are like parents in their eyes. The younger the better of course. So in this World its very possible. I used the word malodorus up above. Meaning: "foul smelling". I said her past is malodorus so, A synonym for malodorus is nasty. So it could Mean foul past, nasty past or foul smelling past. whats the saying? "something fishy is going on here". Catherines past is important. So is Genessa's & Valentina's. They were childhood friends. I also said there are other stories erupting. I didnt really touch on that.

There are 7 storylines. 2 major storylines; Catherine & Victor. 2 sub-storylines; ?????(killer) & vigilantes called The Trio. 3 mini storylines. All connected in some way. I plan for this to be a launch pad for 2 other trilogies set in this world & in Vanity City. With different anti/progontanist. All being connected some way some how. So like I said I didnt add enough. And I still didnt add enough this time lol. This story is real deep. Alot is going on in it. and makes way for future events withn this city. So thanks again and please leave feedback to help make this story better.

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Submitted:Aug 14, 2012    Reads: 115    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   


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