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The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Teasers Package)

Novel By: codered305
Mystery and crime

Running from your past doesn't solve anything, hiding things in the past doesn't make things better; But whats inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tools to forming one's destiny. This is a complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You may have a second chance at life!(WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) View table of contents...


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The Double Lives Trilogy(TDLT): Enigma (Book 1)

Chapter 6: The Lethal Escape; The Inevitable Climax

YR/2031 A.O.B New Southern Europe
Suspected W.M.D Compound-in route

(Plane engines revving) Overwhelming turbulence rocks the plane. Inside the plane sat Superior Agent Codered on the right and Agent Syphon was on the left. The last couple of years has been very rough for Codered. He didnt have the same passion that burned like hot coals anymore. He grew tired of the same old same, robot like lifestyle. On top of that his whip lashing punishment still drives him mad. Even though he felt he took the whooping for a great reason; to protect his prodigy of a partner. Codered has a brief flash of the metal twirled whip slicing his back (SWIPE!!!). He shakes his head to make the flashback vanish.

A year after his gruesome punishment he began to devise a plan. A very simple plan; to escape by any means necessary of this dying passion he dreadfully hates. Codered wants to live a normal life, thrive to be a great father; whenever he does have a child, do things he only dreams of doing. His goal is to completely start over and gain a new passion. The passion to live life according to his desires. Desires of free will and truly finding himself.

"ETA in approximately two minutes" says a voice through the agents earpieces.

"Syphon let me ask you something, if you ever had a chance to leave the agency and start over would you?" asks Codered.

"Great question Red, but I would have to say I'd stay with the agency. We both know that there's nothing out there for men of our caliber. Plus I have everything I need, given by the agency"

"I understand your needs but what about your wants? Wouldnt you like to live a free willed life?" Questioned Codered.

"Yea I think about it sometimes; especially when I want to hit a line of snow." Syphon refers to his cocaine habit and continues to say "But then I wake up and realize whats more important. My loyalty to the agency or to be loyal to myself. I honestly choose to be loyal to my country. That was the oath I swore on....Why all this sudden talk about second chances and a new life? Hope your not getting any crazy ideas...I'd hate to have to kill my best friend" Syphon chuckles like he isnt serious. But he is and Codered knows that.

"ETA approximately in forty five seconds" says the voice through the agents earpieces.

Trying to throw syphon off Codered says "Damn man. I was only asking a question. Everyone in the agency asks those kinda questions. I just wanted to see what was your opinion on it." Codered fastened his parachute and continued to say "Forget the games and questions and lets go get this job done."

Codered and Syphon approach eachother and gives a strong slap handshake. The force sends a clap echo throughout the plane. Syphon turns toward the opening hatch; preparing to jump. Codered prepares as well but he also confirmed to himself that if Syphon doesnt cooperate while daring to escape; tonight their paths will seperate and Syphon will have to die.

Both of the agents leap from the back of the plane. They soar through dark star speckled sky. Their altitude decreases as they open their schutes and glide between the transparent cotton balls that covered some of the sky. Codered and Syphon descends outside the compound walls silently and unoticed. They can easily go unseen because of the dark adaptive camoflauge they wore. This gear is very high tech. When they would move throughout the dark compound; they were like swift shadows taking out hostiles. Codered feels it in the atmosphere that he has been here before, but isnt quite sure. He has and he was born here as well.

"Red we're approaching the cellar. It leads to a lab. Thats where our target should be."

"Ok we have the green light to eliminate on sight" says Codered.

Once the agents reached the cellar entrance, Codered felt now or never; he has to flee this dreadful life.

"Move in Syphon"

"Its clear Red. But I think I hear a guard up ahead" As Syphon pushes forward, Codered secretly plants C-4 in the cellar.

The steathily agents slide along the walls of a "T" shaped hallway. They're positioned at the bottom of the "T"; Opposite eachother. They reach the intersection. Codered slightly peaks around the corner, turns back and signals two fingers; indicating there are two hostiles. Codered counts to three on his fingers and quickly they both jumped out and attacked one on one. To prevent any noise the weapon of choice was their ten inch hunting knives.

Codered comes from behind and kicks his guy in the back of the knee; to have him fall to his knee. In the midst of him falling, Codered pulls back on his head and stabs him in the neck. Blood skeeted out. While Syphon approached his guy from the left side; instantly stabbing him in the ribs. He swiftly stepped to the right side of the guy and shoves his knife under his chin. It slightly gets stuck before he pulls it out and blood leaks on the floor.

Unexpectedly Codered charges at Syphon, attempting to stab him. Syphon seen it coming and dodged.

"I had a feeling you were going to try some shit" says Syphon.

Codered connects with his knife and cuts Syphon on the forearm and said "You still can come with me Syphon and I'll let you live"

"You've lost your fucking mind if you think Im going to abandon the agency. They'll find you and end you" says Syphon as he counters a blow and returns it.

Codered stumbles back, Syphon tackles him against the wall. Codered drops a hammering blow unto his back; then holds him there as he gives a few knee strikes. Syphon drops his knife. He manages to lift up Codered, turned around and drives Codered unto the pavement. Air exited Codered's lungs on heavy impact and lets go of his knife. Syphon takes advantage and pounds away at Codered face. Every other blow; was followed with blood. While still over Codered, Syphon grabs his knife and stabs him in the shoulder. The knife easily penetrates his skin as if it was a stick of butter. He groans with much pain but quickly chops Syphon in the throat with his hand. He rolls over gasping for air. Codered gets to his feet and kicks him in the stomach and face. He then lifts Syphon to his feet. Only to headbutt him. The headbutt busts his nose.

Syphon doesnt hesitate after the blow; he unholstered his pistol and fired at close range. Codered did the same but they both missed due to quick reflexes and dodging. The alarms start to ring. They some how locked up again; face to face as they weild off eachothers pistols. Switching motions every two seconds. Syphon muscles his pistol at the side of Codered and then (PLLOOOOWWWWW) he shoots him. Codered almost gives in but directs his pistol at Syphons thigh and (PLLOOOWWWW)he connects on his shot. Both men struggle to stand and wrestle.

All of a sudden a hostile appears and shoots Syphon in the calf. Codered throws down Syphon and sends a few bullets to pierce the chest of the hostile. He falls down but isnt dead yet.

"Sit up Syphon and look me in my face" says Codered.

Syphon sits up between Codered and the not dead yet hostile.

"Finish what you started Red because LIKE I SAID, my loyalty is with my agency. You better hope I die here tonight or else, I WILL COME AND TEAR YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LIFE APART"

"No worries Syphon you do die tonight" says Codered as he points his pistol at the head of Syphon and (PLOW) (PLOW).

Two guns go off. The not dead hostile hits Syphon in the side, causing Codered to graze Syphon on the side of his head. Instantly (PLLOOOWWWW) Codered makes sure the hostile is dead and hurries to escape while heavily wounded. He didnt even watch Syphons eyes roll to the back of his head. He presumed him dead. Well he looked good as dead. Codered blows his secretly planted C-4 (BLLOOOOOOMMMMMMM) as he exits the cellar using an alternate route.

Along the route; he passes by a lab. There were three people inside the lab that caught his attention. He felt a strong connection between him and two of the three people that chatted inside the lab. They were women. One was older and looked to be the mother of the other woman that was younger than him. The third person was a man and he kissed the woman before he left their presence. While the man was leaving he picked up a bright green-glowing emerald or gem. He held it cautiously; showing the wealth and value within the emerald. Codered was looking at his lost mother and little sister and he didnt have a clue.

Codered said to himself "I dont have time for this, I have to get out of here" and quickly continues to escape the cellar. He finally makes it clear of the compound and finds shelter in an abandoned cabin in the woods. After searching every nook and cranny inside the cabin; he finds a first aid kit to tend to his wounds. Codered grabs the scissors to try in grab the bullet thats wedged in his side. While pulling it out he lets out a low growl. The bullet comes out; then he bandaged the wound and the stab wound in his shoulder. The white gauze instantly became scarlett red due to the leakage of the blood.

Codered thought to himself "Damn I hope I can make it through this" he lost alot of blood and doesnt have food and water. Being so tired from the lost of blood; he slowly dozes off.

A week and a half later Codered was able to move about willingly. He used his pistol to hunt down deer and other animals. While out hunting he found a narrow creek to get water from. He crouched down while grunting; to help himself to the murky water. He stored water in a flask that he carried. Codered stood up and hooked the flask back up to his black dingy cargo pants. Then he caressed his itchy wounded side; which was wrapped and cleanly bandaged. The bandages were on the inside and outside of his tight black under armor shirt. It too was a tad dingy. He soon after returned to his abandoned cabin and sat down his gain and supplies.

Codered looked at his watch and said "Its time!" while reaching in his pocket to pull out a device which looks like a tracking device.

He presses the button and waits till about twenty minutes later. In the distance he could hear a small plane approaching the area that was artificially programmed and controlled. X24Z its name and it was about the size of an average car; but its purpose is to transport supplies and etc. into hellish danger zones. A month back Codered had programmed it to locate him on this appointed day and time; because there were several testing sites going on that day. It was perfect because the officials would think its just routine. Codered walks outside and simultaneously the plane drops a small aluminum trunk to glide at the feet of Codered. It lands softly due to the parachute that held it. He clips the parachute and takes the small aluminum trunk into the cabin.

When he got inside he calmly opens the trunk; smirking at the sight of everything he needs to get on his feet. Passports, numerous identities, four stacks of money; each one consists of five thousand dollars, cosmetic technology that alters the face when applied and two outfits of clothing. Codered picks up a sheet of paper that holds the identity of a guy; his occupation was a detective with the rank of a sargent. This male also closely resembled Codered down to they're facial features; that was stated in the guys description. He read the first line on the paper that stated the facticious man's name: Victor Ames. Without even viewing any of the others, he chose that identity.

Codered went into the bathroom and applied the necessary cosmetic technology he needed to replicate the description that was given. Fifteen minutes later the cosmetic technology went into effect and slowly but surely slightly alters his face. A curious Codered went back into the bathroom to observe his face. While looking in the mirror he holds and rubs his chin; as he tilts and rotates his head.

Syphons voice echoes in his head "I WILL COME AND TEAR YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LIFE APART!"

Codered or should I say Victor; is very pleased with what the technology of the cosmetics did to his facial appearance. After completing his transformation he goes to sit down and confirms that by next year he will be living in Vanity City. A year should be enough time to fully heal and to also lay low for awhile. He'll have to get rid of the aluminum trunk as well.

One year later Victor arrives in Vanity City. He finds an apartment for rent and then goes to check in at precinct 17. Where he has sent false credentials of being a detective. While at the precinct; Victor meets Officer Cross, Det. Battle, Det. Green; whose a woman and Det. Bailey; his temporary new partner. The precinct gets a call for a 2-11 in progress; which is a robbery. A bank robbery to be precise. Det. Bailey wants to see Victor in action on his first day and volunteers to go handle the situation. This was cake for Victor as he in a stellar fashion puts an end to the heist single handedly. He was perfect besides killing the three suspects. The other Detectives vouched for him saying; they injured hostages and shot at Victor first. When simply Victor did what he knows best...to kill with no remorse.

To celebrate his first successful case; his fellow detectives invites him out to a bar called "STIX" to have a few drinks. Victor has never been intoxicated but handles himself very well. He surveys the bar full of people. Only one person grabbed his attention. It was a woman across the room with black long wavy hair and the sweet skin complexion of copper. And how could he overlook her pure turquoise eyes that lit up the room like a disco ball.

"Hey guys, Im going to go use the restroom, I'll be back" he tells his colleagues and walks away.....

YR/2027 A.O.B White springs, Vanity City

Seven long years have gone by and the girls; Catherine, Valentina and Genessa are still attached to their four way insidious relationship. But after all these years they have grown tired of the torment; well except Valentina. If anything she desired more. Plus Genessa has a son from their mysterious lover. He is now five years old and has a false father. Valentina is still pissed that she wasnt the one that concieved a child from their violent lover and she envies Catherine for being number 1. All she wants is a little attention; so she comes up with a deadly scheme to make her lover jealous.

One day the manipulative lover approaches Valentina and says "Strong Love(Valentina) Whats this I hear about you getting real serious with that loser Louis?"

Louis Fenway has been wanting to get with her since high school.

She smirks "Why do you care? Arent you engaged to someone outside our circle? I dont ask you about that bitch"

Her furious lover slaps her against the wall; then tightly squeezes her neck.

"Dont you fucking speak of her, or I will have you collecting your teeth off the floor. To sum it up, you are mine. I do what I damn well please."

He intensifies his grasp around her neck and continues to say "Listen If you carry on with the fuckery, you will be carrying the pieces thats left of him to the coroners. So get it right Strong Love!(Valentina) The confident lover walks out the room. Valentina smiles as her plan smoothly comes together.

Three days later the lover receives a strange text message from Strong Love(Valentina) reading "Catherine girl, I think tonight will be the night I let Louis get some. PLUS I think hes going to ask me to move in with him. Soooo amped! We will be at White Springs Pier later tonight if you need me"

Then a minute later she texted right back and said "OOhhhh im so sorry boo; for that last message. I meant to send it to Pure(Catherine)....love you"

She purposely sent it to him. The girls lover became overly heated and didnt accept Strong Love's apology. It was time to say goodbye to Louis Fenway...for good!

Its a hour before midnight; Valentina and Louis make out in his 2028 crimson red mustang.

"I cant believe your finally giving me a chance. You know I've loved you since the day I met you" says Louis.

Valentina rolls her eyes and with no enthusiasm she sarcastically says "Oh Louis I want to be yours forever and I want to feel your warmth inside me"

Louis kisses Valentina on the neck while he unfastened his belt buckle. The whole time Valentina keeps an eye out for her jealous lover. At that moment a car passes by that looks familiar. While unbuttoning her blouse, Louis takes off his shirt. Unexpectedly (BLUUUUSSSSHHHHHH)(BLING LING) A brown brick flies through the driver side window and hits Louis on the side of the face. "Aaarrrggghhh" says a very dizzy Louis. Valentina braces her back against the passenger side door. The driver door swung open and Louis is yanked from the car unto the graveled ground. At no surprise its the girls wreck-less lover.

He mounts Louis and pounds on his face to a bloody pulp. Louis rolls over knocks the lover down and tries to flee. The vengeful lover then gets up quickly and unsheathed a dull machete thats attached to his hip. With an over head swing, the machete strikes Louis in the top right shoulder and gets stuck due to the dullness. Blood sprays out the wound like a red mist. Louis screams in agony; then falls back to the ground face first. He also takes a flurry of stomps and kicks while on the ground. Inside the car, Valentina watched and became more aroused with every strike. She starts to touch and finger herself. Outside the car, her lover pulls the dull machete out of his shoulder and rolled him over. Louis was shocked to see who was attacking him; but he was hopeless and helpless. The lover then calls for Catherine(Pure) and Genessa(Conceiver) to assist him with Louis.

"Pure and Conciever; get over here and give me a hand."

They do what their told but they try in pull him away to stop hurting Louis. In the process he drops the machete. While still in the car; Valentina stops touching herself and gets upset because as always, Pure and Genessa comes in between. With much hostility she exits the car and approaches Louis on the ground, opposite her lover and the girls.

Valentina then says "Fuck! I can never have him alone with out you two coming to screw things up!" As she picks up the dull bloody machete.

She was so caught in the moment, her lover felt threatened and said "Strong Love give me the machete...give it to me now!"

At first she hesitates but eventually gives him the machete. Suddenly he starts to hack away at Louis's torso. Louis screams in much pain. With every slash, blood skeets on the murderous lover.

He then stops and says "Pure get over here, take my pocket knife out and cut his dick off. He wont be using that vile thing ever again"

Pure doesnt want anything to do with this situation; let along cutting off Louis penis. The lover threatens her by pointing the machete at her breast. He pokes her a little. After stalling the other two girls watch as Pure pulls his penis out and starts cutting away. She looks away to avoid the horrendous site. Louis has passed out do to too much blood lost. Pure makes her last cut; stands up and slams the penis at Valentina's feet.

She then says "This is all because you wanted some fucking attention! A man is going to die tonight because of your selfishness"

"Shut up Pure, and go and back my car up over here" says the lover.

Pure mumbles as she walks away.

"Conceiver why are you so quiet? Now its time to do your part. Pick up his dick and put it in your mouth" demands the lover.

Conceiver tells him no or she will go to the police.

The pissed off lover grabs Conceiver by the hair and says "Your going to do what now?...Go to the police? Listen the day you do that, you'll never see our son again and I will silence you for good. Now do what the fuck I said!"

While sobbing, she picks up the penis and places it in front of her mouth.

"Just do it all ready, I would have been done it" says Strong Love.

She then puts the dirty bloody penis in her mouth, while trembling of disgust.

"Now tell me how does it taste and you better say the right thing" says the lover.

Forcefully she says "Mmmm it tastes so good" She instantly throws up afterwards.

Pure backs up the car and pops the trunk.

"Ok you three drag his body closer to the pier while i get the other things in the trunk" says the lover.

In the trunk was two cinder blocks with a loop on top each one. Also was a chain with shackles on them. After getting everything setup, the lover latches the chain on the loops of the cinder blocks and rolls Louis body off the pier into the water along with the blocks. Louis's body sinks to the bottom. This lake will forever be his tomb. They then transport the 2028 crimson red mustang to a secluded place and torches it.

While watching the blaze the lover speaks "Dont ever make me have to do this again. I have no problem doing it for the things I love but I rather not. Im trying to start and live a life outside of ours and I cant let things like this get in the way of pursuing my goals with my woman. Never speak of this night to no one outside this circle. If I even sense that one of you two told...I will risk everything to silence you all"

He said you two because he knows Strong Love is true to her name. He ends his speech by smiling ear to ear.

YR/2032 Marble District, Vanity City
Stix Bar and Grill

Catherine thinks to herself while observing the bar "Why is that guy staring at me like that....Ooohhh my god I think hes coming over here"

She then gets up and goes towards the bathroom but a friend of hers at a table calls her. Just as she turns to answer, she bumps into the guy that was staring at her from across the room.

"Oh excuse me, how clumsy of me" said the guy.

Catherine replies "No it was all my fault" as they both chuckle and feel a deep connection.

The guy then says "Im Victor Ames and you are?"

"Im Catherine. Nice to meet you Victor"

The two chat a bit before she brings him to her table to meet her friends. At the table sat Marty, Ted, Valentina, Genessa, Alan and Julia. Marty still has a seret crush on Catherine, Ted and Catherine finally tried going out but it didnt last, Alan is Catherine's favorite cousin and Julia is his loving wife. The friends greet him and invites him to take a seat. They all talk and get to know Victor a little. At that moment two other guys arrive at the table. Davie and Raymond.

"Awww whats up man?" says Alan as he stands up to greet his best friend Davie and Davie's boss Raymond; who isnt good with people. A real rich snob.

"Everyone remembers Raymond right?" asks Davie.

"Yea we remember the douche bag" says Catherine, Valentina and Genessa.

"Oh now im a douche bag Genessa? You didnt say that when you needed that little loan and we physically worked something out. If yall know what I mean. And you two other whores back off"

"Hey thats no way to speak to a woman" says Victor as he stands to his feet and gets in Raymond's face.

"And who the fuck are you? What...I suppose to be afraid of your fucking badge. You prick I own this city and can have you fired from your precinct. Now try me and see!" says Raymond.

"Ugh come on Victor, lets go out and have a smoke" says Catherine as she lures Victor away from Raymond.

While outside Catherine takes a puff of her cig and says "Im like so sorry for that jerk. He thinks just cause he has money; he owns everyone"

The new seem to be couple really get to know each other after speaking on Raymond. Thus far they both love what they see and hear. Twenty minutes later Catherine's group comes outside because the bar is starting to close.

While Raymond was coming out Stix, he tried nudging Victor with his shoulder but Victor eluded the nudge, grabbed his arm and twisted so he could been forward. Victor then gave him a knee to the face. Blood and a couple of his teeth fell to the floor right along with him.

Davie rushes over to his boss Raymond and says "What the hell is your problem guy?"

"He tried nudging me and I reacted quickly. But definitely he deserved what he got" said Victor.

Everyone laughs.

"I bet that will keep your mouth closed" said Marty.

Genessa agreeing "Yeah looks like he showed you"

"Aww get up you wuss, you talk too much smack to be laying on the floor" chuckles Valentina.

"Shut the fuck up!! All of you or yall will get whats coming to you. And to you detective, you hit the wrong guy. You'll never work in this city again" says Raymond as he stumbles to his feet.

"Raymond are you ok" says Davie.

"Yeah now get the hell up off me" says Raymond as he shoves Davie.

Raymond and Davie walk away from the crowd.

"Hey Victor I just want to thank you for doing something that I only dreamed of doing. Shit I'd probably kill the guy (laughs) and I want to thank you for standing up for my cousin earlier in the bar. Shes my favorite cousin, I would never want to see her hurt and I dont want to lose her. Your okay in my book until you piss her off" says Alan while laughing.

"We are just friends for now but i hope it goes further. Thanks though Alan"

Alan and Julia walk away hand and hand.

"What was that about? Hope my cousin didnt scare you off" says Catherine.

"Nooo, if anything it was all good words" says Victor as he smiles.

Catherine leans in a little to indicate she wants a kiss. Victor is blind to the fact but feels a firey feeling inside. It doesnt hurt, if anything it feels soothing and the more it intensifies Victor the more he likes her. He gets lost in her turquoise eyes as she moves in to taste his lips. Victor closes his eyes and goes with the flow.

YR/2034 A.O.B Autumn Leaf, Vanity City
Victor and Catherine's Residence

The sun has just set over this small town surrounded by the forest. Catherine and Victor no longer live in the city limits. They brought a nice house for them and their son Nevin; who is one years old. This night cool evening Victor ran out to get some things from the store. Catherine is has just put little Nevin to bed and away in his crib. She then decides to go and prepare dinner. While running the water at the kitchen sink, Catherine hears a knock at the door. (KNOCK)(KNOCK)

"Who is it?" Catherine yells at the door.

She hears a familiar muffled voice. Without looking through the peep hole, she opens the door. (Catherine Gasps deeply) Instantly she receives a hard kick to the mid section. The familiar attacker quickly rushed her as she fell backwards onto the hardwood floor. She tries to kick as she lies there. He grabbed her leg; extended it and broke it at the knee cap with his forceful palm.

"AAAAhhhhhh" Catherine cries in pain.

While trying to lean up to console her knee; the attacker knees her in the face. (Blood spews) Catherine whip lashes back onto the floor. He gets on top of her and pulls out his knife. The weak Catherine tries to fend him off with her hands but he slashes both of them. (Blood sprays out) He then stands up and drags her over to a wooden chair at the table. The murderous attacker lays her head on the seat and violently stomps down on her head. The Chair breaks and Catherine face hits the the hardwood floor (CLLOOOMMMM). You can hear her skull slightly cracking as she gets cut by the splinters on the chair.

The attacker walks down the hallway and into little Nevin's room. He picks the boy up and brings him in the dining area to watch his mother die. Sitting Nevin on the floor, he then walks over to Catherine and rolls her over. She tries to speak but he stabs her in the throat so hard that the blade got stuck in the hardwood floor. Little Nevin cries as his mother shakes on the floor as if he knows whats going on. The attacker stands up and tosses a letter on her breast; picks up Nevin and walks out the back door.

Ten Minutes Later
Victor pulls up in front of his place and saw that the front door was cracked open. Not even hesitating he runs inside the house.

Opens the door and says "Awwww Noooooo"

He rushes to Catherine and removes the knife from her throat. Brushes off the folded paper. He picks her up and hold her close. A tear doesnt shed. He lays her down and checks his son room. To his surprise there was no Nevin. Victor falls to his knees and begins to shed tears......


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