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"T.D.L.T" Catherine's Journal of Secrets Teaser #2

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

The Double Lives Trilogy(TDLT): Enigma(Book 1)
Catherine's Journal of Secrets TEASER #2

YR/2032 A.O.B(After Olympic Bombing)
Granite District, Vanity City

Catherine got a little heated after being embarrassed in front of Victor by the doings of Ted. She strolls over to her sofa to collect her thoughts a bit. She didn't even think of Genessa and her scary text messages from lastnight. But When she gets into deep thoughts, sometimes she writes them down in her journal. So she stands up and scoots her sofa until she saw the loose floor board that hides her secrets and thoughts. Catherine carefully removes the board and reveals a cardinal red journal. Her heart pounds against her chest like a gorilla pounds on his. The hands of Catherine tremble as she reaches closer and closer for her book of secrets. She could feel her body turn as cold as Pluto when she finally grabs hold of it. Catherine heavily inhaled, bit her bottom lip gently, exhaled and turned the cover of the journal open to the very first page. The first page dated back to April 2018 and it read: I've decided to put you to use; you deceitful journal thats signed with a fucking lie!

"Oh my dear sweet Catherine, I'll always love and be here for you. Forever, Your Mother" YEA motherfucking right you bitch. Seemed like you loved the meth more. Mmmhmph Damn right I remember, you were high as fuck while on the way to get more meth you BITCH! Yo phone rang and not to my suprise it was the dealer telling you he's about to leave. YOUR methed out ass drove even more wreckless and damn near killed me when you pumped the breaks. I still have that lil gash. Silly excuse for a mom. You sold all you had, dad had and even some of my stuff just to get high. YOUR worthless ass then left me with a monster, instead of a dad. SINCE you're not here to suck his dick, He just uses my mouth instead. OOHHH GOD! I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU BITCH.......Catherine suddenly flips the pages of the cardinal red journal; away from the first page which made her more furious.

She landed on a page dated March 2020 and it read: OOOH SHIT, you wont believe what happened to me today! Maybe a blessing in disguise. Anywayz so I had an unexpected doc appointment that my dad couldn't dodge or postpone. Fast forwarding to the juicy part. Now Im going inside the docs exam room. Like im so afraid at this point as daddy paces back and forth with his electronic cig in hand. Im not afraid for me but for my handsome loving daddy. The doc shuts the door behind me and asks me to remove my bottom layer of clothing. I did it and laid down on my back. Bllaahh long story short he saw the cute marks on my inner thighs and seemed to become disgusted. Oooh you know what cute marks im talking about. The ones daddy had put down there. Ummm duh!....Hold on for a sec I think I hear some loud talking downstairs, be right back.................................Guess what I was right. Blessing in a motherfucking disguse indeed. Ok the sheriff's and child services are downstairs and threatning to take me away. They say they feel for my safety and believe daddy is sexually abusing me. Why the fuck would they believe that? Daddy has never abused me! BULLSHIT! The good news is they're gonna send me to stay with my aunt, uncle and their son in White Springs, Vanity City. YAY! Dont get me wrong I love daddy to death but a bitch has to have a life too. New fam, new scene, friends, some new trouble I could get myself into. Shit a new life. Run off on daddy like the bitch did.....sounds like the sheriff's are trying to restrain daddy. LOL daddy is heated. Someone is coming up the stairs. I think I have to go with them. P.S last night I had a strange dream of some man being whipped with a metal twirled whip. IDK but Ttyl.

Catherine sits back and turns to a blank page. Then her cell beeps; reminding her she has unread emails. Earlier when reading Genessa's text messages, she ignored the emails. With much curiousity she puts her cardinal red journal to the side and decides to read her emails. Her inboxed filled with non important content. Only one email stands out like the hairs on the back of her neck; While feeling chilly goosebumps beam up her spine. The email is from Genessa and it was sent after midnight. Catherine quickly clicks the email. The email reads: IF your reading this, then Im the first to be silenced by our deadly and selfish lover. By the time you ever come to my place; I will be forever in my cell in hell, burning endlessly. We only know of the displeasing acts towards God we have committed. PLEASE give my lil man a kiss for me and get him far away to somewhere safe. Hurry Cat before its too late, because your cell awaits you too! Catherine scurries to grab her pouch and keys. Almost knocking a lamp over that sat on a end table. She rushes out her door to head over to Genessa's place; slamming the door really hard. (DOOOOOOMMMM) Silence spreads throughout the apartment, just the chain from the latch on the door scrapes and rattles because of so much force. That soft sound echoed on.......




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