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"T.D.L.T" The Beginning Teaser #3

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

The Double Lives Trilogy(TDLT): Enigma(Book 1)The Beginning Teaser #3

YR/2018 A.O.B Southern Europe

The year is 2018, two years A.O.B(After Olympics bombing) Pandemonium and chaos roared through a small city in Southern Europe; as North America demolished this colorful and lively city with raining missiles from above. They were retaliating for the bombings done in North America. Buildings were collapsing, cars were being tossed around like toys, explosions erupted; fiery embers, ash and smoke floated throughout the air. It was very hard to consume the polluted air. Amongst all the turmoil, we see a small family of three maybe four speeding in a four door town car. The father swerves and fish tails while avoiding toppled cars and careless pedestrians in the street. To some this seemed like the end of the world. "Is everyone okay" said the father, while checking on his son in the backseat and giving his wife a concerned look. "We will make it to the fortified bunker" says the father as he rubs his wife belly; indicating she's five months pregnant. He took his eyes off the road for a quick second. When unexpectedly someone backed up a pickup truck to block the streets. (Tires screech) Then (BOOOOOMMMM)

On impact, the father wasnt wearing a seatbelt and was ejected through the front windsheild and landed inside the back of the pickup. The father was beyond bloody and injured but he still was breathing. "MOOMMM is dad alright? MOM! Wake up dammit!" The son unbuckled his seatbelt, exited the car and opened the front passenger side door. His mother's head slumped on his chest. She was okay, just unconscious. He pinched her neck to awake her. "What happened son? Wheres your father?" She looks around for her husband. The wife observes the accident then...(SCREAMS)

"Help me wake your father now" They presumed him to be dead. Soon as they were about to give aid, two rebels approached him first. "STEP THE FUCK BACK LADY or my friend here will plaster your sons warm youthful blood upon this rubble of a ground" At that very moment the rain of death intensified; the blasts sound resembled the sound of trillions of speakers bursted. The mother grabbed her son under his arm pit and pulled him away from the rebels while the explosions hesitated them. The son tried pulling away but I guess the strength of a 5'9" glowing curvy pregnant woman won this tug of war against the 5'6" well toned atheletic teenager. From his perspective, he could still see his father laying in the back of the pickup truck starting to roll over. His sight rattled and his eardrums rung due to the thunderous bombs. Having a good sense of direction, the mother knew they were close to the fortified bunker. The son finally turned around and said "Why did we just leave dad like that. He was alive I saw him move" When she heard him say alive, She stopped and turned around. Unfortunately the two rebels also saw he was still alive while they were looting his body. They stood to there feet. Now from the fathers point of view; he stared down the barrel of a sawed off shotgun. He gasped a deep breath (BLLLOOOOOMMMMM)

The top left side of his face seemed to implode then exploded as the splashy blood, skull fragments; layered with face tissue and skin flew all over the inside of the pickup truck. Our wounded and out of breath mother and son still managed to let out shreiking screams of horror. "NOOOOOO, DAADDDD!!!" Furiously the son tried to run to him but the worrisome mother again grabs her son. Starting to sob she said "We're almost there, your father would want us to go on with out him. He's dead! If we go back we will die. We have a chance to live; you, me and your unborn sister. Do it for her." "I just think I could have done something mom, I left dad alone to die. I LET HIM DOWN!......But ok I'll do it for you both. Lets go" Wiping away his tears, he and his mom scrambled through alleys, tunnels and had near dangers but unharmed made it to the fortified bunker. The entrance was open and welcoming. They smile with relief and start to run harder.

Abruptly she stumbles on a rock and her weight brought her son down with her. Dust rises as they flop on the ground. They're fall caught the attention of a ban of men in seek of women to store away for later; to bare chlidren with. They rush over and kicks the son square in the face. Blood spews. Forcefully they picked her up like a feather and started to carry her away. They went opposite the bunker; because the guards in the bunker wouldnt tolerate that. The men had there own shelter of safety. The son murmurs "Mom! FIGHT! Im coming" He staggers to his feet stiil feeling woozy. In a silent voice he says "HEY! Put my mom down, I have money. TAKE IT! HEY YOU PRI..." He could get the rest of the word prick out due to a near blast. The waves of the blast lifted him off his feet and sent him flying through the entrance of the bunker. As soon as his body hit the ground, the entrance steel door dropped and left the people within the bunker in complete darkness.

One week later

The boy that lost his father and mother, began to awake. He felt like he slept forever and felt so refreshed. He was cleaned up and wore white scrubs with a long mint colored coat or robe. The room was super bright like the sun sat above it. The confused boy holds his head as he has a flashback of a explosion, him getting knocked out and a plane leaving a desolate city. He also saw the inside of that plane and thats all. Emotionless as if he never had a father and mother. Suddenly a calm raspy voice speaks over the intercom and says "Morning, how do you feel?" The boy answers strongly "Great! Chief Director" Like he knew him all his life. "Good my boy. Are you ready for your daily dosage to keep you away from all sicknesses?" "Of course sir I need to stay healthy so I can carry out my duties"

"RIGHT my boy" Nurses enter the room to inject him with a serum that erases his past memories and opens his mind to easily insert new fabricated ones. He wasnt sick; he was being brainwashed. "Tell me who you are" said the Chief Director. "Im a sufficient killing machine, Though I may smile and joke. I have no fear or remorse for a life that needs to be disposed. Yes I maybe young, cool and calm but I dont fear the reaper. IF anything I am his apprentice. I am that lurking shadown, that cool eerie breeze you feel on the back of the neck. I am justice......So fear me that I dont have to be your judge. Because i will do more than pound a gavel and punish you. And I will punish you with the pounding of the gavel directly to your temple" "Who are you boy!"...... "Im Codered"

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